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Talkin' out 'in group'.


Psssssssst!! The party's Over Here now.

This page closed to new posts but the discussion is quite lively as of this writing (10/29/00 4:23PM). I'm keeping this archive available for reading so that old friends can find each other, journalists and researchers can find clues and so that everyone can get the whole story. If you have questions or ever want me to open it up again, please contact me.

Here's why this forum was created.

Wesley asked me if I could create a forum. Well, technically, yeah... Pretty easily in fact. And so I did and this one served the purpose for which it had been created. Couple of people found us. Then Kathy created a web site with a forum (listed at above link), and it just took off. Right now it's the happenin' place for discussion on Straight and Straight-like programs (synanon based theraputic communities, usually for adolescants)

Then another, and another, and a few more..... Seems that a lot of us search on Straight Incorporated, The Seed, Kids Helping Kids, Kids Centers, etc. from time to time; just like checking under the bed for the boogie man. Before too long, DFAF will have to hire spamdexers to gain ranking in the search engines. Any way, I'm a far better tech than hostes. So I'll just keep track of new pages and discussions as I find them and keep building this site. Please, feel free to Join Us if you're so inclined.

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