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Melvin and Betty Sembler have filed suit against Richard Bradbury; the man who shut down Straight, Inc. under that corporate name.

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Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of it's victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busy-bodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.
-- C.S. Lewis.

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  • Straight, Inc., Sarasota - One man's story of his blessedly brief experience with Straight.
  • Straight, Inc. The Drug War Concentration Camps of the 1980s "... It has now been over 15 years. I am estranged from my adoptive parents and will probably always be so. I've had nightmares about Straight ever since I left. I am in therapy for PTSD that stems from abuse as a child at the hands of Straight, Inc. ..."
  • Former Client; Straight, Inc. Website that promises Worldwide exposure.
  • Where are they now? - The people behind Straight Incorporated and the influence they exert on public policy and opinion.
  • Notice: Correction, retraction and apology

    On April 24th, 2003, we recieved a letter from the law firm, Englander & Fischer, P.A. on behalf of Calvina Fay taking exception to the following text and asking us to retract these statements and to publicly apologize.

    "Calvina is the Executive Director of Drug Free America Foundation. As such, her primary activitiy seems to focus on promoting and facilitating violations of the Hatch Act. Here we see Calvina lecturing and instructing federal employees in how to prevent reform of our disastrous drug policy. Over here, we see Calvina helping Governor Taft of Ohio to Subvert an Election in Ohio"

    (Letter from E&F, Page 1 - Page 2)

    Upon reviwing the text in question, we noted a couple of errors and ambiguities that we feel we should rightly address.

    1. First, you'll note that all of the hypertext links in the above paragraph are incorrect. Those have been corrected in the revised text (below) and we thank Mr. Bennett and Ms. Fay for bringing these errors to our attention.
    2. The proximity of Ms. Fay's picture to the beginning of the paragraph may have been misleading to some readers. This is not a photo of Ms. Fay "focus[ing] on promoting and facilitating violations of the Hatch Act". Rather, this is a photo taken from the National Narcotic Officers Associations Coalition newsletter, Vol. 5, Issue 1, Fall 2001. (link in corrected text) The caption in that publication reads "Ms. Calvina Fay, Executive Director, Drug-Free America Foundation, Inc. spoke to delegates on how to fight drug legalization. Ms. Fay told delegates that we are fighting a misinformation campaign. The foundation�s web site is".

      At the time we published the original text above, we were under the mistaken impression that DFAF was to be included in efforts to bring a formal complaint against ONDCP head, John Walters, for possible violations of the Hatch Act. It is not clear from the text of that article or from the text of Dan Forbes' investigative report, "The Governor's Sub-rosa Plot to Subvert an Election in Ohio", (which mentions Ms. Fay numerous times but does not mention the Hatch Act even once) that Ms. Fay or DFAF have violated the Hatch Act or are so accused in any formal complaint. This was entirely our own mistake, we should not have said it, we thank Mr. Bennet and Ms. Fay for bringing this to our attention and we apologize for any harm done by this statement.

    3. It may have been misleading to state, without adequate explanation, that Ms. Fay's affiliation with DFAF has something to do with Straight, Inc. We have no evidence to suggest that Ms. Fay was formally or informally affiliated with Straight, Incorporated in 1985 when they changed their name to "The Straight Foundation" or in 1995 when they changed their name again to Drug Free America Foundation. It was never our intention to suggest that Ms. Fay had anything to do with Straight, Inc. when it operated as an abusive juvenile drug rehab. Rather, our intention was then and remains today to document the activities of Straight, Incorporated as it exists and operates today under it's new name.

      Frankly, I (Ginger) have no reason to believe that Ms. Fay would approve of or take part in some of the things I witnessed while I was an unwilling client of Straight, Inc. back in the early `80's. Rather, it is my opinion that Ms. Fay probably believes that everything DFAF does today is ethical, legal, moral and good. I disagree!

    Following is the corrected and updated text.

    Drug Free America Foundation

    Calvina Fay Calvina is the Executive Director of Drug Free America Foundation, formerly known as Straight, Inc. ( She's also executive director of Save Our Society from Drugs. SOS conducts political activities to combat drug legalization efforts. As such, her primary activitiy appears to focus on perpetuating the War On (users of certain unpatentable) Drugs at any and all costs to us. Here, according to the Narcotics Officers' Associations Coalition, we see Calvina lecturing and instructing federal employees in how to prevent reform of our disastrous drug policy. (original url here Over here, according to Daniel Forbes' investigative report, "The Governor's Sub-rosa Plot to Subvert an Election in Ohio" (, we see Calvina helping Governor Taft of Ohio in some "curious and perhaps illegal, certainly unethical" activities (View full investigative report, pages 13, 27, 29, 30, 31 and 34)

    Former/Future Drug Czars

    Robert Dupont - former paid consultant (professional testiliar) for Straight, Inc., former director of NIDA, granted Art Barker several million for The Seed in Ft. Lauderdale
    Currently, he's president of the Institute of Behavior and Health, Inc. and sits on the board of Psychemedics, a follicle drug testing company. H. Wayne Huizenga retains controlling interest in this corporation. He also chairs the Committee on Forensic Science for the American Society of Addictive Medicine. They've recently come out in support of California's ballot initiative, Proposition 36, which would divert 1st and 2nd time substance offenders to rehab.

    Interesting note, here. It seems there's a rift within the cult. One faction seems very much attached to the idea of hard prison time as a necessary incentive to rehab. Now, if drug use is as devastating as these people claim, for the life of me I can't see why any more incentive would have to be contrived. But take your blessings as they come, the two factions seem to be shooting each other in the foot over this.

    Psychemedic's SEC filing
    Question: How can a board member provide an 'independent' analysis? So much for the First and Most Impotent Rule
    He and former director of the DEA, Peter Bensinger formed Bensinger and DuPont in Chicago and Rockville. [If the federal government gives your company money to establish an employee assistant program who you gonna' call? Of course, ghost busters Bensinger and DuPont - or the Drug Free America Foundation.]

    More on DuPont

  • Donald Ian MacDonald was Straight's former national research director also spoke at the 1981 PRIDE conference. He gave credit to Dr. Newton "who has put together a really helpful scheme" on the five stages of drug abuse which McDonald adopted. Currently, MacDonald chairs the committee of Medical Review Officer for American Society of Addictive Medicine.

  • Carlton Turner endorses the front page of Newton's Not My Kid with the words, "Not My Kid should be required reading for any parent concerned with their children's future." Also spoke at the 1981 Pride Conference.

  • Lee Dogoloff Endorses the cover of a book written by one Dr. Mark Gold.; then director of Fair Oaks Hospital. Later he joined the board with Betty Sembler of Save Our Society Foundation (SOS). Dr. Gold also spoke at the April 1981 PRIDE convention. His topic: "A Case History of the Phillips Family." He was talking about John Phillips of the Mamas and the Popas and his daughter Mackenzie of One Day at a Time. It was a great introduction for John and Mackenzie who were the next speakers. Anyone know the name of the rehab that Mackenzie was in?

  • What Next??? Naturally, Bush has selected a pro Program drug czar in John Walters. So where's Sembler now? On paid vacation in Italy.


    Tim Mantooth, former client then executive staff of Straight Atlanta, went on to join the staff of Phoenix Family Institute (that's what Straight, Atlanta called itself after they got shut down in `93) Now he's working a new gig called Recovery Fellowship of North Atlanta

    Art Barker, Founder of The Seed, only retired late in 2001! Not only that, but he moved his operation back into the original building in Ft. Lauderdale.

    A lot of people attribute the invention of the Gateway Theory to Robert DuPont, former head of NIDA and author of "Getting tough on Gateway Drugs". But he only plagiarized the idea from Art. See, Art found himself in a lurch in the Summer of 70 when all the news had forecast a massive epidemic of heroin addiction. But it never happened. So here's this guy with all the gears set in motion to build himself the most revolutionary, fantastical, Earth shaking drug rehab that ever was. But then he found himself with no goddamned druggies! So this was his answer; convince the parents, already scared to death by the Summer of Manson propaganda, that pot smoking (which represented a plentiful market for his services) would set their children on an inexorable path to destruction via heroin addiction.

    How do I know this? I was there. Is this guy evil? Maybe so. Art Barker stole my family from me when I was just 6 or 7 years old. But I knew the guy personally in a sense. I had about the same contact with Art as a parishioner of a very large revival movement might have with the Bible Thumper. I tend to think of him first as a self deluded megalomaniac; he's only dangerous if you believe him. I think Art was a stooge for Dupont, very like the many Dr.'s (of education, mostly) who have been hired by the spin-off programs for the misleading use of their titles. One very important difference between The Seed and Straight is that Art, was so thoroughly convinced of the rightness of what he was doing that he was not very careful about hiding what he thought. As a result, he had a hard time keeping friends and necessary alliances. So The Seed was issued NIDA requirements to acquire consent forms for experimental and dangerous treatment. Art refused the ultimatum, shut down all but the Ft. Lauderdale branch. As far as I know, the Seed is no more than a strange little cult that exists in Down Town Ft. Lauderdale these days. But I could be wrong. Please let me know anything you might dig up on Art Barker, Shelly Barker, Libby MacDonald or The Seed.

    Here's some interesting commentary from John Underwood. John was one of the early Seedlings and original Sr. staff.

    See: Articles on The Seed

    Straight, on the other hand, was founded by a close knit group of politically and economically powerful men with no compunction whatever about doing had to be done to make their enterprise a success. To this day, these people wield extremely heavy influence in many areas of public policy and sentiment. Oddly NIDA never made the same requirement of Straight with regard to consent forms. Robert Dupont, then head of NIDA who directed over a million dollars to The Seed, later became a paid consultant for Straight.

    The Reverend (now priest???) Dr. Virgil Miller Newton - Took over as clinical director of Straight Incorporated in July of `82. In `83, he resigned from Straight to found the Kids' chain, starting in Bergen County, NJ. He recently settled a suite brought by former client, Rebecca Erlich for $4.5 Mil. Currently residing, much to the chagrin of his neighbors it seems, in Maderia Beach, Florida and teaching courses in General Psychology and World Religions at the Seminole campus of St. Pete Jr. College. Coincidentally or not, this is the headquarters for the Multi Jurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force, who's Advisory Board includes such notables as Mrs. Betty Sembler - President/Founder, Drug Free America Foundation, Mr. James McDonough - Director, Office Drug Control State of Florida Executive Office of the Governor (currently, Brother Jeb! Bush).

    Bill Oliver
    In the summer of 1978, the Olivers became a Straight Inc. family. In 1982, Bill became the National Executive Director of Straight Incorporated. In 1987 he joined forces with PRIDE and developed the Parent To Parent Parenting for Safe and Drug Free Youth. The Passage Group, formerly known as the PRIDE PARENT TRAINING.

  • Joy Margolis Former Straight Inc., spokesperson currently employed as a Spokesperson for the Lippman Family Center in Oakland Park, FL.

    Just an aside, SAFE Marin's Mission Statement says:
    "SAFE was established by parents who have dealt with the reality of their children's drug and alcohol abuse. Our mission is to provide support, information, and resources to parents whose minor children are, or are at risk of substance abuse, because of peer pressure or family predisposition."
    But .... California State University, Sacramento says:
    "With grants of approximately $500,000 from the United States Department of Education, the College has produced two television projects: Strategies, Techniques and Resources in Drug Education (STRIDE), and Substance Abuse: Family Education (SAFE). These projects incorporated substance abuse prevention and education in the daily activities of school-age children. "
    I guess they haven't carried over that first and most impotent rule?

    Political and Business Giants

    David Gilcrease, member of the Gilcrease family that founded Phillips Petroleum based his �behavior modification� techniques on the research of B.F. Skinner and Fritz Perls who were experimenting with mind control/brainwashing in the 20th century. He is founder of Resource Realizations, which has been sued along with the Worldwide Association of Specialty Programs and Schools (WWASPS) for mentally and physically torturing and brainwashing America's children.

    On the board of Phillips Petroleum, Halliburton, and advisor to the Supreme Court is long time George Bush associate Lawrence Eagleburger. On the board of SkyWest Airlines, servicing and in seeming partnership with George Bush airport in Texas is none other than J. Ralph Atkin, part owner of Teen Help/WWASPS. President Bush is trying to move legislation that will institute the drugging and behavior modification of children in public schools with the �New Freedom Initiative�. The largest Utah-based corporate contributor to the Republican Party is World Wide Association of Specialty Programs and Schools.
    [lifted straight from HEAL Online ]

    Melvin and Betty Sembler
    Melvin Sembler - Cofounder of Straight Incorporated, was appointed Ambassador to Australia after donating $100,000 plus political currency to George Bush's successful presidential campaign. Melvin is currently the Finance Chairman for the Republican party and has recently founded the Tampa chapter of the Republican Jewish Coalition. I wonder if these folks understand how Mel defines the term 'successful adolescent drug rehabilitation program called STRAIGHT' that he brags about in his bio.

    Betty Sembler - was a founding member of Straight, Inc., a non-profit drug treatment program that successfully[sic] treated more than 12,000 teens and adolescents with drug addictions. She serves on the national board of directors of PRIDE (Parents' Resource Institute for Drug Education) and DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) and DARE International. Mrs. Sembler is the co-founder and president of the Drug Free America Foundation (fka Straight Foundation, fka Straight Inc.. and the founder and president of Save Our Society From Drugs (S.O.S.). She also sits on the board of Multijurisdictional Counterdrug Taskforce Training; the premier law-enforcement militirization project initiated by Buddy Sembler and headed by George Bush during the Reagan Administration.

    Interesting piece on Straight & D.A.R.E from Sumeria

    More on the Semblers - News items from our growing clipping service

  • Harry Speer
    Founder of The Home Shopping Network, and another big Bush supporter from Tampa Bay, was a member of the board of directors of Straight, Incorporated. Phylis Diller, Shena Easton, Carole King, Harry Blackstone, and David Crosby were guests on cable TV's Home Shopping Network's 1988 Straight's Christmas Telethon. Wasn't this just after his court ordered drug rehab? Am I the only one who thinks ol'e David's sort of lost his mojo since then? I feel yer pain, buddy; literally so.
  • Straight spin-offs and predecessors still in operation Second Chance, Memphis, Tennessee.
  • Second Chance in Memphis, TN is an active juvenile therapeutic community which combines Straight-like therapies with Christian living. Its founder, Scotty Cassidy, claims that before opening Second Chance he worked in adolescent drug rehabilitation programs in the Tampa area. There are notes from a Straight staff meeting which mention a Straight official at Straight-St Pete named Scotty Cassidy. A newspaper article mentions that a Scotty Cassidy was scheduled to be the founding director of Straight-Dallas.
  • Safe Recovery - AKA Associated Counseling and Education (ACE) founded by Straight-Orlando's director Michael Scaletta. New twist here. Now they're maintaining these kids on many times the recomended dosage of ADDERALL to keep them addle brained while appearing to be bright eyed and bushey tailed.
  • Substance Abuse Family Education Marin County California
  • Page 5 of Lexinlton City, NC Schools Online Policy Manual. Paragraph mandates SAFE for first time posession or use of prohibited substances (remember, in some schools, that includes Tylenol!)
  • Talbott Recovery Program Here's another new twist! Why settle for the children of affluent professionals when you can use their licensing boards to coerce them? "At least 20 doctors, nurses and other health professionals who have gone through the Ridgeview Institute's nationally acclaimed treatment program over the past 12 years have killed themselves since leaving the hospital." -- Atlanta Journal Constitution
  • Kids Helping Kids of Cincinnati, former Straight training director, Dr. George Ross helped found this one. And here's another KHK homepage on the Litton TASC Webserver.
  • Growing Together of Lake Worth Founded by former Straight training director, Dr. George Ross.
  • Pathway Family Center Incorporated June 18, 1993 only 15 miles from the old Straight facility near Detroit. Helen Gowanny, an officer at Pathway, had been the registered agent for Straight-Detroit.
  • Phoenix Institute for Adolescents, Inc Incorporated by Kathleen Cone, the registered agent for Straight-Atlanta, June 21, 1993 (11 days before the closing of Straight-Atlanta)
  • Lippman Family Center Operated by Lutheran Family Services, bills itself as a halfway-house, however Anthony Dumas was removed from his parents custody on a contrived criminal charge and court ordered to stay there. 2 months later, after the judge denied his mother's tearful plea to let her take him home he hanged himself. Coincidentally or not, their spokes-woman is none other than former Straight spokes-woman, Joy Margolis
  • The Seed The Genesis of this part of the story, the first Straight location in St. Pete was founded by former Seed parents using former Seed clients as staff. Amazingly, HRS continues to issue the Ft. Lauderdale location their yearly license without any inspection.

    Outfits using similar treatment modalities
  • WWASP : What they don't tell you - To inform those that are unaware of the inhumane activity administered to children in these programs. To give those who have been hurt by these programs in any aspect a voice. To help in any way to shed light upon the issues covered up by WWASP's propaganda.
  • Elan School Survivros - This is a Synanon spin off started by a Daytop splitee named Joe Ricci (R.I.T.). There's a short biography on Joe Ricci reviewed at Books & Reviews on the Moxley Case
  • World Wide Association of Specialty Programs (WWASP) AKA Resource Realizations - Umbrella organization for..
  • Life-Line a not-for-profit adolescent treatment center located in North Salt Lake, Utah
  • American Gulag - Alexia Parks was prompted to research by her family's experience with religion based behavior modification schools. She has written this very moving book about her experience and continues to research and advocate on the topic.
  • FamilyLife! This is a recruiting organization for the outfits detailed in American Gulag.
  • Log Cabin Campuses - Part of Bill Gothard's Institute in Basic Life Principles. These people advocate training 6 month old babies with corporal punishment. Log Cabin must be the fruition of all of their worst nightmares.

    Recomended web sites
  • Loan Souls ~ dedicated to creative work related to involuntary behavior modification programs - wilderness therapy, boot camps, residential treatment facilities - an industry run on violating human rights, persuading parents to pay for the kidnapping and captivation of juveniles in order to reform them through "tough love" measures.
  • Anti-WWASP ~ A Revolution for a Voice that Can't be Heard!
  • The Spring Creek Lodge Experience Just a well written, day in the life narrative of a former SCL student.
  • The Better Fight News, multimedia, forums. An excellent site on Tranquility Bay
  • Ethical Treatment for All Youth Treating an illness using extreme, unestablished methods involving emotional pain, stigma, and humiliation...
  • Mental Health Direction - North Idaho. We are a place to get information on mental health issues that is not attached to ant particular orientation or viewpoint. The links provided are for critical thought only - not to be taken as fact.
  • AA Kills Featuring the Grouper Database
  • How Do Behavior Modifying Schools and Camps Work?
  • Provo Canyon School
  • Rational Recovery Center RR was founded in 1986 by Jack and Lois Trimpey in response to the lack of choice in the field of addictions. At the time, there was no choice other than the 12-step, spiritual healing program of Alcoholics Anonymous. Lack of choice in recovery styles is still a serious national problem, but RR has become well-known as a viable and widely available alternative.
  • 12-Step Free Twelve Step Free Zone is a discussion list for those who have left the groups or are seriously questioning the 12-step doctrine. It is also for those who have a loved one caught up in the step religion. The focus of discussion is on sharing experience with and information on the step groups. Perhaps our most important function is to provide the first place where many can dare be critical and not be accused by a "unanimous majority" of groupers of suffering from one "defect of character" or another for doing so.
  • AA Deprograming The intent of this site is to publicly address some very serious issues which concern the well known program of Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • Teen Advocates USA The Betrayal of America's Youth By Barbe Stamps Founder of Teen Advocates USA
  • Teen Concentration Camps If your parents try to send you to a concentration camp, the Democrats and Republicans won't stop them.
  • The Recovery Liberation Front The purpose of this website is to help those who have been hurt in 12-step groups, forced into 12-step groups, or who wish to leave 12-step groups. You will find validation, information, and recreation here. *updated daily*
  • The Synanon Story A Child�s Experience 1968-1976 An Autobiography by Julie Johnson (The Seed, predecessor of Straight, employed tactics developed at Synanon)
  • Substance Abuse with Michael Petracca, an impressive and comprehensive site on all things pertaining to substance abuse.
  • Intrepid Net Reporter on WWASP Specialty Schools for Defiant Teens, a network of programs similar to Straight

    More coming soon...
    There is more, sooo much more to tell. The Brothers Bush have been longstanding family friends of the Semblers and Joseph Zappala (also a cofounder of Straight, also a heavy contributor to the Bush campaign and, coincidentally or not, also appointed an ambassadorship in the early days of the Bush Administration). When they say "Treatment, not incarceration" Just Say No!!!! if you love your children. I have not stated anything in this page that I can't back up with documentation right now. But I intend to build this site in such a way as to make it convenient for you, dear reader, to find the citations easily. This is a bizarre story for most of you, I know. But it is true, none the less, and needs to be told and needs to be told well. That will take some patient care and time. Check back often.