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The Troubled Teen Industry / Struggling Teens back online??
« on: June 09, 2007, 11:44:15 AM »
Seems that Struggling Teens are back in the forum business.  Seems they are only allowing a select few back into the fold.  Seems I am not among the elect.  I was welcomed back with the following message:

Sorry, either your membership has not yet been approved or the board administrators have removed your ability to post to this board. We cannot allow you to perform this action as a result.

Well now ... this is interesting.

2 ... e+woodbury

Does anyone have any further information on this story?  Was the 'conflict of interest' ever substantiated?

Thanks in advance for any info.

Open Free for All / Thoughts on teen marriage ~
« on: May 01, 2007, 02:09:18 PM »
MTV's new reality series "Engaged and Underage" actually got me thinking about this.  

One of my co-workers quit school (college) so that she could marry her high school sweetheart.  She is only 19.  He's 20.  You wouldn't believe the ridicule this girl took for her decision.  Our boss called her "stupid" in regard to this decision.

And our daughter is going to marry late this summer.  She is 19 ... boyfriend is also 19.  Our church gave them so much grief over this decision ('you're too young' ... 'you're not financially ready' .... you don't even have a place to live yet') that they called a pastor from another church to do the ceremony.

I feel that all people mature at different ages.  Some 19 year old kids are ready.  I know some 40 year olds who are not.

I know the statistics.  I'm a social worker by profession.  The younger you are ... the less likely the marriage has for success.  The more financially set you are the greater is the likelihood for marital success.  I know that younger adults have not become who they are going to be.  But, shoot, don't we all evolve as we continually mature?  I'm certainly not who I was 10 years ago either.

No they have not finished college.  No they are not going to own a home ... they are going to have to rent an apartment.  Their cars are beaters.  Their silverware doesn't match.  She won't have bone china.  Is all that important to find marital happiness and longevity?  

I'm throwing this out for different perspectives and experiences.

Open Free for All / Virginia Tech shootings
« on: April 20, 2007, 04:31:53 PM »
I'm surprised that no one has brought this up yet.

But, what happened at Virginia Tech?

Some will say "Seung-Hui was bullied in high school.  Teased about his shyness".  Some will blame our racial biases and refusal to assimilate minorities into mainstream culture.

Some will say "Seung-Hui suffered from a severe psychiatric disorder.  It was exacerbated by living outside his culture of origin".  

Some will blame his parents.

Some will point fingers at the "system".  Ya know the teachers and school counselors who saw the red flags, but failed to provide intervention.

My view is more eclectic.  No one massacres 30 plus people unless there are many interfacing mitigating factors.  

Is this a phenomena of this age?  Did people go postal hundreds of years ago?  Rhetorical questions ....

Whatever the cause ... the result is so bewildering.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Pacific Quest
« on: March 23, 2007, 07:59:35 AM »
Any info about this program (Hawaii) other than whats found on the programs website?

Thanks in advance.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Pregnacy rates among "program graduates"?
« on: October 14, 2006, 04:12:11 PM »
I have been searching for some sort of empirical evidence regarding the pregnancy rates of girls who attend and or graduate from either TBS's or RTC's of any kind.  I'm coming up empty handed.  If you know of any leads I would be really appreciative.

I am considering writing a research paper on the topic.  My gut tells me that pregnancy rates are much higher among this population group ... but I just can't put my hands on any type of numbers.  I know that any stats in this industry are hard to come by.

Thanks in advance.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Emotional growth (?)
« on: April 30, 2006, 05:54:00 PM »
Not sure if this is the proper venue for this post/discussion, but for lack of knowing where else to post ... here goes.

I am just wondering what happens in terms of emotional growth for kids who are placed in a TBS for a lengthy period.  

My daughter seems wise beyond years in some respects.  And emotionally "behind the eight ball" in some other areas. (This is not a criticism mind you ... just an observation)

When she returned home, it was difficult for me to understand that she was/is a year older ... and I found/find myself almost perceiving her "frozen" at that age at which we committed her.  I mean we did in essence miss a whole year of her growth.  But, I'm wondering if she missed opportunities to "grow" emotionally by being out of the mainstream of life.

It is ironic that some of these facilities bear the name "EMOTIONAL GROWTH" boarding schools.  But, I am wondering if emotional growth is halted.

Would appreciate some feedback from those of you with some experience.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Update from "former" program mom
« on: April 27, 2006, 04:50:00 PM »
I just wanted to offer an update of sorts ... not that anyone really remembers me or my daughters situation ... but more for my own benefit.  Our daughter returned home from a TBS about a year ago.  I was sold on this place.  I firmly believed that it was where she needed to be.  But, in the months since her return, she has really began to open up about her experience. My "beliefs" began to change ...

It (the program) was not always what the brochures and website led us to believe.  "Duhhh" you say ...

I just wish to say that I have come to appreciate what you all do in terms of advocacy.  While I think that your anger sometimes overpowers your message ... I do agree with what you are trying to say on most levels.  

So with hat in hand, I say that I understand your anger and your zealousness in attacking this industry.  

In hindsight (which I know is 20/20 vision) I wish I had not sent my daughter to such a facility ... and hers was mild in comparison with what some of you have experienced.

I am thankful that she is alive.  I am thankful that she is not drug addicted, or pregnant, or carrying a deadly disease.  I am thankful that we have been able to pick up the pieces and move forward.  

I had a couple come to me a few weeks ago - at the end of their rope with their out of control teen.  They wanted to send him to a TBS.  I strongly discouraged them from doing so.  I shared my reasons why.  I just want the powers that be at Fornits to know, that you were instrumental in challenging my thinking.  

Thank you.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Daughter out of control again ....
« on: December 29, 2005, 10:45:00 AM »
I used to lurk around here some time ago.  Yes, I was an advocate of "programs".  We really thought she had turned the corner in terms of destructive behaviors post program.

She has been home for 6 months, and we are pretty much back to square one.

I have really changed my thinking about the efficacy of these places.  It would be very interesting to know the recidivism rate of kids who attend long term residential placements.

So, I'll be lurking once again.  Mostly to gain insight into the hearts and minds of troubled kids.  Maybe if I can understand her ... I can somehow help her.  And then again, maybe she is the only one who can help her ...

The Troubled Teen Industry / Concern for a "student"
« on: August 11, 2005, 08:02:00 AM »
We have friends who placed their trouble son (15) at a facility in Montana called "New Horizons".  From the get-go I had red flags going up.  And I am not sure how to respond to his parents.

For unruly boys they shackle them to a pole "until they calm down".  They "feed and water them" at the pole.

No therapist on staff.  Therapy is an extra charge and requires a trip into town.

They are "home schooled".  In other words, no certified teachers on the premises.

The night they arrived the boys were eating Tuna Helper.  Cheap yes, but nutritious?  NOT!

They spend their days baling hay and building more dorms for future students.

All this for the cost of $4200/month.  :question:  :question:

This is sooooooooooo very different than the therapeutic school that our daughter attended.  Not sure if her program was awesome or if it was an exception.  But this young man's program sounds "shady".  Looking for insights.  Thanks.

The Troubled Teen Industry / New Horizons in northwestern Montana
« on: July 12, 2005, 06:16:00 PM »
Any alumna's or first hand information about this program?  Know someone who is considering it as a placement, and I have some red flags going up.  Guess it is very small.  Can't find much on the web about it.  Thanks in advance!

Feed Your Head / What it takes to pull me through.
« on: June 16, 2005, 07:49:00 PM »
ISBN:  0618145451
Published:  Houghton Mifflin Co., Boston
Authored:  David L. Marcus

I just read this book by David L Marcus.  A long look at Swift River in Massachusetts.  It was an interesting read.  Just wondering about the author's accuracy.

In the end he neither endorsed nor ripped the program apart.  Pretty ambivalent.

Anyone here during this period?  

"When my mama ask me will I change
I tell her yeah, bit it's clear I'll always be tha same
Until the end of time" ~  Tupac Shakur

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