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Thank you both .

I have a call into the justice center in philly and also to cefalo who is the law firm who handled the kids for cash case and they are based in luzerne county.

I also have one of my friends that I worked with at cys  :jawdrop:  :jawdrop:(   I know I know someone in the system, but she doesn't understand why d was sentensced so harshly either and they have to open  a case since d was  "placed" )checking with a friend that is a lawyer that is also an advocate ( rape victoms) so who knows, she is from this county, maybe I will at least get some info.

We do have all of the law schools in Philly so I am going to give it a shot along with th aclu.

I don't have the knoledge to file an apeal on my own. Nor do I want to file against the judge on my own which can be done through the local bar case the case isn't moved and I am stuck with him....

we have 4 judges and a president judge thats it.. I have  written reports for all of them. Only two that I can find for the president judge, but I only took the last few months of files home in case I was called to court on them.

You pervert.

Don't DARE twist my words ! Or make light about a child who was raped. Go play in another sandbox.

By using a quote and saying they were my words you are opening yourself up so I would watch what games you play 1!

Lawyers may not want to help children get out of these sentences but they do like to see dollar signs and slander means  money

I thought this was a ploy for attention from me.

Looking back that is when the behavior and drugs got bad.

She had been smoking pot since the first brain surgery. Back then occasionaly. In the last year problably every weekend.

After this happened all of her behavior changed. She started taking x and doing coke. And her other behaviors were just not her. She was also on a mission to ruin my life. She hated me during that whole time. Now I know part of it was because I didn't believe her and let her suffffer.
When going through her room  and computer after she was arrested.Letters, notes and emails about it to her boyfriend and best friend  were all there from the night  she said it happened.

So that is where   I can say yep !!

She had no signes of withdrawal while in the holding detention center all month, so i think my estimate of time  she started using the  heavy stuff and started using it a lot seems right on tartget.

She knows she screwed up. But I know I  completely failed her. First by putting everythinbg before her, then by not beliieving her and last by turning her in... I wanted her to get help. I didn't know what was going to happen . I thought I knew these people....They care about getting as many people as they can and  sending every kid in monroe county to either an abraxas sight or a clear vision one. Contracts, money trail.. You would think they would care being so close to luzerne county but they don't give a crap.

I need some organazation that has lawyers that will do pro bono for  a child in this situation or someone  out of county who will take less that a 2500 retainer.

I sub contract for the court. And Every lawyer is in the good old boys club.

I am on leave . I had brain surgery, a second one and things are not going well. so financially?? Can I afford to just pick a lawyer from new york when I was just told Iam kicked off of the section 8 voucher program because she commited a crime??

No sorry don't think so. Thanks for the support being called names is just a real help at this point. yep I am a total moron I admit it. Blame the Topomax that I take they call it dopomax for a reason.Or just blame the fact  that  am missing a huge part of my brain and still have two/ never mind.

To the people that are trying to give advice..

The decline started with my first brain surgery. It was scary to her. Her father has stage IV malignant melanoma and although he hasn't been a huge part of her life in the past few years and she remembers the dv, that affected her also.But many things changed after the first surgery. She took on a lot. with me, with her sister.

Jump to  the  very recent past.I was taken to the hospital  a few months ago for falling down a flight of steps. I was passed out cold. had hit my head. While in the hospital she stayed with my niece. who let her go to a party. She was raped. Told my niece who just talked to her and took her  for the morning after pill. I was told of this in the middle of  a fight about how I didn't know anything about her.. Well I didn't believe her. By this time over a month  had passed and she had been lying about everything

Open Free for All / section 8 voucher taken away ?
« on: July 06, 2011, 10:23:39 AM »
As of August first. Becaus my D was charged with a dangerous crime. And the code says any crime by a member of the family. They have recinded my voucher and kicked me off the program for this violataion.

She pled to  criminal trespass. Yes it is a felony2 here. But  how did they find out? She is still a juvunile ,.
And 2 I am diabled . The 2 brain surgeries have left me unable to wok. and I still have2 tumors thata re sitting on my optic nerve. And a  5 year old Autistic child....

I honestly cant  afford anything without the subsidy they provide. She isn't even here . She is stuck at  ACAF. I asked for a port to move to Florida. (we don't know anyone there) I thought  it would bebetter for her when she got out.

I am pretty sure my home case manager  violated the hippa law and told them. She is a big gossip and had to call them on another matter about the house. Admitted to saying something about daughters troubles......

How do I find a Lawyer who isn't "in" with the court ?

If she keeps her mouth shut? Will they bring the other charges ? They are transporting her to Acaf today and then bringing her back to testify against the first adult in his magistrat hearing to see if they ahve enough to hold him.

She was told what she had to stick to as to her testimony.

And yes they are putting her in a car for alomost 6 hours today, then bringing her back friday for 12 hours round trip instead of keeping her in detention.

They already moved her to a diff detention center so she wouldn't be with co conspiritor. Who she has been in detention in the same pod with for a month now :wall:

Consequebses and rehabilitation are due a child or yound adult. And you have no idea what set off her  decline  :waaaa:

Facility Question and Answers / Help D sentenced to ACAF (abraxas)
« on: July 04, 2011, 03:17:39 PM »
I have heard nothing but horrible things about this place.

This is her first offence. She had only  been doing hard drugs for about 6-8 weeks  coke and x. Yes she had been smoking weed.

The center is about 6 hours away from where I live . Monroe county PA yes a county over from Luzernes kids for cash. And gee we have a contract with GEO so that is where she has to go and they are trying to "save" her.

By the way she made a deal and they broke it. She gave them info on the adukt.  And they said she would go home. Now they are saying if she doesn't testify she will have even more charges.

I happen to be on leave from subcontractin from this court. I teach court ordered parenting and court ordered anger management. Yeah the only company they contract with,, and hmm have the files home and the judge who hear the case does all juviniles and domestics /childsupport and cys..According to court appointed att.. no conflict of interest and he refused to ask for a change of venue.. says I should know judge is a stand up uy and straight arrow

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