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Open Free for All / section 8 voucher taken away ?
« on: July 06, 2011, 10:23:39 AM »
As of August first. Becaus my D was charged with a dangerous crime. And the code says any crime by a member of the family. They have recinded my voucher and kicked me off the program for this violataion.

She pled to  criminal trespass. Yes it is a felony2 here. But  how did they find out? She is still a juvunile ,.
And 2 I am diabled . The 2 brain surgeries have left me unable to wok. and I still have2 tumors thata re sitting on my optic nerve. And a  5 year old Autistic child....

I honestly cant  afford anything without the subsidy they provide. She isn't even here . She is stuck at  ACAF. I asked for a port to move to Florida. (we don't know anyone there) I thought  it would bebetter for her when she got out.

I am pretty sure my home case manager  violated the hippa law and told them. She is a big gossip and had to call them on another matter about the house. Admitted to saying something about daughters troubles......

Facility Question and Answers / Help D sentenced to ACAF (abraxas)
« on: July 04, 2011, 03:17:39 PM »
I have heard nothing but horrible things about this place.

This is her first offence. She had only  been doing hard drugs for about 6-8 weeks  coke and x. Yes she had been smoking weed.

The center is about 6 hours away from where I live . Monroe county PA yes a county over from Luzernes kids for cash. And gee we have a contract with GEO so that is where she has to go and they are trying to "save" her.

By the way she made a deal and they broke it. She gave them info on the adukt.  And they said she would go home. Now they are saying if she doesn't testify she will have even more charges.

I happen to be on leave from subcontractin from this court. I teach court ordered parenting and court ordered anger management. Yeah the only company they contract with,, and hmm have the files home and the judge who hear the case does all juviniles and domestics /childsupport and cys..According to court appointed att.. no conflict of interest and he refused to ask for a change of venue.. says I should know judge is a stand up uy and straight arrow

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