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The Troubled Teen Industry / Films about Teen Boot Camps
« on: January 26, 2010, 10:24:59 AM »
I had watched "Over the G.W." and felt that it really helped the viewer enter into the emotional reality of the victim of mind control. Although hard to follow.

Last night i watched "BootCamp"
and though it may work to help others see the disaster going on in our nation, or maybe it could help open blind eyes to the harsh truth, i really felt that it failed in allowing the audience to enter into the real shattering experiences of the victims. It was kind of bland to me, and did not seem to help connect objective viewer to the ordeal of the victim of mind control, nor did it seem to allow one to enter into the years of after trauma that are left in the lives of victims. it was good though and may be it can help be an intro film for those who are not in the know

any more films you all here have watched and feel are good to help promote understanding of the reality of teen boot camps and religious boot camps?


Roloff Cult Survivor

Old News:

starts on page 104 of John Hill's book:
"John Hill for the State of Texas: My Years as Attorney General" ... &q=&f=true

On page 108 John Hill reveals something in his book here that I did not realize or connect until the past week. Roloff day care facility in Corpus Christi had been licensed by the State of Texas all along. My obvious question was, then why did he fight licensing the girls home so intensely? John Hill presents some thoughts on how he figures Roloff reasoned. I found it vastly interesting, that his Day Care that he ran in Corpus Christi had been licensed by the State of Texas the whole time he had been fighting to license his children homes. Why such an intense stance against Oversight in the homes? Park Avenue Day School had been licensed by the DPW for 20 years prior to Roloffs heated, intense, long heavy and costly years of battling the state of Texas so he did not have to submit to oversight in the homes. What a curious and to me, a glaring curiosity that stands out.
At any rate, the entire account of John Hill's encounters with Lester Roloff was very interesting and thought provoking to read. I am glad he added it to his book, it is helpful to me personally.

Roloff Cult Survivor

I have heard the reports and have read the official newspaper obituary from Eatonton, Georgia. I am wanting to share what I have heard through Survivors grapevines and ask for any more details anyone has of the description of Wiley Cameron's accident and death.

This is what I have been told:

October 31, 2009 Wiley Cameron was welding, the transformer arced on his wedding ring, exploding (catching fire) onto his hands and arms and clothes. His nose, ears, hands and arms were going to be in need of a lot of reconstruction, but his eyes were kept because of the glasses. He had 2cnd and 3rd degree burns on his upper body. He was refusing morphine, but the doctor at Grady Burn Unit in Atlanta gave it to him anyhow. Doctor induced his coma on purpose. There were lots of skin grafting. Report on December 12th, 2009, was given that the family had still hope because they had believed he had opened or nearly tried to open his eyes. But in 13 short days, Fay and the family opted to pull off life support from Wiley and he died. He had been on a ventilator entire time from what I believe.

He died on Christmas by the will of his family deciding to let him go--they removed life support. He was buried on December 30th and on which day he was given a memorial service.

This is all i have knowledge of. If anyone knows a different version of the story or has an actual newspaper report, if anyone has further information, please share. All of us who were in the homes were affected by the Cameron's if we were on the Corpus Christi compound and or other compounds they practiced their ideology and painful practices on.

As much damage as the Roloff cult has done me personally, I pray that all the descendants find truth and grace in Christ.

Roloff Cult Survivor

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