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Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Are there any RUSH fans still out there?
« on: November 21, 2003, 08:28:00 PM »
About a year ago there were a bunch of RUSH fans on the board.  I have recently accepted a position as Business Manager for a RUSH Tribute Band playing in New Jersey known as Hemispheres.  

If anyone is interested in RUSH or seeing a great tribute band, then please e-mail me at [email protected].  Thanks again.

Jeff Z.

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / how is everyone?
« on: October 09, 2003, 07:02:00 PM »
I haven't been on the board for a long time, but I wanted to say hello to everyone.

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / RUSH bbs
« on: January 23, 2003, 11:37:00 PM »
Being an obvious RUSH fan, I think that it would be a great idea to see if there is any interest in starting a RUSH bbs or room or chat spot or something.

I hate the idea that I have to post under the Drew/Jackie crap to correspond with fellow RUSH-ians.  More than just loving their music, please understand that their lyrics are purely inspirational and focus on preserving your dreams reagrdless of adversity.  They talk about the importance of experiencing to extremes what life has to offer.  All of these things are positive messages that keep me focused on life today and aiming for the targets in my life (my dreams).  

If anyone thinks its a cool idea, please either post here or e-mail me at [email protected]


jz ::drummer::  ::rocker::  :idea:

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / CONGRATS to Christy J!
« on: January 17, 2003, 11:51:00 AM »

 :grin: What a wonderful accomplishment!  Best of luck with everything!  Let me know (via e-mail) your new address.  Although I cannot attend your housewarming, I would like to send something.

Enjoy the American dream!


Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Powerlessness & mind control enviroments
« on: January 17, 2003, 01:23:00 AM »
I got this link from the Canadian sight.  Margaret Singer, PHd. is an extremely well respected, internationally acclaimed expert on mind control, cults and thought reform.

Check it out!

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / YYZ
« on: December 28, 2002, 12:51:00 PM »
If anyone knows that these three letters are the name of a very famous, instrumental RUSH song, then you may be interested to know:

YYZ is also the call letters of the Toronto airport

The intro of the song with the tapping sounds is morse code for the letters "Y..Y..Z.." and the basis of the song follows that mellodic structure.

Useless RUSH facts....

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / YYZ
« on: December 28, 2002, 12:50:00 PM »
If anyone knows that these three letters are the name of a very famous, instrumental RUSH song, then you may be interested to know:

YYZ is also the call letters of the Toronto airport

The intro of the song with the tapping sounds is morse code for the letters "Y..Y..Z.." and the basis of the song follows that mellodic structure.

Useless RUSH facts....

Just to introduce myself, I am a neutral party in the war about AARC.  After spending 4 1/2 years in KIDS on 1st phase (most of it), I am not a neutral party regarding the KIDS programs.

I miss ALL of my Canadian friends and would love to hear from any & all of them.  I have spent over 12 years since signing out (yep, I signed out) of KIDS learning & studying the dynamics and effects of cults & high demand groups.  Moreso, I have done much reflecting on my life & experiences before, during and after KIDS.  


Interestingly enough, a good amount of their lyrics are centered around a Russian author who lived under dictatorship.  Her name was Ayn Rand and her philosophy was & is called Objectivism.  Some of her most influential works like "The Fountainhead" and "Atlas Shrugged" provide the groundwork for many songs that surround the concepts of "Think for yourself" "Freewill" "Selfishness as a virtue" and countless others.

Many people have inquired over the years that their music is great, but, "What are they singing about?"  I want to try to answer that with my opinions and experiences with how I have been constantly inspired by the positive messages in their music. (No, not the one in A Passage to Bangkok) ::rocker:: Nor is this book about endorsing anyone to get high, fighting "A War on Drugs" or a mud throwing contest.  I will relate the facts about my experiences and my feelings & thoughts around them.  If someone is embarrased that they had me restrained for 8 hours or starved or beaten for non-compliance, then they shouldn't have done it.  That is not slanderous.  It is known as the Freedom of Speech.  Without it, all freedom is lost to a totalitarian leader.

If anyone would like to contribute anything, or would like to contact me, please do so on or e-mail me privately at [email protected]

Best of luck to all!

I am actually a KIDS survivor who did 4 1/2 years (mainly on 1st phase) of hard time.  A few years ago, I was in contact with this person who was passionately seeking survivors to tell their stories.

If this person is still out there, please find me on the KIDS board (  I am currently writing a book and would like to share some of my info.  

My book, unfortunately will not be primarily targeting the atrocities that have & still are occuring because of this "DRUG WAR" which collectively seems to have created more juvenile casualties than substance abuse...

I am simply using it as a vehicle to express my experiences before KIDS of Bergen County/KIDS of North Jersey(Newton after leaving Straight), during and after.  The book will center around many lyrics from the group RUSH & their inspirational messages that have gotten me this far after almost 5 years of being "Mind F*ck*d"  ::bigsmilebounce::

Anyone interested may want to read my analysis of FEAR by RUSH, especially part III - Witch Hunt.

Ignorance, prejudice & FEAR walk hand in hand!" - RUSH Witch Hunt 1981

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / So, this is what its all about.....
« on: December 21, 2002, 12:27:00 AM »
Okay, now on with the show! (actually, the book)

As of this moment (and subject to change), the name of my book will be called:

The RUSH Inspiration: Before, During & After Mind Control and Thought Reform

Right now I plan to write about my interpretations of many Rush songs, but more how they have affected my outlooks on life.  How they influenced me before KIDS, during my 4 1/2 year imprisonment and mostly how they have related to me dealing with the aftermath since I have left.

Also, a major focus will be to concentrate on reflecting back into my KIDS life & experiences and how they actually provide much validity to RUSH's songs.  A major theme throughout their many albums has been to beware of any authority which threatens your ability to think for yourself.  It also warns of people in ower becoming intoxiced by it and oppressing the masses..  The ideas that one may develop might threaten his almighty leader's authoritarian control.  Freewill is a major concept througout their songs.  In 2112, when the realization was made that he would never be free to live for himself & persue his dreams "of a world like I have seen" he decided that death was better than knowing his true dreams & never being able to live them.  "My lifeblood spills over"  

The KIDS experience will be discussed in detail with the cult themes and the extensive brain-washing, thought reform, black & white, good versus evil, right wing drug war, the use & abuse of fear as a weapon to be used against us.  

I want to publicly express & share with those who want to read, what these songs have done to my life in contrast to the negativity that I survived.  It is strictly the love ::drummer::  and the hate ::jawdrop::  ::eek3::


Back to purpose, my mother's tragic death & many other adversities that I have faced have caused me to seek wisdom & insight about the questions that have no real answers:

Why am I here?Why didn't my parents figure it out?
What is my purpose?  Why is life so short?  
Why is it so unfair?  
Why did I out of so many millions of long-haired, rebelious and crazy teens get imprisoned for 4 1/2 years?   Now that I am out, why does everyone who is in think that I am bad?  When do we all awake from this sureal horror?  What is the meaning of this life?

Underneath all of these questions is a burning passion in my soul that feeds my mind & stregnthens my heart.  It burns hotter and stronger than any rage that I have ever felt.  I beleive this to be my spirit which was ignighted by the program and fueled by all the crap afterwards.  It drives me everyday to seek to learn more about my existence.  It helps me to understand that realities that exceed human logic.  This beautiful fire that burns in my heart grows everyday that I try to better my existence & contribute to others.  THIS IS THE ONLY MOTIVATOR THAT I WILL USE TO WRITE MY BOOK!  I know that my literary agent will disagree, but I must be true to myself & my reality, not what people will buy.

 ::soapbox::  is this stupid book going to be about?   :silly:
 Jeff Z*cc*l* :wave:

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / "Fear is not a Trilogy", BUT... It was..
« on: December 16, 2002, 12:40:00 AM »
::drummer::  :idea:

You can get it online at  They have it in stock!

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / my drug problem?!?
« on: December 09, 2002, 11:22:00 PM »
I am Jeff's drug problem that he never really had, but was tortured into beleiving that he had, and then found out that he didn't have, but because he thought he had me, I really screwed with his mind.  Allow me to introduce myself.  I am the product of someone you all may know very well.  I am the result of Jeff's 4 1/2 year incarceration in KIDS & a direct result of the mind control used to exploit his thought process.

You see, as a problem that doesn't exist, I have to be a very convincing illusion to make my victim think that I am real.  I cannot succeed if my victim will not surrender his prior beliefs about himself and his life to me.  

Having people scream, yell and reinforce that he is a druggie and a piece of shit (no, that he acts like a piece of shit) over & over, eventually he may cave in.  If this doesn't work, we have more extreme measures to insure success, compliments of KIDS.

If one refuses to give in to this theory, then we will refuse him privileges.  We will not allow him to talk, or move or tap his feet.  In fact, he will be forced to remain still while people continue to speak about NOTHING exept this drug problem.  After a few months of not talking and a lot less eating & sleeping his resistance will be compromised.  In this weakened state, he becomes vulnerable to thought reform in its most blatant form.  

I hear that they have made ground breaking discoveries about the long-term effects of motivating in flourescent lighting.  They say that years later, people begin to feel uncontrollably rageful at their captor.  Its not because the program did anything wrong, the anger is actually because of this illness that the patient suffered while in treatment.  

Actually, it wasn't until recently that I had a realization.  You see, Jeff wasn't really mad at Mr. Newton (phd.? - public administration? doctor - nah.).  Actually, it was this sickness that he got when he signed out of treatment.  (They actually predicted this)  When he left, things got very fuzzy and scary.  I knew that he was out of the one place that he needed to be in.  His drug problem took control and started to fabricate these wild stories of being held captive in a warehouse in Hackensack for almost 5 years against my will.  Once I found out that he could get lots of attention from it, I got more graphic with my stories, they included restraints, starvation, sleep deprivation, being screamed at for hours at a time in intake rooms.  His drug problem was progressing.

It got so bad, that I started to create dreams that these people who loved and cared about him so much were coming to bring him back to the building and he resisted.  In the dreams he kicks, screams, hits, stabs and acts out towards these wonderfully loving good & caring people who only want whats best for him.  Who the heck is he to resist these people trying to save his life?  Whats so wrong with Jeff that He can't graciously accept their help?  

I was talking to Jeff's subconcious mind the other day.  Here's what he asked me:
Why do I continue to have bizarre recollections of an irrational world that didnt exist?  Were the Newtons correct?  Am I just out of my mind like they predicted?  Am I just an upset & disgruntled druggie who just wants to complain because I didn't graduate & devote my life to a higher cause?  Please help, I'm losing my mind.  Save me from my drug problem.  Please assure me that it is all a fabrication of my creating.

You see, I lost hope in this terrible place.  When the mind loses hope, it must find ways to cope.  I cannot tell anymore where I was between 1986 & 1990.  Maybee I was abducted by aliens and it just seemed like drug-rehab because if I saw the real deal, it would be too overwhelming.  Everything in KIDS was a mere illusion.  

Why can't I prove that I was somewhere for almost 5 years of my life?  Was I insane then or am I insane now?  Is my resentment just ficticious?  Am I mad at someone for something that never really happened?

In KIDS I was told that everything that I did centered around feelings.  They told me that I could guage how well I was doing with myself by how I looked.  If I had bags under my eyes, it was because I was not doing well.  It was clearly laid out that I only would get rebelious against the program because I was unhappy with myself.  That when I left, I would hate myself so much that I would misplace my self-hate & flip it into anger at the program & the Newtons.  Did this happen?

Is it true that anyone who left the program really just hates themselves for leaving and is pretending to hate KIDS to cover up their bad feelings?

If any of this sounds absolutely off the wall and crazy then you must be well.  If this sounds even the slightest bit familiar in anyway, then maybee you too may suffer from the same syndrome of your disease getting worse & worse.  My drug problem is outside right now doing push ups in the parking lot while I write this.  As soon as I disconnect, I cannot predict how far down I'll go this time.  I might even go as low as to start to accuse the Newtons of being spiteful or manipulative....No, I can't hold back.... I'm going all the way if I do it again....Screw it!!! I'll call them DISHONEST, LYING& UNTRUTHFUL!  

Help me before I really do it....I'm out of control.......

Yours truly,

The drug problem
(According to Virgil)

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Part III of Fear by N. Peart - \
« on: December 05, 2002, 06:05:00 PM »
Part III of the Fear Triliogy, "Witch Hunt"

The night is black
Without a moon

The air is thick, and still
The vigilantes gather on
The lonely torchlit hill

Features distorted in the flickering light
The faces are twisted and grotesque
Silent and stern in the sweltering night
The mob moves like demons possessed
Quiet in concience, calm in their right -
Confident their ways are best

The righteous rise
With burning eyes
Of hatred and ill-will

They say there are strangers , who threaten us
In our immigrants and infidels
They say there is strangeness, too dangerous
In our theatres and bookstore shelves
Those who know what's best for us -
Must rise and save us, from ourselves

Quick to judge
Quick to anger
Slow to understand

Ignorance and prejudice
And fear
Walk hand in hand

This completes the trilogy written in the early 1980's and released by Rush on 3 different albums.  Part III - Witch Hunt came out first on the Moving Pictures album, Part II - The Weapon was second on their Signals album.  Part I - The Enemy Within was released last on their Grace Under Pressure album.

I can spend days and days writing diffent analogies and theories of how well each of these relates directly to my imprisonment, captivity, release and recovery from KIDS.  Rather than bore you all, I just wanted to share it with you.  In fact most lyrics from RUSH songs have had major influences on my life and the way I chose to live.

Best Regards,

Jeff Z.

In the days of my youth,I found peace, serenity and a sense of well-being when I was turned on to RUSH's music & lyrics at about 10 years old. When I was put in the program in 1986, I experienced some of the subject matter, concepts and ideas that they sung about first hand.  

After leaving KIDS and studying their work for about 12 years, I wanted to post this trilogy that has a lot of deep rooted meaning to my life after KIDS.

Part One of Fear, "The Enemy Within"  

Things crawl in the darkness
That imagination spins
Needles at your nerve ends
Crawl like spiders on your skin

Pounding in your temples
And a surge of adrenalin
Every muscle tense -
To Fence
The enemy within...

I'm not giving in
To security under pressure
I'm not missing out on the promise of adventure
I'm not giving up
On impossible dreams -
Experience to extremes -
Experience to extremes -

Suspicious-looking stranger
Flashes you a dangerous grin
Shadows across your window -
Was it only trees in the wind?

Every breath a static charge-
A tongue that tastes like tin
Steely-eyed outside-
To hide
The enemy within...

To you... is it movement or is it action?
Is it contact or just reaction?
And you - revolution or just resistance?
Is it living, or just existence?
Yeah, you - it takes a little more persistence
To get up and go the distance...

Part II of Fear, "The Weapon"

We've got nothing to fear - but fear itself?
Not pain of failure, not fatal tragedy?
Not the faulty units in this mad machinery?
Not the broken contacts in emotional chemistry?

With an iron fist in a velvet glove
We are sheltered under the gun
In the glory game on the power train
Thy kingdom's will be done

And the things that we fear
Are a weapon to be held against us...

He's not afraid of your judgement
He knows of horrors worse than your Hell
He's a little bit afraid of dying -
But he's a lot more afraid of your lying

And the things that he fears
Are a weapon to be held against him...

Can any part of life - be larger than life?
Even love must be limited by time
And those who push us down that they might climb -
Is any killer worth more than his crime?

Like a steely blade in a silken sheath
We don't see they're made of
They shout about love, but when push comes to shove
They live for things they're afraid of

And the knowledge that they fear
Is a weapon to be used against them...

Part III of Fear - To be continued...

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