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Elan School / RMA held Elan and Provo over our heads
« on: February 18, 2006, 07:10:00 PM »
We would hear the horror stories about Elan (and Provo) from the staff at RMA and a former Elan student that ended up at RMA. The stories definitely coincide with what I have read on the forum here.  It was basically used as an intimidation technique to "get with the program" for those of us that weren't faced with Juvenile Hall as our only option in my opinion.

What was held over your (Elan Students) heads?  Were you threatened with RMA/CEDU?

Just curious.

I just recently found this board and I have to say that it has been eye popping. Reading what other people seem to be going through in their "post RMA" worlds really struck a chord with me...sometimes it seems like the only people I can really relate to are the ones that went through the program also. I'm not so concerned with which peer group you were in or when you went there as the common ground that we all share goes much deeper than our respective graduation dates.

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