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The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: What Idaho Boot Camp?
« on: December 26, 2008, 04:28:55 AM »
I am not certain. I found another piece:

Jenny flunked out of Dalton and briefly spent time at a boot-camp-style school in Idaho that required chopping wood, 24-hour, no-sleep "emotional-growth sessions," and constant supervision. After two months, Kay, concerned about reports she was receiving about Jenny, flew out to see her, and when school officials tried to block the visit, Kay insisted on bringing her daughter home.

As Jenny tells this story she grows visibly upset. But she has such an essentially sunny personality that she wants to end the anecdote on a fiercely positive, what-I-learned note: "The biggest thing -- don't take freedom for granted," she says. "You put things in perspective. Look at the problems I have -- Gee, I can't get fabulous tuna, just great tuna? I have my health. I am living every moment that I can. You have to. It's so short. I'm so lucky that I'm 22 and I know that."

The Troubled Teen Industry / Any other info about this boot camp school?
« on: December 26, 2008, 04:16:43 AM »
It is called New Directions Academy and is located in Indianapolis.

It seems that it created a killer.

In February 2002, Bess, then 13, was arrested at the New Directions Academy, a boot camp-style school, for refusing to follow the rules and being belligerent to staff, police records show.

A odd reason to arrest someone on.

That is what I have:

New Directions School
2401 E 25th St
Indianapolis, IN 46218

Can anyone digg deeper and find website, handbooks etc?

The Troubled Teen Industry / What Idaho Boot Camp?
« on: December 26, 2008, 03:28:39 AM »
Jennifer Oz Leroy - in the food business.

She was in Idaho Women Biz-link

Jennifer LeRoy had a privileged childhood. At her bat mitzvah at the family's Amagansett estate, airplanes dived in trick plays over the house; costumed characters from the Wizard of Oz (which her grandfather Mervyn LeRoy produced and directed) welcomed guests; stilt-walkers and magicians worked the crowd. Her great-grandfather, Harry Warner, was a founder of Warner Brothers Studios.

But those early days were not without problems. LeRoy is dyslexic, she flunked out of ritzy private school Dalton, endured a brief spell at a boot-camp-style school in Idaho and was badly injured in an equestrian accident as a teen participating in the Hamptons Classic. (She has since placed high in the legendary competition.)

What is the name of the boot camp?

According to the december newsletter, they have given up imprisoning boys and are now only housing males over 18 after the raid.

However the girls home - Rachel Academy - continue to have girls detained at their facility.

We have studied various photos and it seems that the girls academy is located here.

Still it would be nice to have the exact address of the boys home because they could slip away from justice and then they are up and running again.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: To whom it may concern,
« on: December 25, 2008, 06:01:20 AM »
Here in the Scandinavian countries we are against of ordering violence or doing it ourselves.

If we really need to hurt someone we join the military so we can travel to Afghanistan or Iraq to kill some for fun. As a Christian such behavior is encouraged by the vexillum sancti Petri.

Otherwise we settle by providing information that can upset people so the enemies start killings among themselves as it was the case with Cartoon Crisis.

I would recommend that you use your anger in the proper way and join the military so you can provide safety to the rest of the world by taking a terrorist or two out in Iraq.

Protecting our sources is sometime a problem when two of them are in the same place and they dont know who the other is. We had a photo incident where one of our volunteers took a photo of another who didn't wanted to be published and because they communicate with different case workers in Europe we cannot warn them about another one being present. We managed to solve it without giving names. To this day I dont know if they know who the other is.

Yes, we are talking about Fornits Wiki. We are only on message boards if new information needs to be put forward or a little info could save a thread about to be derailed.

About the links: A long time ago Fornits used one type of php. Then they switched to smf and then back to another kind of php. If you take a link from an page who has not been reformatted, then you are sent to the message board, but only to the main page. People have to land on the exact thread or else we drops in the Google ranks.

Just a remark: We links to site like strugglingteens too when useful, but we always writes: - industry marketing firm

The main focus is to maintain the wiki and synchronize the various editions. Then we have a huge job updating the Fornits links because the boards switched two times. Some of the links dont simply work.

Last but not least we have a number of google alerts to find small pieces of info connecting new facilities to the old one. I could take one case. You have heard of WWASP-Oceanside in Rosarito. Who is behind it?

After we located Oceanside to the abandoned Hotel Carmino Inn, we scanned various myspace groups to find former student. No luck.

But a thread from an AIR survivor group indicated that the AIR management used a lot of time in Mexico. But why?

If we go a year or two back it became clear that the State of New York wanted quality in the education if AIR should be allowed to issue High School Diplomas again. A quality they couldn't provide. Our alert found this little piece for us.

I will be starting a private boarding school in Rosarito, Baja Cal Mexico. I am interested to know if there are any tutors looking for full or part time opportunities in this area. Details to follow if interested. email - [email protected]
- Edlearn07 lives in Ogdensburg , New York as you can see from the link.

Then we put our feet in their shoes. What would we do if we had two school - One where we couldn't issue diplomas from our diploma mill and one where where we could bit abuse the children? (If we did we would be shut down like Casa)

We would combine them. We would of course abuse the kids in the state of New York where it is allowed and then when they are broken, transport them to Mexico where none care about how a High School diploma should look like. A win-win situation!!!

Then to our mole in this case. What are this individual saying?

I have heard of the school,it is being operated by the same person who owns Academy at Ivy Ridge.Jason Finlinson is the owner/operator of Oceanside.I belive his name is still attached to Ivy Ridge,thou he has different henchmen working for him.Wouldnt be surprised if there is abuse there like the other school that use to be operated down there but close up(Casa by the Sea).

(Sorry wwasp-lawyer people. You can not get a court order to find our sources because you dont know which country the mail-account our field staff use is placed in. Maybe it is in Denmark - maybe not. Maybe we use the internet as transport - maybe not. Maybe the connections is set up in ipx-spx rather the IP - maybe not).

So how can we be helped? Please help us with reformatting pages and adjust the links. Give us links to any news. We are scanning both this boards and others. We have to protect our sources from lawsuits, so that part of our little operation we are keeping for ourselves.

I spoke with Covergaard this morning (Danish Time). He asked me to wish your all a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Official statement from Denmark:

Covergaard underwent surgery due to numerous infections under his teeth which his dentist couldn't fix. Because he wanted to keep his teeth they cut him open inside his mouth and removed the bottom of the roots of every tooth replacing it with plastic. He recovered this problem, but then his car was hit from behind by a drunken driver November 1 (It was in the newspaper because DUI has become very rare in Denmark.) He got a neck injury (As he told me he was pushed 14 days into the next week). Because it was far from the first injury to his neck in traficrelated accidents, he is now very limited when it comes to both driving and time on the computer. As far as the present forecast says he hope to be back fulltime early March 2009.

From: our wiki page - talk section

author this page needs more info and defiantly more accurate. your bashing a great place that did have an unfortunate accident that it is ultimately paying for in the end. they will shut down dec 31. out of over 1500 students there are 1000s of success stories. and trust me all that have been lucky to have been touched by alldredge will tell you so. everyones thoughts and prays are with Lewis family.

Please dont delete it. Please improve the article by finding survivors and more links about the program structure, Lewis's death, the trial, transfer of ownership and now the closure.

We could also use the exact postal address for the village they used for level 2. Such sites could be used by a new program.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: Film on Aaron Bacon
« on: December 22, 2008, 04:40:06 AM »
We have members of spft on parent forums too - undercover. What is missing is solutions in the community which are NOT punishments.

What can you say to a parent to a child who are nearly 18 and have the mind of a 14 year old hating her own race and are currently on the streets because her mom called the cops in a moment of fear when she was punched down on the ground? This particular girls is ill but won't of course choose the solution the society has in hand for her: Jail because she is wanted on a bench warrant.

What do you say to another mother, who has a son who either was blackmailed or had to pay for drugs and let other addicts empty the house?

While we are fighting programs, we have to understand that the society has to offer other solutions beside programs as well. Else we can provide all the information in the world we want, but the parents would be caught by the government who will blame them and jail them when they allow their kids to act quite normal like Elisa Kelly and her husband (Pardoned from an insane sentence of 4 years because they served alcohol at a party for teens). How many parents are not forced to pay for their teens in the juvie or in a state sponsored RTC and placed in a situation where they as well could pay a private firm for the same warehousing?

How many times are the parents not told by the government how dangerous it is to have certain thing on record (truancy, alcohol possession or violence) when applying for college or having a criminal record when seeking a job.

The 1990s was a time when introducing zero-tolerance became the norm. 1 out of 100 are in prisons now. Some are teens serving life and now we know that most of them would not be a threat if they are released once they are matured around age 25. Some shouldn't be in prison at all (curfew breaking, underage alcohol possession and various slips in probation) but should wear a GPS-bracelet instead because they impose no danger to society.

But we have to think about the amount of information his parent had at their disposal in 1994. There were no ISAC, HEAL, Cafety, Spft or Fornits. There were no internet where they could google news about deaths. They had to rely on a combination of the marketing from the programs and all the warnings from the government telling them that Aaron was a candidate for the soon to be three strike laws.

I cannot pass judgment on them for their decision. Without the information we have at hand today they could only have saved his life by hiking beside him.

But we have to remember that while we have gone some miles and we all have done a good days work with revealing the abuse in the programs, we are far from reaching the goal, because still today the parents are caught in the middle by the actions of their kids and the hammer from the justice system, which can send their child to jail for life.

Let us be satisfied with documenting the past and start improve the future. Off to work!!!

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: the way i see it
« on: December 20, 2008, 03:19:13 AM »
I will let a parent answer, which have nothing to do with us and are on a parenting board.

I think maybe what I am seeing is that you are kind of enmeshed with dtr--you seem to identify strongly with her and you know what you want for her but she is going to have to discover for herself what she wants for herself and you will have to let her do that. It is hard to let go of our dreams for our kids but you really do have to separate yourself as a person from her. I know, I had to do the same with my gfg1 and it was so hard.

My gfg1 basically just quit going to school when she was 15 and in 9th grade. She ended up in her rtc at the end of 9th grade and I guess she had about a 10th grade education when she said she was done with school. This was never what I envisioned for my dtr--I had to come to the conclusion finally that her mental health was more important than school. She ended up court ordered to a rehab when she was 17 and it was there that she took an interest in getting her GED and worked really hard for it. This was something I didn't even mention to her--I was so relieved that she was off the streets and getting drug treatment that the school part was minor to me. She wanted it for herself and she worked for it and got it.

I guess my point really is that you can want all these things for your dtr but she has to want them for herself and she has to own her choices and her life. She is at the age where the more you push for what you want (which is of course what we all want for our kids) the more she will resist. She has to feel like these things are important to her, not just to you.

It sounds like you are so caught up in her life that she feels like it is your life she is having to live rather than her own. If your world is going to fall apart based on her failing school or having sex or lying or manipulating then that gives her great power over you. I think if you can stay very neutral with her, have strong boundaries and stay in control of your own emotions you might have more success.

I hope I don't sound preachy or like a know-it-all--I am just a parent who has made a million mistakes but now has some insight into what might have worked better. Sure wish I could go back to when gfg1 was a teen and do some things differently.

Resume: As a parent you can push your child, you can imprison your child, basically you can go as far as drag them down on a Christian ranch in Missouri and let the staff use the paddle on them with +1000 licks (If you do it yourself, it is prisontime).

But it really doesn't matter. Regardless of what you do your child will mature without you doing anything. Every single person have a certain amount of greed. They want jobs, they want success.

So let the 15-16 year old child drop out and find a job for them at a farm or as bagger in the supermarket. They can have food and clean clothes at home, but everything else they have to earn - even the money to rent a movie or attending some kind of sport. My brother gave up school in Form 9. He worked in a factory making windows, a person dragging bricks in construction, as a person in various jobs for a short period. Then aged 25 he decided to get an education. He took form 10 with even better grades than mine. Next he got an internship in business selling milk. He is now certified to drive even the largest trucks and doesn't use drugs or smoke tobacco. He just matured 10 years later. Could he have gone to college? Yes, he had the grades for it, but I doubt that his later choices would have been different.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: Montana Academy
« on: December 19, 2008, 03:33:17 PM »
When I searched information so Rotsne could update the datasheet, I took a minute to survey the facebook group of survivors.

I found this thread

.... Then I got it right. I went through MA and was at the transition house for 8 months. I didn't want to leave but they made me graduate since my folks cut the funding.

It is not emotional growth or progress but money that make kids graduate this program - only lack of money.

Facility Question and Answers / Re: boys/girls town?
« on: December 19, 2008, 04:52:32 AM »
It is a difficult question to reply on. There are no standard how they are run.

Each community can create their own program if they want to cut down on the population in the juvies. I found a newspaper article when I looked for info in the local neighborhood of a wwasp jail in Nevada.

As you can see they run non-residential programs, which allows non-voilent offers to remain in their home instead of having the cost to house them in a juvie. Still the day is rather structured to keep them from hanging in the street. I hope that such day-treatment will be used because while we are fighting RTC, the law has to be upheld.

I also found a link to a system in Nebreska with a number of different programs.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Allredge Wilderness closes
« on: December 18, 2008, 04:01:18 PM »
According to a pressrelease published at the industry marketing firm the wilderness program is going to close: Alldredge Academy To Close Dec. 31.

More info: Alldredge Wilderness Jouney wiki datasheet - European copy

CEDU / Brown Schools and derivatives / clones / New CEDU-Ascent spin-off ?
« on: December 18, 2008, 04:55:14 AM »
Paulu reported that he had found something called Freedom Mountain Academy.

While it looked like a normal wilderness therapy program, we discovered the fiction they are reading.

I was given a book by Kahlil Gibran to read called, The Prophet. I was reading this book because I was going through some stuff that was life changing.
I have heard about this book before in relationship with CEDU.

Is this wilderness program a CEDU spin-off?

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