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Remember when Chuck Selent said that CEDU would never go broke or close down because "Brown Schools is a Big Corporation" with endless resourses.

HA HA HA HA HA HA - Chuckie is probably back where he started before RMA opened - a member of the elite Bonners Ferry Police Force sweeping all 27 yards of Bonners Ferry for minimum wage and food stamps.

"Naw, ta hilt," he's probably doing a "bread a butter case" for Magnum PI, or trying to get CEDU up and running again so people like us can enjoy shutting it down, again? -yeah!!!

Anyway, hats off to that dumb ass, money grubbing kidnapping, escort, psuedo P.I. PRICK WITHOUT A JOB. I, for one, enjoyed watching CEDU fuck him over. A deed for which I am indirectly quite   proud.

Dude, next time you think of taking "duh, snap shots," just look for two round barrels right next to each other that you can "duh see down." It would be quicker and less painful.

On 2005-03-28 07:14:00, Anonymous wrote:

"The abuse I recieved was pepper spraying all over my body until it seaped through my cloths for a period of about a month straight. After they would spray me I would be restrained consisting of about 5 staff members. One with his knee in my back aplying a tremendous amount of pressure.2people grabbing each of my arms and crossing the until they literly touched my back.2 people grabbing my ankles crossing them and grinding them into the ground. I was hogtied with ducktape and had to lay on my face for 3 days. I was drug across a concreate floor. AS a resault, I have a fake tooth, permanent scars on my shoulders knees and chin .I was sexually abused by a staff member named Randy Cook. He stripped me down naked and scrubbed my body and genitals with a hard plastic brisled toilet bowl cleaner. Randal Hinton has connfessed to [name withheld] in which the abuse him and others did to me. The peoples names which took part in the abuse are: Jay Ray Kay, Randal Hinton, Randy Cook, Claud Miry, Shawn Brown, and those are the people I recall. I'm willing to testify in a court of law to see justice be served. ""

It is as simple to get rid of these sub-human moron fanatics as it is to make a dog salivate.

Case in point: Pavlov rang a bell whenever he fed his dogs. The bell thus created a conditionsed response i.e., All Pavlov had to do was ring the bell and the dogs would salivate.

Miller and Newton - (Mut and Jeff) (pant pant) are just like Pavlov's dogs. They respond to the angry responses to their posts and come back for more power when you ring the bell by RESPONDING TO THEM.

Don't ring the bell. Don't answer any of their posts with any type of response - positive or negative.

They like the "dogfood" i.e. (the negitive responses you give them) as much as the dogfood of the positive posts, because, (The dogfood)is the POWER to piss you off (or POWER of any kind for that matter) - just like the sheep at any boarding school they are led around by the ring on their noses looking for afirmation of their POWER.

So stop reinforcing them and ignore them. Starve their inflated egos. Starve them. Don't give them any dogfood (POWER).

Ignore them untill they get so hungry for POWER that they go nuts and seek reinforcement of their weak ego's elsewhere.

Please, ignore them. This will really piss them off. You will take their POWER away, and it will drive them nuts trying to bait you to get you back. This is all these empty souls have. It is sad, but why waste your time on them?

Expect them to hang around for a long time.
Idiots fish empty ponds until someone leads them away - But stick with the non-reinforcement until they die of starvation or move elsewhere.

If you want to really piss them off, drive them nuts, give them pain IGNORE THEM no matter what they say.

It is up to you to fuck them this way. Unless you all have enough dicipline and reatraint to do this, they will go on bating you forever and feeling great about it. It is up to all of you to do this, if you can't, you can only blame yourselves that they are here diverting your attention from more important tasks.

Whenever IDIOTS respond to them - re post this at the top.


"I can give testamony to the correctness of Son of Serbia'a latest accurate assessment. I took care of a kid after he left CEDU, and I have witnessed the after effects of CEDU graduation since the 1960s.

Kids don't know the name of simple tools like screwdriver. When they get their first car they don't know about oil changes, gear shifts or such a need as maintenence.

Needless to say, I did a lot of teaching; especially a lot of teaching that there are more ways to express emotion than the two ways modeled by staff at BCA, RMA, NWA, Assent CEDU, milestones, i.e. - screaming and passive aggression. I also spent a lot of time teaching simple respectable assertiveness, empathetic communication, and listening - things people usually begin to learn early in a normal life, but there is nothing normal about CEDU. Try being married to a staff convert.

I watched my wife cheat on me with a male student and even a female student. The smoosh piles taught interesting sexuality between staff and students, and they still fondle and kiss each other and screw after the smooshing ends. I watched my wife turn into a brainwashed robot with god-like feelings of superiority the belief in emotional abuse for control of people around her - especially me. Conversation amounted to two words from her - "Shut UP."

Fake Ph.Ds abound - one, Rich Geiger, (PhD in theology - previous experience as a mental health technician) - (you don't even need at BA for that). He used to run clinical services for CEDU in the Northwest and the current CEDU National Director of Family Services has one. Ever heard of Bill Valentine and California Coast College. They no longer offer PhDs at CCC, but lots of CEDU managers have them still. Many got them with no previous degrees and with qualification based almost completely upon work experience at CEDU rather than academics.

So, why are the kids unprepared for life outside of CEDU? Because the staff are unprepared for life outside CEDU, and that is why they stay there for life doing the same old con game on parents year after year. It is no different at other teen programs, often it is worse. Straight was definately a horror, as is fucktard, and a plethora of CEDU staff and managers. Love your kid? Well, drugs and school failure aren't as bad as these programs. You have a better chance of recovery from drugs. Here is a novel idea for parents, BE A PARENT.

I wanted to post this again, because I did it annon, and I'm a self absorbed, narcissistic asshole who needs constant attention and gets of on shit like this. I also hate that fucking CEDU place and enjoy pissing CEDU people off. Also fucktard was right - my spelling sucks


Actually, not understanding that CEDU and it's program was the problem, not understanding that they have been abusing kids for 36 years, not understanding that you can't treat mentally ill or socially marginalized people without having ethical standards has been the whole problem since the beginning.

When I was there, I wrote two Brown Schools CEOs and told them exactly that the problem was "that nobody on the program staff had ethics and that the ditching of the "Brown Schools Code of Ethics" upon its introduction to staff in 2000 would run them out of business," but they didn't even reply.

Bottom line is that it all can be explained by what I call "The David Koresh Syndrome." The fact is that, when a program disallows outside information, training, paradigm shifts, self questioning, free thought, and dialogue, it can never see either the errors of its ways or the demise of itself. That demise is now come.

CEDU like most other cults, take Scientology, Mormonism, Hari Krishna?s, David Koresh, The Children of God, Synanon, and Straight. They see only what they want to see. They believe only what they want to believe.

Mormons are a good example, they believe they are special people, superior people, and are becoming Gods. If you are God, is there any point in questioning yourself or your deeds? No, your only purpose is to make others think, act, and feel exactly like you - so they can be superior exactly like you. Superiority is pro-survival and therefore hard to give up. So, you disavow anyone or anything that questions you. Think, don't all con men make their mark feel superior before they screw him for everything he has? This is the secret of the cult. You believe because, if you don't, you are flawed and boring like all the rest of us. You just can't handle that, so you go into denial and stay there.

Well, welcome to reality CEDU. You are no better than the kids and critics - the intellectually, but not spiritually exolved, human masses.  

So, the only problem they all have is that the propheets, the workshops, the raps and the ceremony did not actually make them superior beings. It only made them THINK they were superior.

Belief is powerful. You can temporarily change by believing in yourself, but, at some point, a foundation must be placed under that belief. CEDU and its converts had no foundation, (except their own self glorification), and they all are in for a rude awakening in the real world where most people look you over, challenge you, and think you are an idiot or an asshole if you believe in your own higher purpose in life, your own emotional growth, your own superiority.  

I wanted to put this on it's own thread because I think it is somewhat important


6 ... zi&spell=1

It was either Antigen or Deborah that provided this stuff to the board. I just wanted everyone to see it of they hadn't visited the link.

From what I can tell, It seems to confirm links between Brown decendents and Bush decendents cooperating to benifit the Nazis In Germany during WW II

Draw your own conclusions - Click the Link (at top) to google and read the many articles on this issue.

EdCons and referring organizations and agencies /
« on: March 14, 2005, 11:58:00 PM » is owned by the ex CEDU enrollment person who was paid on comission, Lon Woodberry. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

When a Cedu escort drugged and raped a girl, his wife Denise Woodberry $$$$$$ was the Boundary County Prosecuting Attorney. Though the rapist, Armstrong, was clearly guilty. He was not prosecuted by Woodberry, Can you guess why? $$$

I think it was because Denise's husband was making a lot of money $$$$$ at CEDU, and prosecuting a CEDU escort for rape would lose the school enrollments and thus lose her husband Lon Woodberry money. $$$$$$$

These so called educational consultants are mostly ex cedu program staff. They know little about kids or education. They know a lot about money.

What are the qualifications to be an educational consultant and make referrals for cash to abusive boarding schools? A high school diploma and some experience yelling at kids in rap sessions will do.  

Thanks Ginger for starting this topic.

Look, CEDU is an abusive cult. I worked there as a therapist and spent most of my 4 years trying to keep kids out of the hospital and off of psychotropic drugs. Why? Because the program was designed to drive them nuts with, double-binds, mixed messages, and conflicting rules that are no win no matter what they did. They place kids on restrictions and bans in order to make them feel intolerable emotional pain in order to control their thoughts. CEDU is a cult whose technology is taken directly out of cults. Scientology, Mormonism, Earhart Seminars Training, Lifespring and Synanon. I could go on and on, but why bother. This country is ruled by money and corporations by politicians who take that payola so they can exploit the average working joe and even the semi-wealthy. Kids are a commodity to CEDU, nothing more. The poster who said that you have little legal or regulatory recourse, sadly, is correct. That there is little regulation is a political game, a set up, designed to enrich big business with Bush at the helm. There is only one thing you can do about CEDU, and I can't say it, but, I can give you a hint. We did it in the 60s at universities, at government buildings, in the south, and across the country. The only mistake we made was to stop demonstrating and fighting and sitting in and smoking out and trashing places "singing songs and carrying signs." If you will. The only thing that saved kids at Northwest Academy was rioting, and it also saved them at Rocky Mountain Academy - RMA is now gone. Now, I am not suggesting rioting as a solution, because I can't. But, the only way to dethrone a tyrant is shown by history. You storm his seat of power and you take over, you lose him money and power. Remember that money and power are all they (the status quo) care about, and all they will ever care about. If you don't believe that, you are delusional or brainwashed. So, if you want change, you have to take risks and pay a big price. You are not going to get anything by working within the system, because the system is the whole problem.

Suppose we set a new objective. With the former big school rocky mountain academy gone. I need to "get a life" as dumb-ass stated.

So I got an idea for a life goal. If I could be so brave, why don't we "get a life" and bring down another CEDU school. My vote is for Boulder Creek Academy, since they have abused more people whom I know than any of the other hell holes.

And Hey,
Does anyone know why they still stick to that Synanon model. It clearly does not work with depressed, defiant, bipolar people like the folks who work there.? Also, does anyone know why anyone with an education or intelligence is devalued by BCA higher ups? Finally, can anyone tell me why they keep that stupid psuedo-hippie slut in charge of the program? And, what is with all the Mormons and religious fundamentalists? Is this place (BCA) now an Idaho "family values" based inbreeding hick training center?
What's their deal?

The link below gives an excellent description of the brainwashing tacniques at CEDU Boulder Creek Academy, Rocky Mountain Academy, Ascent, Milestones, Cedu High and CEDU Middle School ... asp?page=2


CEDU / Brown Schools and derivatives / clones / I am no longer
« on: April 16, 2004, 02:07:00 PM »

CEDU / Brown Schools and derivatives / clones / Know this guy?
« on: March 25, 2004, 06:44:00 PM »
Do any of you guys know this guy? He has a lot of bad experience with CEDU

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:question: Is there a list of businesses owned my mormons and the church - We,
> here in Idaho, are being innundated with Adolescent reform schools
> that seem to hold mormon beliefs and employ many mormons but are not
> called religious institutions or Behavioral Modification camps. I
> worked for one that, when bought out by "The Brown Schools?" went from
> hippy cult to authoritarian cult with no caffene, no mastrubation, shunning
> etc. done by mormon staff. For research
I would be interested in which coroprations have mormon boards or significant mormon financial interests.  :question:

I was married to staff of CEDU. It was hell going through the personality changes, the yelling, the mood swings and abuse role modeled by the CEDU culture. My spouse eventually went dead: Became a sleepwalker, was worked to death. There was no life, no thought, no belief, no conversation on anything but CEDU and the kids. This person's whole identity became CEDU and was lost to me. 25 years of hell living with it indirectly. Can you imagine what it must be like for the kids living in it? I invite Spouses and Relatives of CEDU and other programs to speak out.  :???:

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