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Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / I just
« on: June 06, 2005, 09:51:00 PM »
smoking more .. feeling good

I put this up in reply to a private message I recieved. My goal was accomplished.

If you want to see WWASP marketing materials and bullshit staged photos, go to their website.

Maybe you find that interesting too? Get a life.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Parents, please consider this
« on: April 22, 2005, 09:45:00 PM »
On 2005-04-22 18:31:00, Anonymous wrote:

"You have no idea.  My life ended for a year after I sent my son to a program.  My husband and I simply co-existed in order to get by."



WWASP's marketing materials are full of pictures of beautiful landscapes, and camp-like structures. Very few of the pictures contain pictures of students, for good reason. They would show groups of dishoveled, pissed off looking kids in tight formation lines, obviously not wanting to have their picture taken. The only photos with people are carefully staged, this is obvious. more bs.

I'm sorry... but this deserves another ::noway::

"Life became easier"

One quote that stuck out in my mind. A parent explaining how she felt after she sent her kid to private kiddy prison.

::noway::  ::puke::  

What total BS. That video is completely insane... just unbelievable.

As Mao Tse-tung once said the secret is simply to convince the ?patient? he was sick and that they had the cure.[ This Message was edited by: Exit Plan on 2005-04-22 08:58 ]

Great article...

Role-playing games were called magical mystery tours in honor of Manson?s favorite singing group, the Beatles. He urged denunciation of parents, surrender of egos and past identity and the taking of new names. They were to be free and learn that there is no right or wrong, only love and to follow love.

sound familiar wwaspies?

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