Author Topic: Controlling the Chokepoints 2  (Read 782 times)

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Controlling the Chokepoints 2
« on: March 29, 2018, 02:40:56 PM »
The behaviour of Detective David Rock appears to meet the criteria of professional misconduct with regard to the handling of the complaints of both Rachael O'Neill, and Christine Lunn.  It seems highly unusual for a police officer investigating a sexual assault to maintain a line of communication to keep possible accessories informed as to the disposition of the investigation:
"Dr. Vause spoke with Richelle Hall (Christine Lunn’s counselor at the time of Christine’s treatment at AARC) and Norlien Johnson(Christine Lund’s Senior Clinical Counselor) Both Richelle and Norlien stated that there was no report or documentation on a sexual assault. Also, Richelle, to the best of her knowledge, was clear that Christine was not forced to sign any documentation.
Police informed Dr. Vause that Rachael’s file has been closed. Detective Rock indicated that “she had no intention of proceeding with an investigation”. Police met with Christine Lunn on Friday, March 20 to inquire if she wants to pursue any action but police anticipated her file will also be closed. Dr. Vause will continue to keep in touch with the detectives involved. Detective Rock emailed Dr. Vause stating “it was unanimous that her complaint was not criminal in nature”. Dr. Vause will consult with Det. Rock for a final update on the investigations."

Now what Christine was referring to was an event in which she alleged that she was coereced into performing push-ups while her old-comer watched her and masturbated.  In this situation, Christine Lunn had been assigned to a male Oldcomer and was in the temporary foster home, or "host home", operated by the family.  As the oldcomer was of major age, and Christine Lunn was a minor and under the de facto authority of this oldcomer, consent to this act cannot be given.  Does the use of a minor child under one's care as a prop for masturbation consistute a crime?  Detective Rock was apparently of the opinon that it does not.
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