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Controlling the Chokepoints
« on: March 28, 2018, 03:21:16 PM »
Despite the fact that the CBC Fifth Estate Program "Powerless" aired nationally, Calgary Police Service did not undertake any investigation of AARC.  The opposite occurred.  A CPS officer, Dominick Mayhew, began investigating people who were raising concerns about AARC.  Eventually CPS Detective David Rock conducted interviews with a number of women who complained about being sexually assaulted while they were clients or while they were under the supervision of AARC staff subsequent to completing the behaviour modification program.  Rock ended the investigations.  It emerged later that Rock was in communication directly with Dean Vause while Rock was allegedly investigating the complaints of these women.  This excerpt of text from an AARC document outlining AARC's damage control strategy after the airing of the CBC program seems to indicate significant breaches of ethical conduct by Rock, and possible illegal behaviour by Rock and Vause:

"Police Investigation
Dr. Vause met with detectives with the Calgary Police Service before and after the airing of “Powerless”.   AARC & Dr. Vause’s home is monitored by the police. The police recommend to not lay criminal
charges at this time but suggested AARC may have
grounds for a civil action.   recent quote from Det. Rock)
Dr. Vause has been in contact with Detective Dave
Rock of the sex crimes unit and an investigation is
proceeding – Detective Rock appears to be closing
Rachael’s file “Thank-you for this information. It has allowed
me to clear this case already. I have spoken to the ‘victim’ who is happy with the documentation. She was horrified that I asked about Penner as she said,” I didn’t want to ask about him.” –for whatever reason.   I can finish my report and put this away. Thanks again –Dave”
AARC’s past vice Chair Dr. Martin Atkinson has confirmed Dr. Vause was proactive to Simmie’s allegation of sexual harassment and it was resolved with Simmie, her father & the Executive Director, Norm Haines – We have asked for a copy of the sexual harassment file from AARC’s lawyer at the time of the incident, Greg Stirling
Dr. Vause spoke with Richelle Hall (Christine Lunn’s counselor at the time of Christine’s treatment at AARC) and Norlien Johnson(Christine Lund’s Senior Clinical Counselor) Both Richelle and Norlien stated that there was no report or documentation on a sexual assault. Also, Richelle, to the best of her knowledge, was clear that Christine was not forced to sign any documentation.
Police informed Dr. Vause that Rachael’s file has been closed. Detective Rock indicated that “she had no intention of proceeding with an investigation”. Police met with Christine Lunn on Friday, March 20 to inquire if she wants to pursue any action but police anticipated her file will also be closed. Dr. Vause will continue to keep in touch with the detectives involved. Detective Rock emailed Dr. Vause stating “it was unanimous that her complaint was not criminal in nature”. Dr. Vause will consult with Det. Rock for a final update on the investigations.
John Lojek suggested that if the police only give a verbal confirmation that they have conducted their investigation and no charges are being laid, then there should be a formal letter from AARC confirming the verbal advice provided by the police so that there is something in writing as to the disposition of the criminal charges. The name and contact information for the investigating officer is also required since he will be a witness."

It is quite remarkable that Vause, who could potentially be guilty of criminal negligence in sexual assaults suffered by clients while under his control, was consulting with David Rock.  Onc again, AARC has turned reality on it's head and the perp is afforded the response due a victim, and the victims are treated as perpetrators.  This text certainly begs the question as to why Dean Vause was contacting CPS in relation to the "Powerless" program before it aired.
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