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Deadinsaneorinjail-threat w/ lovely memorial
« on: October 25, 2009, 06:54:27 PM »
Quote from: "Ursus"
Since when has death ever stood in the way of Hyde's fund raising? Heck, they probably consider those parents easier marks now that the necessity of certain expenses has been rendered moot.
I'd be willing to bet at least one set of those parents has already received an opportunity to memorialize their loved one in exchange for a substantial contribution.   :D
This ^ from another topic reminded me of the following. Considering the context of the PDF and the location of the young man’s memorial, it read to me as Daytop lamenting this young man’s death as due to an inability to *encounter* him in an intensive extended span of time. They built a memorial.
Basically, it seems a promotion via the “death threat” of not taking the time to be exorcised of demons with a lengthy Daytopian style conversion.

Bryan Shane
From (p. 5)
Bryan Shane Touches the Lives of Thousands
As he grew, Bryan had mounting questions, anti-establishment views stemming from the many injustices in our world. He attached himself to peers who had similar thoughts and found solace in altering their feelings and existence with inhalants, marijuana and alcohol.
This was the beginning of a downward spiral into addiction where the very freedom Bryan cherished was taken away. I often think about Bryan at age five, climbing a tree in the front of our home, and when asked where he was hiding, he replied, “my freedom tree.”

After one rehabilitation attempt, Bryan said, “I have exorcized the demon.”

But his demon returned. Treatment for his addiction and a period of healing – gathering the necessary “tools for life” - couldn’t possibly happen in the 30-60 days that were allotted. Family visits with him during his treatment at a distant facility were rare, and education about his condition was sketchy. His treatment plans were not intensive enough, done on an “as needed” basis. How was recovery to happen? What is it going to take to exorcise this demon? How long?
My fear of living without Bryan was growing, but it could not conceivably become a reality. I attended Al-a-Non at Bryan’s suggestion. Guilt from hurting himself, his mom and other family members he loved dearly was overwhelming. He indulged in more drugs to numb his pain. Eventually, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually he became depleted.
Bryan’s life was taken by a fatal dose of heroin and cocaine in the early morning hours of July 25th 1997
Memories of his life, his love of nature, animals, music and quest for a better world free from addiction were all recalled when I visited the beautiful Memorial Garden at the Daytop Treatment facility that honors his memory.I feel him smiling.
He is loved.
-Bryan Shane’s Mother Susan R. Foose.
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