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'm curious, how many of you all felt MMS had adverse effects on your concept of sexuality, sex, etc.  (as if society doesn't do this enough!)?

We were not allowed to have feelings towards any boys. If a relationship developed from a  home visit we were in the biggest trouble of all the trouble at that school. Also, we were not allowed to socialize outside MMS. Even when going to town we were not allowed to get out of the van. I guess for me, I had a fear of being caught with a male, and that left me with some sense that it was wrong to be with a male at all. Obviously promescuity follows close behind that sort of mentality. It was awful, we were deprogrammed and someone reprogrammed us horribly, if at all. We are totally equipt to take what you are saying and figure out what you want to hear before the end of your sentence. It comes natural. The thought of not doing so leaves you with a creepy fear. I got good at group, and it was not something I did on purpose either. I really felt proud of myself in group because I was learning to co-exist well. Now, the things we said in group sounded good, but not because we were doing enough helpful therapy that it is something that just 'evolved'. It was because we were broken down, exercised to the point of physical exhaustion, and emotionally stripped... and then comes in regression therapy conducted by a forestry major. Yeah, I would call that mind fuck


what was regressive therapy?

It is regression therapy. Do you remember the case of the young boy that was seeking psychiatric help for minor issues and came out with implanted memories of sexual abuse? It was John Mercer's form of regression therapy. He would relax us, talk us into a hypnotic state, and then walk us through events. The problem is that we would chronically 'make up' events so that we would not be without topic in group. See, if we did not say anything of significance in group then we were picked on, given work crew, and publically humiliated for however long John decided to make us the group focal point. The girls back that too, I know I did. It was nice to have the focus on someone else for a change. So, that leaves us in an environment where nobody could trust the next person because we would HAVE to turn on each other to save ourselves. Regression therapy was something he did to ' take us back'. Oddly enough every person who took part in that process came out with traumatic memories. Whether the memories were real or fake, the mind and body functioned as though they were real, leaving us with PTSD. Coupled with the lack of trust and the 'fight or flight' environment we were forced into a sort of stockholmes syndrome.

With that we identified with one or more staff member to make our feelings of victimization by the other seem more bareable. Make sense yet?  The regression therapy, for some, caused far more pain that good in an environment where we were left with no other option than to make up stories to talk about. Then these stories were kind of embedded in our memories. They were not real but left us with the scars of a real memory and it causes even a greater problem of not knowing what is real or fake. We question reality on a variet of levels, with people, their motivations, life etc.

Similar to vietnam vets, nightmares, night sweats, lack of trust, alcoholism and drug abuse, bouts of anger, anxiety, isolation etc.. that is the PTSD.

Stockholms Syndrome is far more complex. You can read about it online.

MDD is another thing that happens with massive abandonment issues. Major Depressive Disorder.

Sadly, there have been far too many suicides that happened after MMS. Out of my class of 12 there have been 2 or 3, I believe over half have tried.

Another reason for the extreme depression is that some of us, such as myself, suffered from mental illness that was diagnosed prior to the school and we were not given medication at the school. Combined coercive therapy, regression therapy, and un treated mental illness made the school an experience that was like a torture chamber. I had to smile at my parents and tell them it was great, after a while I believed it was. I wasnt taking pride in the things I was doing at the school, but desperately seeking approval in order to have some sort of break from being picked on. So, I learned to 'sell' myself and the school to everyone I came in contact with. It was horrible.

Does anyone remember the days that the educational consultants would come? They would 'tell' us not to act any different but we would just wait for the group to put on a show. I dont know what that was about. Maybe it was the lack of social contact and it was just wonderful to actually see an outside person or maybe it was the eye nod and look of approval from John. Who knows. It was weird

Personally I don't remember any regressive therapy. I do remember meditation and having to find out inner animal, or something....
Youpa group really really weirded me out, not into movement and stuff.
As for the meds, well the girls who were on meds before MMS were seen by the school therapist. Than they were given the proper meds, as I remember almost everyone was on meds, there were very few who weren't.

Please, In not saying MMS was perfect or right, yet what would you be doing with your life right now? Even though it may have changed you for the best or worst, all not have a meaning and purpose in life and you very very very clear on. Would you have been.....please, and you will all hate me saying this, move on. keep on one track to better the schools now. Why dig over and over in the past...???


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