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Sex and MMS

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I'm fully in agreement with one of the last sentences of the troll's post, only replace "better the schools" with "incinerate the schools"...


--- Quote from: ""BarnardlyB"" --- Why dig over and over in the past...???
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to help those in the future, obviously. closure...uh, i don't know, why does anyone reflect on the past? sorry b, dumb question for a dumb q.

--- Quote from: ""BarnardlyB"" ---Personally I don't remember any regressive therapy.
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Yea, the stopped that early on- totally messed me up though.  WTF was John thinking, trying to unearth memories, making some girsl dissacotiate, etc.  That was HORRIBLE!  HORRIBLY unethical.  We were his toys, that was all, far as I can tell... he played therapist and we played patient.  did i mention, it was HORRIBLE.

Seriously, i know now that the induced stuff wasn't real, although sometimes I wonder... I don't know- remember all that bs about body memories and all of a sudden EVERYBODY was having body memories of abuse past.  what a joke...on us...

What I will say is they made sex into a very weird thing, none of it was dealt with in any manner beyond like AA 101, which as we all know is a 'self help' group, not therapy!  So EVERYTHING being about running from emotions, using X as an escape just made not sex weird, but EVERYTHING! I still think, oh, am I using this or that... but no sense of what healthy is...putting everything into that over-simplified equation makes life appear perpetually off... i mean, honestly- I get it, you can use things to escape life but these things are also PART OF life... that contradiction just re-enforced their powerplays...they got to determine what was healthy, when something was good (health) bad (an escape)...but they needed to keep us there for 2years, so of course there's going to be all this stuff being pointed out as if it somehow is logical and makes sense.

It's a joke- locked up for near 2 years... to what end?  I don't think any one of us needed the kind of structure that would justify being locked up that long.

I work with mentally ill homeless adults... and there is not a single on who I would suggest be locked up- none are violent, none are hurting themselves.  sure, sometimes kids need a safe place- great, lets make sure they have it and it's consensual (unless they are a threat to themselves or others- then no consent should be required.)  Living w/in the community with dignity and support makes a world of difference.  And I'm talking about people who have been homeless anywhere from a few years to 20 years- and I've seen them get their lives together.

We didn't have anywhere near that kind of history.  Again, I just can't get over how big of a joke MMS is/was and how much of it was about lining their pockets and making us perpetually crazy/confused unecessarily.

surely if folks who are actively psychotic, like those who I work with, or have some other time of mental illness and are chemically dependent who have been homeless for years can improve with community based support, most kids can.


--- Quote from: ""BarnardlyB"" --- keep on one track to better the schools now.
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Oh, and that's b/c community based care, ie Systems of Care work better that Residential treatment. :o  

RT doesn't really work that well.  I don't think there's much most of is can do to IMPROVE RT's as none of us could even begin to tell you what that woudl look like.... but one way that can be done is to point out what was inapporpriate about our experiences, what we know.. hence, our post.    :D


--- Quote from: BarnardlyB ---Personally I don't remember any regressive therapy.
You dont remember John having people relax in group while he talked them back in their minds and walked them through traumatic events? I would encourage you to ask Addie about those times. She experienced the most exposure to that stuff.

I do remember meditation and having to find out inner animal, or something....
Youpa group really really weirded me out, not into movement and stuff.
As for the meds, well the girls who were on meds before MMS were seen by the school therapist. Than they were given the proper meds, as I remember almost everyone was on meds, there were very few who weren't.

I remember a couple of people on anti depressants. Not anti-psychotics, mood stabilizers, or anything for actual mental illness. Just depression. I also remember ADD meds taken away from Tara Paulin.

Personally, I only saw a Dr once in two years for a 15 minute check up. That is hardly sufficient.

I know you say to move on. I can move on with my own life, but what exactly is your problem with making sure it does not happen to another person?

That is like a rape victim moving on and having people tell her to not share her story. If you want people to move on, why don't you go first!
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i only recall one person, Melissa S being on.. Lithium?  everyone else was taken off meds, far as I can recall.. Oh, Katie H on wellbutrin.

Also, was that really Tara's last name?  From Calagary?



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