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Sex and MMS

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"Does it strike anyone as odd that John Mercer was sexually abused as a child and went on to work with children and take out some anger on them?"

If this is true, it doesn't strike me as odd, it scares me especially considering they have kids now.    How do you know John was abused?  Did he say so?  I never heard him say so, but if he was it really dos scare me since he sure didn't seem mentally stable when I knew him.

I swear some of those male staff were so flirtacious! Does anyone agree?

There are currently 23 girls at MMS.  This is up from the 16 we had when I graduated only 5 months ago.  The school was dwindling, but it is now growing again.
Again, I encourage you to try to forgive and move on.  Focusing on the problems at the school will not help you.  I used to focus on being sexually abused, and then I realized that I didn't have to suffer from it my entire life.  I decided this before I even went to MMS.  I hope you can do the same.  Don't forget what your experience was, but don't focus your life on the past.


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