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Dear Reader,
This clipping service contains news items relating to certain coercive rehabs and behavior modification organizations; specifically those associated with Straight Incorporated, Mel and Betty Sembler, Joseph Zappala, Drug Free America Foundation, Partnership for a Drug Free America, DARE, Dr. Miller Newton, The Bush Administration et al.

It is intended for educational and research purposes. All relavent content is sought for inclusion regardles of the slant or spin. I hope you will find it useful whatever your immediate need. One thing that has become aparent to me in gathering this information is that when a Bush or one of their associates says "treatment not incarceration" this is very likely what he's got in mind. And, as a former client of Straight, I am compelled to sound the alarm before these lunatics manage to get their hands on my children or grand children.

There is no charge for using this service. But donations are well apreciated.
If you have material relating to any of the people or organizations mentioned in this archive, please send a copy to [email protected] for inclusion herein.
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