Tell Mel to GET HONEST!!

Dear friend. As unbelievable as it may seem, Melvin & Betty Sembler continue to brag about having founded Straight, Incorporated! Here's Betty's Bio from the DFAF website and here's Melvin's bio from the Department of State.

And here's A recent speech by Ambassador Sembler which says, in part, "Betty and I founded and directed for many years a program that rehabilitated over 12,000 young drug abusers." This, of course, is not true. I want to make certain Melvin and Betty know full well how untrue this is. It's hard to believe they don't know, but I want to make absolutely certain that they do by sending them a list of just some of the people who they say they've helped and who disagree with that characterization of the treatment we received. When we've received a sufficient number of signers to this request, I will send copies to Melvin and Betty, at home and at their listed office addresses. If they continue to lie about what they did to us and our families through Straight, Inc. after that, then it's time to take it to whomever they're telling these lies.

Melvin... Betty! What's the first and most impotent rule? Do you mean to tell me (Me?!) that you never heard about the suicides, the broken families? Can you, with a straight face and a clear concience, step to me and say, looking in my eyes, that you didn't know about the abuse that went on daily in the Program that you founded, controled and (dearly) profited from for all those years? Half your original board of directors would beg to differ. They bailed because you didn't deliver a 'kinder, gentler Seed' as promised. Far from it! You escelated the torment! Why? Who bought your soul? What did you hope to accomplish or learn? And where in thee Hell did you find Virgil?

Folks, how would you like a chance to straighten them out on the point of whether or not you're a 'successful' graduate of Straight, Inc.? Here's your chance. Fill in this form and your entry will be automatically added to this page and copies sent to Melvin and Betty's email addresses. (till they block us... they seem to have an intense aversion to the truth)