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What is your problem?
« Reply #30 on: February 21, 2007, 12:47:41 PM »
Quote from: ""Guest""
Quote from: ""Anne""
Based on my research on the Forum, the idea of "suspending judgment" (ie setting aside what is "right" and "wrong") is only an exercise, in order to see how you feel, outside of your daily value system.

That's not terribly scary to me--it's just a way of looking at something that might be obscure or in the shadows otherwise, I mean, I can bring my own original values back anytime I wish.

Or incorporate something new if I wish.

As to the confrontation issue, and the "50 people": there are different ways to look at that one too.  

Being frightened by such a scenario is not what I meant by having to be a little more "rigid" in terms of holding to a position".  

People yelling at me isn't a particular bother, my own personal quandry is that it's just pretty easy to see both sides of any given coin and to be swayed, unless I focus on holding true to chosen core beliefs.

Another thing that occurs to me, personally, in terms of your "50 people" scenario is the years, long, long ago, that I spent as a teenager, in a quite strict religious school, where people tried in convince me of certain points of view every single day.

I knew, in that context, that many of the things I was hearing were way, way off base, in terms of how I looked at the world.  So I just, for  the most part, kept my head down and kept on going.

Yet another way of looking at that "50 people" situation might be that something you could possible be hearing from these people might be insightful or helpful, even if the format really, really irked you.  

I don't know the specifics in your particular case, certainly I wasn't there, but at least sometimes, kids who get sent to TBS or wilderness are doing some pretty self-destructive things.  

So I guess that I would have to say that the "50 people" yelling might be good in some contexts and just something to be gotten through in others.

Another approach is to confront certain behaviors, sometimes by away-from-home options, I think that is what these kinds of groups, raps or whatever are aimed at.

And just touching on your discussion of "values"-- have you considered that being able to compromise in certain contexts IS a value?  Our particular culture focuses so much on "standing up" for something, that we sometimes forget the value of being able to fall back, when it leads to consensus and doesnt't threaten really core values.  

Just a thought!

You are fucking idiot.
I was at one of those goddamn programs and I've been reading this sorry ass shit all night. You have no idea what you are talking about. Being in confrontational group sessions did not ever provide anyone with the good aspects you purport. You are a liar! If anyone ever trapped you the way we were trapped you would go fucking insane. Screw your little tight cunt church shit you talk about that makes you think you are qualified to talk about something totally different. You are uninformed of the hostility inflicted on teenagers in these programs or you get paid to send kids to be hurt. I don't know what your fucking problem is exactly, but these places are for parents that give up on raising their own kids, not go the extra mile.
self destructive? shove a bible up your stuffy cunt, you judgemental snob! I'll bet my last dollar that you look at people with tattooes and go "EW, yuck, what a dirty, scummy, creep". You disgust me you classist, elitist, (probably think you're not) racist, biaatch!

I hate the whole system for allowing  us to be treated that way and ignored for the duration until my programming was complete.  
No!  if you sent me there to conform conform conform.
Now I won't do what you tell me. Don't like my tone?
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No more LIES, people. I ain't kissin' that ugly fat ass!
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A Psychologist's View of EST
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If I had a nickel for everyone who was "about to" snap, I'd buy a rocket launcher.

Which shitpit, ATS?
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