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The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: Trinity Teen Solutions sues former residents
« Last post by Oscar on September 20, 2020, 04:26:49 AM »
Here are some other testimonies. This time from Yelp:

Quote from: Tarah B.
I went here for about six months, and while I don't think it was as bad as some of the other reviews here say, it was still pretty bad. For one, before I went there I had never done drugs, never drank, never partied, but when I came back I felt the strongest urge to get into this stuff. I learned about piercings, tattoos, parties, alcohol, and all this other stuff I didn't really know about and being so restrained it seemed so fun! The turn over rate is very low, most girls can take 2+ years to graduate. Nobody had graduated in over a year when I was there Jan-Jul 2014. Most girls either "age out(turn 18, like I did)", or they get pulled out by their parents for whatever reason. Most girls parents don't let them go home when they turn 18, but my mom did because she had been planning on pulling me out soon anyways because she didn't like how regulated and censored the communication between us was, mostly letters.

The staff are pretty nice, but there is definite favoritism. I've talked to a lot of girls who went there, and the few of them who I've met said they had to kiss major butt to get anywhere. I was only comfortable actually talking to only 2 or 3 of the staff there, many of them are just either awkward or tend to make me feel like what I was saying was wrong. Now, maybe that was the case, but I thought they were supposed to help me open up and learn to see my mistakes instead of making me feel shut down and guilty. All I know is that I had a lot more self confidence going in than I did coming out.

Another thing was the horses. I LOVED the horses. One of the main reasons my mom said she sent me here was because she was really excited about the horses, but unless you are on horse chore you don't get to see or interact with them very often. You go riding maybe once every few weeks if you're lucky, though sometimes at random you'll go like three times in two weeks then not go again for a month. Not sure how that system works, but my mom wasn't very happy with it and neither was I.

The therapy was alright, I loved Bernadette! She made me feel like a normal person and a lot less guilty. Not everything bad is my fault, turns out! The staff though is a bit harsh. I know the point of the place is "tough love", but there's a point where it can go a bit overboard. You can try as hard as you can but it still will not be good enough, unless you meet these standards you feel awful about yourself. I did learn a lot, but I think the "trauma" kind of negated most of it. I have nightmares about the place and I wasn't even there that long compared to most. I was pretty well behaved, so I didn't get in too much trouble, but the punishments for things are very unbalanced. Once a girl freaked out and made us all leave the cabin and she just didn't get dinner, while once I accidentally ordered an extra box of soap and got a hill run. I understand that people need different punishments, but good golly. Some girls would act completely awful and so the staff would coddle them, while some of us got completely ignored. Now this is how I saw it. I don't know the whole story, but all I know is that it made me feel very insignificant and frustrated.

The religion was also kind of shoved down your throat. I am a christian, not catholic, but I still got shut down when I tried to give my opinion during group discussions. If they didn't agree with you, you were wrong. Another thing about the "group therapy", I didn't even know that was supposed to be "therapy". Most of the time we watch videos about a saint or how to react in different situations(videos that were made in the 80's may I add). Those videos are hilarious and none of us take them seriously, they are just too dang corny. They call it "group therapy", but its more just something to keep us occupied for an hour or two.

Now, in my opinion, if your daughter is close to turning 18, has never drank, partied, or done drugs, isn't very religious, or anything like that, this isnt the place. I cant speak for others, but when I came out I think I was worse than when I went. Also if you actually want her to graduate expect her to be there for at least two years. I did learn some stuff though, like that you can put anything on a tortilla! Also patience and people skills because the girls there can be nuts. I love them though and I can't wait until they get out so I can talk to them without being constantly monitored. So anywho, yep. That's my opinion.

Quote from: Maggie H.
I was sent to Trinity in October of 2011 and graduated the program in July of 2013. My struggles were with anxiety and depression primarily, as well as some behavioral issues. I won't downplay that I was having some very serious problems, but Trinity was NOT the solution. Trinity is a catholic based treatment center that uses a mixture of strict discipline and once a week therapy. Some of the "discipline" includes humiliating and degrading "challenges." For example, The Chair. The Chair is simple, you sit on a chair in the corner facing a wall for a minimum of two weeks without speaking to anyone, participating in any activities, or having any form of entertainment other than 3 hours of online classes a day. If you broke any of the chair rules, the punishment would be to eat a bowl of kidney beans and olives instead of a regular meal.
I got very behind in my school work at Trinity Teen Solutions, as did many of the other girls. Which is ironic, because we did school work 12 months out of the year, six days a week. We participated in online school, which served as a very poor education for two years. I had no physical teacher for TWO YEARS. When I finished my time at TTS, I struggled immensely during my last year of high school due to the poor education I received.
I could go on and on about the various things that I experienced at Trinity, but suffice it to say that I'm 23 years old and I still struggle with the memories that I have of this place, and I feel that if I spend too long ruminating over it, I'll end up in a very dark place. I have been diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, which was something that I never struggled with before TTS. While I do understand that one needs a predisposition to exhibit this behavior, the expectation of perfection that was perpetuated at Trinity is what caused these symptoms to develop in me. I had to mentally ritualize in order to feel safe. In one particular instance while I was being assessed for their bi-weekly "Holy Cowgirl" assessments, I was so overcome with anxiety that I ended up vomiting.
Being there for so long, I obviously had a mixture of positive and negative experiences. In a way, I was forced to develop a positive attitude, because fighting the system would have gotten me no where. I feel that this review would be dishonest if I didn't at least mention some of the things that made my Wyoming experience more tolerable.
1. My therapist J.D. Although JD no longer works for TTS
2. The Animals
3. It is pretty there
4. We weren't allowed to be friends with the other patients while we were there, but afterwards I talked to these people over social media and have made some really great friendships
I felt that I did what I had to in order to survive this place. I became a different person while I was there, but not in a way that I liked. I hated the person that Trinity turned me into. And when I look back on my teenage self, I try to have some compassion for that girl, because I was doing the best that I could at that time. I needed to please the powers that be, we were constantly reminded that if we didn't behave and change, that we would be held there indefinitely. Before Trinity, I was very passionate about art and drawing, but that was stomped out of me. I was only allowed to draw on some Sundays, and given punishment if I was caught doodling during the week. None of our notebooks were private, so if I did doodle, I would inevitably be caught. So I had to stop. I only draw rarely these days out of some subconscious fear of wrongdoing or punishment. It just doesn't feel safe to me (OCD).
I supposed that I should mention the outcome. Trinity is a very controlled environment, you are not in any way exposed to the real world. We aren't even allowed to talk about our lives pre-TTS, not even in a therapy group. After Trinity, my relationship with my family was more broken than it was before. I had only seen my parents four times in my two years there. My former friends had moved on with their lives, and I've had a great deal of trouble establishing meaningful relationships with anyone. I was told to lie to people at school about where I was. So, within weeks, I had turned to alcohol. I've been struggling with alcoholism for the last five years. Again, I don't entirely blame Trinity for this, but they claim a high success rate, which is simply not true. I'm not sure how they are measuring their idea of a success rate, to be quite honest. I'm doing better now, I sought treatment as an adult at facilities that had a proper understanding of my mental illnesses and addictions, and were able to effectively treat these things. I am doing better now, it is in spite of Trinity Teen Solutions, not because of it.

Quote from: Kari S.
When I was sent to this place in 2005 I was terrified, dressed in rags, and broke my back as I exceeded the child labor laws times a million daily. Not saying it was a total negative experience, although most of it was due to MOST of the people running the program. I was there for about 8 months and I had only gotten 2 school credits (this is a fact). Kids and teens get hungry because they are constantly growing; my point is that the girls do not have access to the kitchen so if we are laboring in the heat or the freezing cold we only have water no Gatorade no gronola bars nothing to feed our energy, so now this is why some girls "steal" food (if you even want to call it that since the parents are paying the program more than enough money to feed an army, I shot you not) so anyways when they would do that they would give them ridiculous punishments, such as eating cold oatmeal for all 3 meals for 3 days in a row, yuk. There were all kinds of crazy stuff they did. I personally was told that I had to tie myself to this other girl with a rope and we had to be tied together with a rope connected to our belt loops all day long until bedtime. This went on for 5 months. Then at one time, I had to care for that Saint Bernard dog you see in the pictures, only when bedtime came along I was not allowed to sleep in my bed, they made me sleep on the floor with the dog without a pillow or a blanket. I did not get the sleep I needed during that time and I still had to labor all day, that is if I wanted to eat real food. They ALWAYS use food as a punishment even though it says right there in the cowgirl manual that they will NOT use food as a punishment. These people like to contradict themselves, and if you think for one minute that Angie and Jerry (the owners) don't know what's going on think again because they do know and they don't care. I was upset one night and so I just started running down the dirt road, they came after me in the truck and slammed me down On The ground. Now after this happens the staff preceded to tie up my entire body in a thick heavy rope and threw me in the back of the truck and drove back up to the cabins. I didn't know what the hell was going on and then I over heard them talking about locking me in the shed and they didn't do that because there were nails sticking out of the walls and so they thought I was going to kill myself ( and that's something I would never do, I was simply PISSED) but can you blame me? First of all I already had been traumatized before I went to this place and they just made things worse for me. I'll tell you all something, ANYBODY can go and get a job that's meant for helping people, just to go for the money, and OR to make others miserable because they are miserable. There are a lot of crooked COPS, and many other titles. I really hope I can get through to many parents out there. One more memory is about this thing they put us through called "Pig Shifts" which means; after the mother pig gives birth, the girls are paired up and every pair has a set time each day or night or early AM to watch the piglets to make sure the momma does not crush them. Each shift would run 3 hours at a time. My pig shift was from 2am to 5am mind you that us two girls had to walk across a huge field about a mile and a half long in the middle of the night in the pitch dark knowing that a mountain lion was spotted by the neighbor, and we heard this from staff. Now we were not allowed to go to sleep until 9:30pm each night we had the option to stay up a little later but I was always so exhausted I had wished I could have gone to sleep earlier, especially with pig shifts and then laboring all day. One more thing I forgot to mention is that they like to make us run everywhere on top of the pig shifts, the daily labor, and the lack of nutrition. Another important memory I must share; we went hiking in the mountains (very beautiful) anyways, once we had gotten to Deep lake we were to put our food up into the trees before we would camp for the night as there are REAL BEARS where they bring the girls. So I had put my food in the sack to go up into the tree and we were about to go to sleep and I had forgotten that I had a small Gatorade packet in my pocket ( yes the one time we actually got this type on stuff on hiking trips) so I was worried because I didn't want to get eaten by a bear so I told staff right away and it was a simple mistake but they got mad at me, so then I went to burry it away from the campsite to be safe. Then the next morning because of what happened with me and that Gatorade packet the night before the staff refused to let any of us eat breakfast, and this was the day after a very long and strenuous hike. Thank you God Bless
The Troubled Teen Industry / Selected Google reviews
« Last post by Oscar on September 20, 2020, 04:13:39 AM »
This is some of the reviews, Trinity Teen solution is fighting against

From Google Maps:

Quote from: lucy zeraga
daughter went here. Reported accounts of abuse. They also lied to me and my husband about what was really going on with our daughter. We sent her here because we were desperate. Our daughter came back resenting us and if we could awe would've looked into other places. Also the a person related to the owner, Angie owned a similar "treatment" program for boys. The facility for boys was investigated for sexual abuse by staff! please look elsewhere.

Quote from: Kaija Herren
Spent 6 months here. I witnessed lots of abuse and women who were well over 18 were forced to stay here and had no contact with their parents. It was absolutely illegal. Of course they gave them the option of leaving. by leaving I mean if they wanted to walk to the nearest airport (miles and miles away through the mountains) and beg for a ride or a ticket home then they were welcome to. But parents wouldn't be notified. Just completely unacceptable and satanic. Save your money and your daughter life; DO NOT SEND HER HERE.

Quote from: Maddison McCormick
After years of not being in this horrid place, I still think about it on a daily basis. They had me clean profusely and I had to sleep under supervision privacy of showering was invaded as well. We had to get to a certain level before we could shave our legs and other grooming procedures. Trauma at its worst, I had made a mistake with the food and had to run up the side of a mountain up and down in less than a minute. Please shut this place down I feel bad for any young lady that has been sent here and bad for the parents that waste their money.

Quote from: Kaylee Baumbucsh
My name is Kaylee Barth and I have been out of trinity for almost 5 years now and if I was able I would rate that place a zero because all of the trauma that I was put through along with the batch of girls that was there. The girls & I are all in communication till this day and the amount of PTSD that has come along with their program has given not only me issues but a lot of the other girls. Those people don't help you at all. For one the online schooling that we are forced to take doesn't count for any of our high school credits, the amount of physical labor as well as the stages we go through or inhumane. My honest opinion that place needs to be shut down and those people given the proper punishment. because none of us deserved to be treated the way we were and that's just straight facts.

Quote from: Michelle Smith
None of my real problems were addressed. I was told I do not have a disorder. Turns out I have autism, and have real problems communicating with other people. I was there for almost two years and did not learn how to communicate better with other people. The reasons I was sent there boiled down to breakdowns in communication with my family. I endured food deprivation, and sleep deprivation. I suffered mental and emotional abuse. Usually, I had no idea why we were in trouble if the entire group was punished for something. IF you want to help your child, I recommend finding a short-term facility or placing them in the juvenile justice system. Studies show no difference in outcomes between patients of long-term treatment facilities and those placed in the justice system. At least in the justice system, facilities have to follow basic human rights such as regular sleep hours and meals. Also, there is a definite sentence. A person's behavior while inside determines if their stay will be shorter or longer. If a person wishes to be out sooner, they will change their behavior. Also, they will not be forced to sleep on a floor, have humiliating interventions (such as carrying around a rock-filled backpack) or be told "we can keep you here as long as we need to." I was also held against my will for over a year after I turned 18. I was told I couldn't leave. The facility told my parents I had chosen to stay. I did not. At no time was I shown paperwork, such as a court order, that stated the facility could hold me against my will. Years later, I am still in therapy for PTSD due to when I went through there, and am learning how to deal with life and other humans despite my disability. Do not give this place your business. Also, notice how so many of the positive reviews are from parents? And what other former "clients" have to say about the place?

Quote from: mary manning
Mental, emotional, and even physical abuse. If your a parent looking to send your daughter to trinity I strongly suggest you ask to speak to a girl that has been out a year or longer. I say a year or longer because it takes time for the immense amount of brainwashing to wear off. I was told I would get a head of school, when in fact I became a year behind. I honestly don't know of any girl that didn't get behind. This is because we are there to take care of the woodwards ranch in fact 90% of the time that is what your daughter will be doing. I grew up with ranchers and do believe it builds character and is good although in this setting they are essential using girls. I mean the Woodwards were extremely in debt before they started this. Angie new from her parents that mount Carmel (the boys version) was very profitable and that's how she pulled herself out of the hole her family was in. With the money you'll pay for your daughter to be there they buy toys boats, dirt bikes, four wheelers ect... But they aren't for the trinity girls in fact the girls are punished for even touching the toys that are in the barn where we get the feed for the animals. The working conditions are harsh and Mulitple girls have gotten frostbite, and hypothermia. I personally had health issues regarding hygiene because at one time we went 3 weeks without showers not only is that not healthy it's humiliating. When I first left trinity I had nothing but good things to say about 4 months later it all changed and I was 3x worse and I ended up attending wyoming girls school, and ST. Joseph's children's home. Both whom I am in contact with and consider me a success if I had not been to these two places I would not know how ineffective or wrong trinity is. I am not an anger teenager seeking revenge I am a happy healthy adult who was lucky enough to recieve the help I need from ST. Joes and the Wyoming girls school, Trinity did not try to find the root issue Or help with my problems I got what a hr or less of counseling every other week? The rest was reading self help books or ranch work. I come from an extremely religious family and that's how they were manipulated into keeping me there as long as they did, they used religion as a manipulation tactic to make my parents think it was a good place. It's been about 7 years now and both my parents have broken down on Mulitple occassions apologizing for sending me trinity and not seeing the signs sooner. Lucky for me I was only there for 7 months and my father figured out between the letter editing, and taking phone calls away when I wasn't doing well that this place did have good Catholic doctrine and the work was beneficial but it was not a thearaputic environment and was for financial gain and free labor. I suffered extreme anexity attacks because of Trinity. If your at wits end with your daughter this is not the answer unless you want to feel guilty the rest of your life. I forgive my parents and we have a great relationship now I don't blame them at all but I know they still carry the guilt.

News Items / Sheppard Pratt close school after arrest of employee
« Last post by Oscar on September 19, 2020, 04:28:41 AM »
They blame Covid-19 to avoid the question about how they did not catch the employee in time.

Sheppard Pratt to close Fredrick County school, lay off 175 employees
By Morgan Eichensehr,  Baltimore Business Journal, June 25 - 2020

Sheppard Pratt will shut down one of its Maryland special education schools serving teens and young adults in August, due to fiscal challenges related to Covid-19.

The special education and mental health services provider filed a notice under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act, indicating its plan to permanently close the Jefferson School and Residential Treatment Center in Frederick County, effective August 31. The closure will affect 175 Sheppard Pratt employees currently working at the school.

Sheppard Pratt attributed the closure to financial pressures related to the novel coronavirus.

"Organizations across the nation are facing challenging financial times, and Sheppard Pratt is not immune," the organization said in a statement to the Business Journal. "The program has experienced a series of setbacks, including a declining census, and with the increased financial challenges from COVID-19, it is no longer financially sustainable for us to remain open."

The organization did not disclose specific details about revenue or enrollment impacts.

The closure also follows multiple charges and an investigation involving former Jefferson School employees who were accused of sexual abuse of teenage students at the school.

One former employee, John Randolph Gordon, was arrested in April and sentenced in December to six years in prison after pleading guilty to one count of sex abuse of a minor, according to reports by the Frederick News Post. Three additional former Jefferson School employees, Ariel Carrine-Krieman Eppard, Wesley Jerome Dean and Jermaine Dontay Thomas, were also arrested and charged with various sex abuse offenses against two female students in September, following an investigation by Maryland State Police and Frederick County Child Protective Services.

Sheppard Pratt representatives did not say whether these cases had any impact on the decision to close the Jefferson School.

The organization said it will work over the coming months on appropriate placement for all of the school's existing students and residents. The Jefferson School has capacity for 53 residential students and 30 day school students, a majority of whom hail from Frederick and Montgomery counties, as well as Washington, D.C., and is currently at half capacity, according to Sheppard Pratt representatives.

The Jefferson School is one of 13 schools and residential programs run by Sheppard Pratt throughout the state, serving children and young adults with emotional and behavioral disabilities who need specialized educational support. No other closures are planned at this time, Sheppard Pratt said.

The school is located on a 30-acre wooded campus about 15 minutes outside the city of Frederick. It provides attendees with access to year-round school instruction, in addition to services like individual and group psychotherapy, family therapy, vocational and life skills training, psychiatric assessment and medication management, speech and language therapy and other related services.

Sheppard Pratt is among the many Maryland organizations that have filed WARN notices amid the ongoing pandemic. Thousands of workers from companies large and small have faced layoffs and furloughs as a result of economic downturn and industry shutdowns triggered by Covid-19.

The BBJ has been tracking some of the largest and most high-caliber layoffs and business closures in Maryland so far. Details on those layoffs can be viewed here.

News Items / The Edgewood Center for Children and Families - police investigation
« Last post by Oscar on September 19, 2020, 04:21:12 AM »
Sex abuse allegations surface at SF facility for troubled children
by Dominic Fracassa, San Francisco Chronicle, November 18 - 2019

The Edgewood Center for Children and Families, a long-standing San Francisco nonprofit serving vulnerable children and teens, is reeling in the wake of two incidents this year in which staff members allegedly sexually assaulted minors residing at the Sunset District facility.

Both of the alleged assaults, separate incidents involving two staff members no longer with Edgewood, were reported by the alleged victims, one of whom was 14 years old. The Chronicle could not obtain information on the age of the second alleged victim because details about that incident remain confidential.

The San Francisco district attorney's office has charged one of the former staff members with five counts of committing lewd acts on a minor. The other was arrested in May and charged with possessing child pornography and communicating with a minor for sex, but has not been charged in connection with alleged incidents at Edgewood. One incident allegedly occurred in late 2018, but did not surface until this year. The second allegedly took place in April.

The alleged incidents were investigated and substantiated by the state Department of Social Services, which oversees facilities like Edgewood.
News Items / Wernle Youth and Family Treatment Center - employee hit with felony charge
« Last post by Oscar on September 19, 2020, 04:17:01 AM »
Wernle counselor charged with 2 counts of sexual misconduct with a minor
by Jason Truitt, The Palladium-Item, December 11 - 2019

RICHMOND, Ind. — A counselor at Wernle Youth and Family Treatment Center faces a pair of felony charges after allegedly admitting to performing sex acts with a resident of the facility.

Sean M. Johnson, 21, of Richmond originally was arrested on a preliminary count of Level 1 felony child molesting, but when formal charges were filed Friday, that changed to two counts of sexual misconduct with a minor (one a Level 4 felony and the other a Level 5).

Johnson is accused of twice performing sex acts with a 14-year-old resident of Wernle.

The incidents came to light when the victim took a weekend trip home earlier this month. During that visit, the victim told someone that they twice had had sexual contact with Johnson on the same day.

The first incident allegedly took place while the two were taking out the trash and the second in Johnson's room.

According to an affidavit of probable cause, a review of security camera footage at Wernle showed Johnson and the victim duck into a blind spot behind the trash receptacles at the facility and remain out of sight for about five minutes.

When police interviewed Johnson about the allegations, he admitted having sexual contact with the victim, the affidavit says.

Johnson doesn't have a previous criminal history in Wayne County, according to online court records. He remained in the Wayne County Jail as of mid-afternoon Friday with bail set at $50,000.

A Level 4 felony carries a standard sentence of six years with a range of two to 12. The standard sentence for a Level 5 felony is three years with a range of one to six.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Foundations of Living, Mansfield, Ohio - understaffed
« Last post by Oscar on September 19, 2020, 04:13:59 AM »
I found two articles. Despite the severe needs the girls have, it seems that the facility is so understaffed that there now have been two riots.

Foundations For Living juveniles create a disturbance, 1 arrested, 5 run and are subsequently located
by Emily Johnson, Richland source, January 14 - 2014

The Mansfield Police Department, with assistance from the Richland County Sheriff's Office and the Ohio State Highway Patrol, responded to a call concerning a “riot” at Foundations For Living on Sunday, Jan. 12 at 6:48 pm. The facility is located at 1451 St. Rt. 39.

According to the police report, Mansfield Police officers were dispatched to the facility in response to a riot and an assault of staff members. The incident took place on the third floor of the facility, where juvenile residents were causing a disturbance.

The juveniles approached one of the male staff members and physically assaulted him and then took the keys to the facility, the report stated. Two other staff members who attempted to assist in handling the situation were also assaulted, said the report.

Sgt. Chad Brubaker stated that some of the staff members locked themselves in a stairwell for safety purposes.

A sixteen-year-old girl involved in the assault was arrested and transported to Juvenile Detention. Three other juveniles were issued summons and released to the custody of the facility staff, the report said.

One of the juveniles was transported to MedCentral by the Mansfield Fire Department after allegedly hitting a wall and harming herself according to Sgt. Brubaker.

The report noted that none of the staff members required medical treatment.

Sgt. Brubaker stated, “We were able to initiate arrests and manage the situation quickly upon arrival.”

According to the report, two other juveniles ran away from the facility prior to the officers' arrival, and they were entered into LEADS system as runaways.

Then, on Monday morning at 10:17 am, Richland County Sheriff's Deputy Jeff Winbigler was dispatched to 880 Laver Road and the area of the Heatherwood Plaza in reference to several juveniles hanging around the area since Sunday night, said the sheriff's report.

As the area was being searched, another call came in stating that five juveniles were hiding in the laundry room at the Mansfield Inn, the report stated.

Deputy Winbigler stated in the report, “Upon pulling into the parking lot I saw the juveniles run into the back parking lot of the motel. I went to the rear of the motel and found all five running across the parking lot and into a wooded area.”

The report further stated that the juveniles were taken into custody. Although none of them admitted to being runaways from the facility, it was later confirmed that they were the juveniles missing from the incident that occurred Sunday night, said the report.

The juveniles were transported back to Foundations For Living and released into staff custody, the report concluded.

According to their website , Foundations For Living is a mid-to-long-term residential treatment center for youth 11 to 17 years of age, with a minimum IQ of 55. The 84-bed center is accredited by CARF and licensed by the Ohio Department of Mental Health.

The facility has a significant history of police calls. From Jan. 1, 2013 to Jan. 12, 2014, the Mansfield Police Department recorded a total of 108 calls for service: 33 for assault; 15 for structure fires, which were largely false alarms or alarm issues; attempted suicides; medical assists; sex crimes, and theft.

Staff at Foundations of Living refused to comment and demanded that the media vacate the premises.

Five teens issued summonses after 'riot' at Foundations for Living
Mansfield News Journal, by Monroe Trombly and Lou Whitmire, December 11 - 2019

MANSFIELD - Five teenage girls were issued summonses on charges ranging from rioting, disorderly conduct, assault and resisting arrest after an employee at Foundations for Living reported that residents were trying to take over a floor at the treatment facility Tuesday night.

Two juvenile girls were issued summonses and released to staff after a man told police they had struck him in the face with a closed fist. In the report, police say the man had a visible injury to his bottom lip.

In addition, two other juvenile girls were issued summonses for disorderly conduct and released to staff, while a fifth girl was transported to the Juvenile Justice Center after police said in the report she slipped out of her handcuffs and cursed at officers. She was issued summonses for resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

The treatment facility at 1451 Ohio 39 South is the subject of frequent police calls. Mansfield police Capt. Shari Robertson said records show that from Jan. 1, 2018, to Oct. 15, 2019,  police have responded exactly 250 times to the facility on a variety of calls including injured persons, runaways and more.

The most frequent calls to Foundations for Living are to runaways juveniles, assaults and disturbances, Robertson said.

A supervisor at the facility called 911 around 7 p.m. Tuesday, according to the 911 recording, and said six juveniles were involved. She said she wasn't sure if anyone was injured. The dispatcher said to call back if anyone was injured and dispatch would call emergency squads to the facility.

"We have a whole unit that is out of control. They are scattered literally everywhere throughout the building. They have metal pieces that they have broken off the doors," the supervisor said on the tape.

When police first arrived, employees told officers that two juvenile girls had assaulted a 30-year-old man after running from the recreation yard, and that one of the girls had a "sharp metal object" fashioned as a weapon. Police were informed that three other juvenile girls were still in the recreation yard attempting to climb a fence to escape.

Police located the first two girls, ordered them to the ground, and took them into custody without incident.

One of them had given the metal piece to a staff member before police arrived, according to the report.

When police located the other three girls in the recreation yard, one was handcuffed without incident, and another started to run from police but complied when told to stop and get on the ground, the report states.

The third girl was at first handcuffed without incident, police said in the report, but she pulled away from an officer, slipped out of her handcuffs, and yelled, "F*** the police." After a short struggle, she was placed in handcuffs again, the report states.

The five girls cited in the report are between 12 and 17 years old.

Five Mansfield police cruisers were seen shortly before 8 p.m. Tuesday outside the residential treatment center, which provides mental health and substance abuse/dependence treatment to adolescents.

Karen Spires, CEO for Foundations for Living, responded to News Journal questions in an email.

"Foundations for Living is an 84-bed resident treatment facility for youth between the ages of 11-18. Our residents have mental health, substance use disorders and complex behavioral issues; and we also serve survivors of human trafficking," Spires said.

Most of the youth at the center are from Ohio but the facility does serve youth from surrounding states, she said. The average length of treatment is four to six months, depending on the treatment plan required.

"Working with troubled youth, we believe children can rise to their full potential when they are grounded in the norms of social behavior and supported by a root structure of values and attitudes that nurture self-discipline, responsibility and a sense of self-worth, Spires said.

"As a facility we strive to continuously improve our processes and will certainly review this incident to identify what processes may need to be addressed to prevent future incidents," she said.

"At Foundations for Living, we offer proven, evidence-based programs that capitalize on the strengths of youth with emotional or behavioral problems. We have talented, dedicated professionals who inspire youth— even those who have failed in previous programs — to shed the weight and pain of their past, lift their sights to the limitless sky…and soar," Spires said.

She thanked the police for their swift response.

So far this month, police responded to facility for six calls: four calls for police and two calls for the Mansfield Fire Department.

At 7:23 a.m. Wednesday, Mansfield firefighters responded to the facility for an accidental fire alarm pull. There was no fire, according to the fire department.

Mansfield Police respond to Foundations for Living for 'riot' Tuesday night
by Monroe Trombly, Mansfield News Journal, December 11 - 2019

MANSFIELD - Mansfield police and the Richland County Sheriff's Office responded to Foundations for Living, 1451 Ohio 39, shortly after 7 p.m. Tuesday for a report of a "riot," and police were told that residents were attempting to "take over a floor," according to a report from the Mansfield Police Department. 

Two juvenile girls were issued summonses and released to staff after a man told police they had struck him in the face with a closed fist. In the report, police say the man had a visible injury to his bottom lip.

In addition, two other juvenile girls were issued summonses for disorderly conduct and released to staff, while a fifth girl was transported to the Juvenile Justice Center after police said in the that report she slipped out of her handcuffs and cursed at officers. She was issued summonses for resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

When police first arrived, employees told police that two juvenile girls had assaulted a 30-year-old man after running from the recreation yard, and that one of the girls had a "sharp metal object" fashioned as a weapon. Police were informed that three other juvenile girls were still in the recreation yard attempting to climb a fence to escape.

Police located the first two girls, ordered them to the ground, and they were taken into custody without incident.

One of them had given the metal piece to a staff member before police arrived, according to the report.

When police located the other three girls in the recreation yard, one was handcuffed without incident, the report states. Another started to run from police, but when told to stop and get on the ground, she complied.

While the third girl was at first handcuffed without incident, police said in the report that she pulled away from an officer, slipped out of her handcuffs, and yelled, "f*** the police." After a short struggle, she was placed in handcuffs again, the report states.

The five girls mentioned in the report are anywhere from 12-17 years old. Five Mansfield Police cruisers could be seen shortly before 8 p.m. Tuesday outside the residential treatment center, which provides mental health and substance abuse/dependence treatment to adolescents.

An employee at the center declined comment.
Open Free for All / Boulder Creek Academy testimonies
« Last post by Oscar on August 25, 2020, 04:37:09 AM »
Quote from: Speeklif Rainchild testimony
BCA appears to no longer be under the CEDU umbrella, but what is the treatment? Has it changed? what percentage of the children are being medicated, or institutionalized by the lead psychiatrist? What exactly are their "studies?"

I attended BCA in the mid 90's. I have My own private issues and traumas from this place, you can find many examples, It would take far to long to explain mine. Just know my issues mainly have to do with the doctor, and only partly have to do with the abuse and betrayal from their peer therapy. Instead of talking about me, I would like to address the parents considering BCA for their children with some tough love........

If you can afford to send your kids here, you are the problem. YOUR career and YOUR life are taking priority, leaving your children feeling isolated. Here are some questions to ask yourself; what percentage of the day do you spend time with your children? Or, are even in the same building as them? What do you do, or talk about, when you are with them?

You cannot expect to be a minor part of your child's day(life) and demand any compliance, that is unreasonable. (You paid the bills, bought the toys, but haven't earned their respect. And if you think you don't need to behave in a manner deserving your child's respect, you are a child yourself) When children feel isolated, they compensate with drug addiction, sex, anger, etc. anything to gain the acceptance of others, and form a pseudo-family. (some children use healthy outlets; needs to be said) The unhealthy habits successfully get your attention though, and that is the only time they they get any real "on demand" attention. Demanding immediate changes from your children, or expecting them to willingly abandon their social groups is ridiculous. These behaviors did not develop overnight, and you had ample time to correct there course. You now have to be patient, there are no miracle cures. It is going to be hard, and it will suck, but BCA, television, or nanny are not responsible for raising your kids, you are! GROW UP PARENTS!!!! LEAD BY EXAMPLE (and know, they don't know what your are like when they are not around. You have to show them your character, not expect them to believe you "because you say so".)

In conclusion; It is my opinion that their are people who can benefit from places like BCA, but they typically cannot afford it, nor do they have parents that are even willing to pretend to care. Your kids need YOU to provide structure, not strangers. If you have a few hundred grand to spend on BCA, just know you will be substituting money for parenting, and they will know it for as long as they live.

Quote from: brynn xx testimony
if i could give negative stars i could. i never had trauma issues till i was sent here, a month after i got home i was diagnosed with PTSD.
i was emotionally abused by my "therapist"
she had complete control over me and took that to her advantage. the reviews below me explain better why BCA is the worst possible places to send your kid.
i was here june 2015- september 2016. i was actually going crazy. i attempted suicide twice, only one time was actually recognized though. i self harmed multiple times and was once told by my "therapist" it was for attention because my cuts weren't deep enough. i actually really wanted to die here. i tried to get help here, but my "therapist" was so rude and hurtful and tried to cover it up as "tough love" or "constructive criticism". she shamed me for my mistakes, big or small. she even manipulated me into thinking i need BCA and i even thought i needed her to get better. she was invasive and didn't respect my privacy at all. read my letters and made my parents go through allll my old texts and messages. she would only show support when i was doing good, and when i was upset or did something wrong she would give me the cold shoulder. i never felt comfortable around her but i was never allowed to change therapist (in fact they joked about it). im scared to say who my "therapist" was, but you know who you are & i hope you rot in hell.

Quote from: Billy Bowers testimony
for 3 år siden-
This place is the most horrible thing you can do for yourself and you child. Anyone that thinks otherwise is delusional. First and foremost, keep in mind this is a private, for-profit institution, their one and only concern is making money. They WILL take advantage of you in order to do so. Don't believe me? Think about how they real you in: "we're the professionals, let us handle it, we do this all the time." They take advantage of the fact that you are in a place of uncertainty and doubt about the health of your child and manipulate you to think you somehow NEED their help. Then they'll charge you over $110,000 a year to abuse, manipulate, and torture your child. These places use an extremely controversial technique called "behavior modification" where they assert power over the student and create a forced compliance and a sense of fear in the student if the don't do what they're being told. The students have no access to internet, scarce access to TV (less than 2 hours a week), and all communication (which is really limited to phone calls and letters) is monitored and censored accordingly. They will tell you it's to remove all "distractions" but it's really about control. With all control over the student's communication, they can create any reality they want the parent to see. This is dangerous. Parents not knowing what is actually happening to their child and believing whatever the program tells them is exactly how they are able to utilize such abusive tactics without being caught, They strip the student of all their power. With power over the student they create compliance with coercive power. This is widely taught in business management and leadership at the collegiate level. In order for someone's behavior to change they must be influenced, in order to be influenced, the influence must have some sort of power over them, these are: expert, referent, legitimate, reward, and coercive. BCA favors coercive power. They force students to do things by threatening them with an impending punishment. Staff members Jeff, Jeremy, and Lisa utilize coercion more than any other staff members. It should be noted that Adolf Hitler was also widely known to use coercive power to push his agenda. Additionally, the place is very run down and poorly maintained. The buildings are old and falling apart. Much of the fun activities they claim to offer, they don't actually do because of "under-staffing" or it's a tool they use for coercion. They work directly with an institution called Caribou Ridge Intervention (formerly Ascent) for when students "act-up" which psychically abused me and wouldn't let me eat for over 36 hours. They then denied that it happened at all and claimed I "refused to eat" something I have neither done nor had a history of doing. I recall VERY clearly screaming at them after 8 hours "I'm starving! I'm hungry! I need food!"
Their techniques are clearly manipulative, abusive, and immoral. I discovered that they are the textbook definition of immoral after taking a leadership class at a well known university and reading about power and influence in the textbook. Do not send your student to these "therapeutic" institutions. It is certain to cause permanent damage to their lives. Anyone here who claims that this place is helpful in any way is a fool. I'm still suffering from the negative impact of BCA over a year later. Don't make the same mistakes my parents did. They both regret their decision. I urge you to take my advice: Don't allow yourself (as parents) to be coerced and your children to be abused.

Quote from: Allyson Sutphin's testimony
i spent 2 years and 3 months here. the therapist i had L.D was abusive. she told me that all of the self harm and eating disorder behaviors i had were "attention seeking" when in reality i wanted to die, or change myself because of all of the childhood abuse i endured. but, honestly, this place kept me safe, and the flex staff where so supportive. ive been to several RTCs since then for anorexia and PTSD stemming from sexual assault. if i had a child with the issues i had/ have, i would defiantly send them to a therapeutic boarding school. but not BCA
News Items / New state investigation into Circle of hope Ranch
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The girls have been removed pending ongoing investigation.

Quote from: © Copyright 2020 Cedar County Republican - Stockton, Missouri - by Miles Brite - August 17-2020
Local girls home hit with state investigation

In a follow-up to a previous Cedar County Republican exclusive, additional information became available to CCR staff in regard to the ongoing investigation of Circle of Hope Girls Ranch in Humansville.

On Friday and Saturday, Aug. 14-15, sources said state entities removed as many as 32 juvenile females from the religious-based reformatory school.

According to several sources, check well being calls were performed on site at Circle of Hope, prompting child protective service personnel to remove all juvenile female attendants of the facility labeled as a religious reformatory school.

Previously, both Cedar County sheriff James McCrary and Cedar County prosecuting attorney Ty Gaither have told CCR staff their respective offices have continued to monitor reports regarding Circle of Hope and take any potential crimes against children seriously; however, given the sensitive nature of the current investigation and in honoring victim/witness confidentiality protocol, neither official divulged further information when asked about the recent state-level intervention over the past weekend.

Furthermore, Cedar County juvenile officer Jeremy Ruddick would neither confirm nor deny the reported intervention when directly asked about the matter.

Despite several attempts, neither Circle of Hope nor its legal counsel, Kirksey Law Firm, Bolivar, responded to requests for comment on the ongoing matter.

Additional details and a full reporting on the developing situation will be brought to our readers as more information becomes publicly available.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: Academy at Sisters
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I found some new testimonies on Yelp:
Susy Q.

Its been a long time since i attended The Academy but from the looks of it not much has changed. Well the cost had gone up but it was overpriced then like its overpriced now.
Please read all the reviews here, meaning the not recommended reviews and check the dates of the ones yelp wants you to read.
Seems as if The Academy is very concerned with being viewed as pricey. And i cant seem to see how they are getting away with the non-profit act... they are all about profit.
Just think twice before sending your daughter to The Academy or a school similar please. Teenage years are hard and being sent away to be dealt with leaves a mark on a girls life you can never change.
I hope its obvious to the reader which reviews here are real and which were written by paid staff.
Please give your daughter another chance.

Casey C.

First, I would like to say that I am grateful for all the friends on FB that I get to see grow up and become who they were meant to be. It's awesome to see the changes over the years and remember who they were. It creates a bittersweet nostalgia.

The most beneficial lesson taught was the mistaken beliefs.

I attended the academy at sisters in 1999. It was not my choice, I was  handcuffed and escorted to Oregon with no warning...there, I learned that I couldn't even talk to my family for a month, and I couldn't talk to my friends for probably a year. I refused to get out of the car, so they put me in a holding house for a couple weeks, then I was sent to a 3 week survival camp called suws. What happened mentally to me was that the programs broke me down. They put me in a position that I knew I couldn't control my life. All I could do was put one foot in front of the other and work through their program... it was the only way for me to have any hope of getting out of there... just pretend to be who they wanted you to be.
All of the real friends and relationships I had were ripped away and never regained. After I graduated the program, I was left with nothing real in my life... it didn't give me coping skills, it created an emptiness. I believe that if I would have just been left alone and continued my life, my behavior would not have downward spiraled like it did afterwards... because I would have had friends and family relationships that were not ripped away.
Now that I am a mother of of a teenager, I understand the feeling of not being able to control your child and the desire to find someone or something that can. I urge you to find something else that your child is engaged in. If they don't want to go... find something else. Change is only real when the child wants to change.... they only want to change at these places because you are withholding their relationships and freedom. So they learn to be who you want them to be.... it's not real, and it takes decadeS to regain grounding of their own.

Sydney L.

Trust me, you want to read this review. Whether or not you have already enrolled your daughter here or are thinking of doing so, it is important that you know what the place is like from first-hand experience.

I promise you, this is not just another angry rant from a past student.

I was a very respectful student at the Academy. I did not break rules or act out. I was very polite to staff and peers. However, many things stood out to me and I was becoming increasingly baffled by situations that I became involved in.

Sending your daughter away for months or even years is a very big decision. It's not just something you can do in a few days. Most of you have been sent here by social workers who recommended that your daughter benefit from aftercare. This may be true, but the Academy at Sisters is not the right place.

This therapeutic boarding school is clinging onto every penny. The program is entirely overruled by outdated methodology. What stood out to me the most was how often girls would get sick. Girls with fevers sleep side by side, and if the sickness spreads, that's just how it is. You can't escape a cold if you're stuck rubbing shoulders with your feverish peers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Without bias, I want to say that the whole situation is sickening, itself.

I live in Houston, so the climate in Bend was very different for me. When I first arrived, it took a while for my body to adjust. The air is thinner and drier. When I began to feel ill, I would blame it on the elevation. However, it quickly crossed my mind that the school itself was slowly eroding at my immunity. I started off with mild headaches, and I began to get weekly fevers. Then migraines. However, I trusted the process and ignored the symptoms of what later labeled me as immunocompromised. The house is constantly being scrubbed down with bleach, disinfectant, and pesticides. The kitchen was also being repainted at the time I was there. The toxins were making me sick, and I didn't even notice.

Another thing you might know is that there is a countrywide reform which is fixing on taking place in 2022. This reform states that in order to send your child to a group home (7+ kids living in the same house), they will need to consult a lawyer and stand before a jury. Already, it is apparent that the Therapeutic Boarding School "movement" is slowly declining with technological and societal advancements.

Don't be fooled by the term "non profit." The term doesn't even matter since the staff who are interacting with your daughter are still working for money. You could say that the staff here are no more eager to work than the employees at your local grocery store.

So I have gotten your attention now... keep reading if you want to here more about my personal experiences. The following events stood out to me significantly:

One of the therapists was living with one of the resident monitors. This may seem perfectly normal to some, but others will know that this strange arrangement among a professional workplace is a conflict of interest. (let me put this into perspective for you: would you want one of your hall monitors knowing your nitty gritty business that only your therapist knows?)

The kitchen was being remodeled and painted. The kitchen is not blocked off from the bedrooms, and there are no doors separating the amenities. Girls living in the house inhale the fumes with every breath.

One last note: I was reading the newspaper one day. I stumbled upon an article stating the dangers of living in a group home. A staff member discovered the article, confiscated the papers, and had them shredded. The Academy at Sisters was just a big manipulation scheme. It doesn't help girls get wiser, it just teaches them to succumb to an uncomfortable situation. If girls are willing to live and thrive at the harsh, punitive program, imagine how they will manage an abusive relationship: they won't. They will accept their place.

You may see smiling girls on the Academy's Instagram, Facebook and other media. Imagine all the pictures they are not taking.

Love heals all wounds. The Academy at Sisters is not loving. Love is family. Make the right decision and choose families over facilities!!!
Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / No Cure For Stupid
« Last post by ajax13 on July 17, 2020, 03:11:56 PM »
Corporate media continues to give the All About Receiving Cash sect all the publicity they can handle, although sady, the number of dipshits, rubes and kooks who hand their offspring over to the Wiz for his pirated behaviour modification treatment seems to have dwindled to under fifteen.  Poor Ozyscamdias has really come down a few pegs since the days when he started putting captives in the old seismic building with dreams of expanding to Vancouver and a triumphant return to the rubes in Saskatchewan.  But the li'l liar can still count on bewildered mothers and stunned political hacks to carry water for him.

"The centre is currently housing 11 clients."

"Leslie Kime was one of the people at the roundtable discussion. Three years ago, she lost her son Jason to a drug overdose.
Kime credits the Alberta Adolescent Recovery Centre with helping Jason as a teen."
Nothing succeeds like success!

It's getting harder and harder for All About Receiving Cash to find former subjects to shill for the thought reform business, so when they get one, they squeeze until the pips squeak:

"Sam Stordy, a 27-year-old Calgary man, was also at the McDougall Centre discussion on Friday.
Stordy said he has been clean for three years now. Before that, he repeatedly overdosed on fentanyl and heroin."

"For a real-world view of the problems, I spoke to Sam Stordy, a 28-year-old former user who now counsels teenage addicts at the Alberta Adolescent Recovery Centre."

"Stordy has worked as an executive peer counsellor at the Alberta Adolescent Recovery Centre (AARC) for the last three years.
“I ended up in here as a client in 2008, addicted to all sorts of different drugs,” Stordy said.
His addictions landed him at AARC on two different occasions."

So Sammy was in AARC twice since 2008 and was still using hard drugs eight years later.  More great success!

“It’s hard because you not only have to fight the system to be seen and heard but you also have to fight the addiction and doing both is almost impossible,” said participant and recovering drug addict Samuel Stordy, who has been clean for three and a half years."

"Vause says the best support comes from peers like Sam Stordy, a counsellor at AARC who also survived addiction and a severe overdose.
“I was dead at the scene and it took three shots of Narcan to bring me back,” he said."

The sect currently enjoys great influence with Used Car Party MLA Jason Luan, one of the dumbest fuckpiles to act as a place-holder in the legislature, and the main tasked by the current regime with tackling the enthusiasm of Albertans for pharmacological escape during these exciting times.  On the plus-side, the sect is reduced to using the likes of super-kook failed politician Danielle Smith for their annual beg-a-thon.  Word on the street is the former Flames captain Jim Peplinski pulled out of the emcee job after the Lock Up Your Daughers tour by the Two Andies, Morton and Evans, crashed and burned on the launch-pad.

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