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Open Free for All / Re: Elan discussion from New Forum Policies
« on: December 02, 2010, 09:09:02 AM »
Quote from: "liarsexposed"
And I thought you were gonna be nice now Marky
This is as nice as you get huh?
Wound up at Porters. Had Swordfish and many oysters. They do a really nice job there. Had this plate of sushi,6 oysters,several crab claws,and maybe squid salad (not sure).. Was excellant. Couple family members,few friends,good times.
Tell ya the truth Marky,there was a time I didnt think I would make it to 35,then I made some important changes in my life.
Since then my life has improved dramatically. I cant think you would understand this after reading the content of your posts for 10 years.
Some days are not the best,but every day is a good day.
I advise you to get some help. Its possible,modern day psychiatry could save your life. You seem very angry,and unstable. But this is the only way I have ever encountered you,and/or your other screen names. Little girl games in your 50's... whats that about ? Here's a newsflash Marky... Your adolescence is over by 35 or so years. Your lack of social skills are vastly related to your inability to communicate effectively.. thus we have the gay sex stories and wild accusations.
I call it Paranoia,immaturity,and vengeful.. But wtf do I know
I dont expect you to change anything,as you have shown what you really are.. a cowardly criminal
Good night Marky
May god have mercy on you

I wish you didn't change your plans I called my friend at Dunhills to help you with the best,I would have called Gregg or Lisa the owners, if I knew you were going to Porter's, they could have gotten you the Birthday Special.

But glad you had fun and a good meal,

{Tell ya the truth Marky,there was a time I didnt think I would make it to 35,then I made some important changes in my life.}

If you really knew me and didn't pretend I was everyone else, you would know I understand more than you think,And I am glad you were able to make a change in life to help yourself,and I too wondered how old I would be when I die. I have quite a past myself and also struggled with change and doubt, When I was at Elan, and it's all a matter of court records, I stole a car in Lewiston in 74, It was a 1970 Red Barracuda,I stole it from a tire shop by the mall, I got into a chase in Augusta, and it went for 30 miles or so at speeds of 100 ++,the cop pulled up next to me and pulled his gun, I cut him off, I finally was stopped by two semi's across the road.Some how Joe got me out of it,??? But my life was full of crazy stunts. The Skokie Police knew me by site,

We lived on Harvard Tere,and Niles Center.We later moved to Winnetka and my life didn't change much.I was running away all the time, and committing crimes one after the other, everything from car theft to armed robbery's in the city. They said I would make it to 21, at my pace,I think they were right, I was out of control.I finally turned spending  5 years in Prison, when I was 18, and then I think I woke up, not because prison was so hard,I just got tired of being locked up and all the bull-shit around it.I unfortunately grew up with allot of the people I knew in prison, from all of my previous stent, so it wasn't so bad,.

But I did miss my freedom and wondered if life was always going to be so confusing and fucked up,So I too made some big changes, and made it out of the woods. So yes Art I am truly glad you made it out of those woods too.I know I poke fun and beat up on you, but I also know we both endured some pretty fucked up times in life, Elan being probably one of the worst, and leaving the biggest scares to carry.The ages we were at was the problem. Now we would probably be able to blow most of it off, but as kids,,, Elan was allot to absorb and decipher. And trying to make scene out of it,???  I don't think anyone can.

Well thats my other side Art, I guess we can back to the battle now,LOL, :rofl:  :rofl:  But I am glad you made it 47 and may you have a good 47 more years,. :rocker:  :rocker:  :cheers:  :cheers:  :peace:  :peace:  :peace:  :peace:  :peace:  :peace:

Open Free for All / Re: Elan discussion from New Forum Policies
« on: December 01, 2010, 08:00:42 PM »
Great Video,, :cheers:  :cheers: ... CDIQqwQwAQ

Open Free for All / Re: Elan discussion from New Forum Policies
« on: December 01, 2010, 07:09:37 AM »
Quote from: "liarsexposed"
Awwee Marky
That was weak Marky.
I was SO looking forward to your drivel today,and this is the best you can do ?
You poor bastard
Today is a special day Marky. Its my 47th birthday. So far I have gotten 61 fb messages,35 or so emails,and a dozen or so calls. I was really looking forward to a good laugh at your expense. You disapointed me.
Well Marky.. I better answer some emails,and try to get some work done. Dont hurt yourself seeking attention. I think Sharon will still think yer the best.But undoubtedly ,no one else

Well let me stop the fucking clock, Happy Birthday Art. :birthday:  :birthday:  :birthday:  :birthday:  :birthday:  :birthday:  :birthday:  :birthday:  :birthday:  :birthday:  :birthday:  :birthday:  :clown:  :birthday:  :clown:  :birthday:  :clown:  :birthday:  :cheers:  :cheers:  :jamin:  :jamin:  :jamin:  :jamin:  :jamin:  :rocker:  :rocker:  :rasta:  :rasta:  :rasta:  :rasta:  :rasta:  :rasta:  :rasta:  :rasta:  :rasta:  :rasta:  :rasta:

Open Free for All / Re: Elan discussion from New Forum Policies
« on: November 30, 2010, 11:35:57 PM »
Quote from: "liarsexposed"
You had no good reason to attack me in BP thread,you just had to try and show off the BIG BAD ART, and was thrown out of the thread,by the Moderator,no not me, You Were Removed. All because you can't control your mouth and stalking ways,
this is what I mean when I posted about the pot calling the kettle black
Wasnt it you Marky that was blocked from Aaron's site.. Like 9 times ? Joe Gerald ? Gary Stadler,Marky Babbletits and 4-5 other screen names
Marky Marky Marky...........YOU ARE A FRAUD!
You picked a fight with me,I have simply responded,and will continue to respond to your constant lies and manipulations
Your problem Marky.. One of many... You are the only one who thinks you are smart
The rest of your "Viewers" only come here to see the Train wreck that is Marky Babbletits

I am sorry this happened to you. Its a good thing they have programs now where you dont have to endure that pain your use to Art.

One program was opened by a pedophile and was given the Struggling Teens' "stamp of approval" after a visit and glowing review on the website. The only problem was that the program owner was raping all the little girls in his care and was, after years of doing this, arrested and charged with over 120 counts of child sex abuse. Looks like a good job career for you Art, I heard they are looking for new owners.
 :cheers:  :cheers:  :cheers:  :cheers:  :cheers:  :rocker:  :rocker:  :rocker:  :rocker:  :rocker:

Open Free for All / Re: Elan discussion from New Forum Policies
« on: November 30, 2010, 07:11:55 AM »
Quote from: "liarsexposed"
arent you calling the kettle black ? maybe you should sign in as one of your other screen names.
maybe then you will feel better
bp has been around a long time. he knows what you are all about.
you have followed me to my pof acct,to facebook,to your failed hate sites,to my home,to my place of business,and finally... in every thread i ever posted anything in
who is shittin who ya fuckstick
btw smartguy.. could you find the spellcheck key you illiterate fool?
you are a funny fucker
kick me outa a cesspool..this may be your only way you communicate with people
but i dont give a rats ass either way
scum of the earth

Illiterate fool? spellcheck key??? it's spell check, two words stupid,nice scum back,scum bag.Yes, BP has been around and probably knows those people you say is me, which makes you look even dumber.Please don't ever leave Arty, your so much fun to watch running around crazy. :waaaa:  :waaaa:  :waaaa:  :cry:  :cry:  :cry:  :cry:  :clown:  :clown:  :clown:  :clown:  :clown:

Open Free for All / Re: Elan discussion from New Forum Policies
« on: November 29, 2010, 09:52:52 PM »
Quote from: "liarsexposed"
Ahh once again Marky
If you really were such a smart guy,you would have avoided this bullshit over the past year.
The truth is a tough one for you
I am very sorry its me that has to put you in your place. But its no different than the treatment I have endured here in any thread I have posted in.
BTW. .I didnt post anything but the truth about your behaviors. Want it to end ?
You are one angry little man...and for YEARS
Seek help Marky... Or better yet,just kill yourself
Go fuck yourself
You are scum
You stupid pompis ass, They took you and your post and threw it over here,No my post were not removed, yours were, I spoke the truth and talked of the positives, and you were thrown out for be negative and rude.

Your too ignorant to understand that but the proof is on the site.They moved BP thread to Troubled Teens, so you couldn't infect it with your bile,And if you do they will throw you off the site and you know that. It's the rules outside of this thread.And BP got a chance to see you in action disrespecting BP post's.

You make people sick Art,but please don't go away,were are not done helping you yet. :fuckoff:  :fuckoff:  :fuckoff:  :karma:  :karma:  :karma:  :cry:  :cry:  :cry:  :cry:  :cry:  :cry: We need you around and so does Jordan, :whip:  :whip:  :whip:  :whip:  :whip:  :whip:  :clown:  :clown:  :clown:  :clown:

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: Christmas in the program
« on: November 29, 2010, 03:02:28 PM »
Sorry I drew a negative reply to your thread BP, :peace:  :peace: I do mean what I said above, and Holidays are the worst,because they were always presented as the best, and we got the worst,LOL. But in seriousness, we were taken from our comfort zone that we learned on those days and were in anything but home or love. So those are fragile spots for many,the years we will never get back,but hopefully we learned something from, good or bad,.

I just Thank God for my family and very good friends and  try and feed off their happiness,Some times it feels like I am mimicking a Frenchman, and not knowing the language.But as BP said you do the dance and hope the song ain't long. :cheers:  :cheers:  :peace:  :peace:

Open Free for All / Re: Christmas in the program
« on: November 29, 2010, 02:50:20 PM »
Quote from: "liarsexposed"
It appears that you are an equal opportunity asswipe Mark
If I took 10 years outa my life,created 40 screen names,and pretended to be a different person each time I posted...
Most would call that a pretty serious case of Mental Illness
Firing off on here and then reposting your own drivel 6-7-8-10 years later.. Only makes you look sicker.
Seems BP already called you out on this before
Your "Views" are high because you are a trainwreck. Everyone wants to see a wreck
Marky is the Fornits-house-wreck. Thats why the highways are crowded after a wreck
Everyone has to look
Congrats on being that wreck Marky
You have impressed noone but Sharon
 :roflmao:  ::fullofshit::  
Takes a seriously injured person to do what you have done to myself and a number of others
Sure hope you get better one day Marky
Why would you disrespect BP thread with your crap and fighting,?? don't your respect anyone,Nothing in my post was negative,nor confrontational, nor to you, Your just an ass AGAIN, :karma:  :karma:  :karma:  :karma:

Open Free for All / Re: Elan discussion from New Forum Policies
« on: November 29, 2010, 09:26:53 AM »
Quote from: "liarsexposed"
Ha Marky Good one !
Showing off how long you have been trolling me ? You must be very proud of yourself. Thats quite an accomplishment. Bet your Mommy thinks you are special.
We all do
More whining and crying about the big bad Art
I am beginning to think you have a crush on me. It all makes sense now. Stories of Anal Sex,Sex toys,and sex with animals.
If you had half the life I do,you wouldnt have time for this BS
You are a loser and a liar.
You must be very proud of what you taught Sharon

I merely pointed out to Sharon who you are,but she already knew,As far as a crush on you,it seems like you and Jordan are already involved,I wouldn't want you to cheat on him. If I had a life,?? Aren't you callling the kettle black, If I want you, all I have to do is post something and you come running. :whip:  :whip:  :whip:  :seg:  :seg:

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: Christmas in the program
« on: November 29, 2010, 09:20:25 AM »
Quote from: "Botched Programming"
I remember spending 2 Christmas' in Straight. The thought about this topic came up last night while I helped my daughter put up a Christmas tree and decorate the front of the house.

Both of the Christmas' that I spent in Straight were not happy as I was away from my family. Sure my host parents were nice people, but they were not able to fulfill the viod in my life, which was the need to be with my family to have Christmas dinner, be part of looking for the christmas tree, decorating, and mainly be a part of the family.

From being in a program during the holidays especially it caused me to have a barrier that still exist in my life. I am not an anti-social person, but this time of year always triggers feelings and emotions for me. I have had people tell me to get over it and move on, but they do not understand how deeply this type of situation effects a person.

My first Christmas after I got out of the program I tried to do the family thing and it was ruined for me. Feelings of resentment for having been placed in the program dominated what should have been a happy thing. It seems that no matter how I try to get into the holiday spirit the program seems to have ruined it for me. I do however put on a plastic smile and act as if, but I know it is not real.


I can't help but feel the same way too, I think programs do cause allot of future damage emotionally and no matter how hard we try and suppress it,the feeling always surface. I sure don't have any answers on how to make the bad feeling go away,or how to overcome them.

I tend to close my eye's, so to speak, and move on,They say what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, and I try to believe that.But it is still a hard time to get threw.

Quote from: "none-ya"
Hey man  this should be on the main page not burried here om OFFA.

I think none-ya should take a good look at the thread  (OFFA) and relies that most of the posters here have allot of pent up emotions from programs, and probably and do need the, acknowledgement that yes those bad times did effect allot of people not just some of us, me included. And that not 1, but allot of us go threw the same depressions and emotional obstacle threw out the year.

If none-ya was to pay attention,( OFFA ) is probable the most view thread on the site.

Quick numbers for, Elan discussion from New Forum Policies
17 Jan 2010, 13:51

11 months = 26,432,views and 2045 post. Thats 2203 views per month,551 per week and 79 per day,
11 months = 2045 posts,thats 171 per month 43 per week.

That's more action than any thread on the forum, So yes this thread needs love and some consoling,to possibly break up all the hostility.Sorry if this thread is too hot for some, but thats what programs do to people and the real world isn't much different.Survivors need a vent hole,.

The ones who truly get fired on are Ex-Staff, but some don't seem to follow that,If the staff, were so wonderful in the programs, No one would have had a bad experience, now would they.?? Just food for thought.

We all have our depressions and horrible thoughts from the past,So don't minimize the people on (OFFA),
For the most part programs turned out more hostile people than not ,. :cheers:  :cheers:  :cheers:  :peace:  :peace:  :rocker:  :rocker:

Open Free for All / Re: Elan discussion from New Forum Policies
« on: November 29, 2010, 07:56:29 AM »
Quote from: "mark babitz"
Quote from: "liarsexposed"
Well Holiday is over Clocks back on. I know you will abide by our agreement and not slander or threaten anyone,It's is important in the growing proses, and your recovery.
We all know there is a happy Art  :clown:  there deep down inside , and we will help you bring that out.
I thought the Hanukkah gift we offered was, and is very generous and nice, don't you,?? Your family will be so proud your making friends outside the Junk Yard and The Institution,ya know.And we will continue to help you along,. We all know that your in denial, and thats OK,once we are past that, you are on the road to recovery.

I may have forgotten in my last post to tell you to go fuck yourself
"growing proses"
Can you tell me what this is ?
If I had to guess,it would be an uneductaed,internet troll,baiting your victim/seeking attention and showing off for the Lovely Sharon
Now you have had my attention, I am going to dinner.
Oh and that clock.. shove that up your ass too Marky
kiss kiss

This is better than my IP address you posted,Art. :cheers:  :cheers:  :cheers:  :cheers:  :waaaa:  :waaaa:  :waaaa:  :waaaa: ... C_ibZz_wZw,

Elan School Message Board -> Lowlife's and Faggot's -> Artman is back!!!!
Post Info   TOPIC: Artman is back!!!!
Date: Dec 19, 2003
Artman is back!!!!

Whats the difference between artman and a pizza?
A pizza won't scream when you put it in an oven.
Here about Art's new car he bought over sea's back in his home country?
Not only will it stop on a dime, but it will go back and pick it up.
Art is the reason why the Grand canyon was formed, he dropped a quarter down a goffer hole.

Date: Dec 21, 2003

Into the phucking oven you will go Art, Nothing better then hearing a Jew burn in an oven LOL

Date: Dec 21, 2003

Artman blew a 9 year old boy a couple months back .

Date: Dec 22, 2003

Art is a gross looking old man, why wonder he always has a stick up his ass.I'm sure he does molest children, he sounds like a real pervert.

Date: Dec 23, 2003

Art is a very gross looking old man, he also loves shoving matza balls up his anas.Art has also found love in Jordan Eisman and is gonna fufill all sexual fatansies with Jordan.

shooting star
Date: Dec 24, 2003

Artman is such a baby, he cries to Ginger when people insult him.The way I see it art has brought all this upon himself.Now he has found a new home where he can fit in with the rest of the loser and support elan and kiss up to them.

Funny thing is Artman thinks he has friends and he doesnt, well he has Jordan,All the rest of us hate him and cant stand his cry baby post's.Good thing he is old and will be dead soon, these site's will be alot better when he's gone.

Date: Jan 6, 2004

Don't worry about Artman, he is going down real soon along with Ginger.Artman's ip has been logged for theft of copywrited material.This guy is history.

Date: Jan 20, 2004

Looks like old Art man is going through some tuff times right about now.Poor wittle Arty, got his @ss kicked in.

Frequent poster

Joined: 2003-06-21
Posts: 164
Posted: 2004-01-27 04:45:00    

to all
Its been brought to my attention that my bashing of Ken is not the best way to deal with this problem called Elan.I will stop for now unless provoked again.Provocation is not limited to things said to me,or actions that effect me.We are a group and I stand tall on being aperson who genuinly cares.Parents and children both.
The state of Illinois,as well as NY are both concerened(so they say ) and will be looking into our allegations.Some of which they have heard before.State of Illinois seemed a little embarressed at how jids were sent back after they were pulled out in 76.Elan will be made uncomfortable... again ...

I want to apologize to those i may have offended with some of my posts to ken.I meant what i said but should not have used this forum to "expedite" my feelings.Ken and I have bumped heads for years,
and will probably bump heads again as we share a different experience completely,and he cant fathom the things i saw or was made to do.

ArtNice try Art, but I think it's a little too late for the law suits are ready and you are on the list.You're going down Jew boy, and you are gonna fall real hard son.

Bitch xxx
Date: Feb 3, 2004
RE: Artman is back!!!!

Why would an oldman like Arthor Warshawsky even think of trying to argue with us?We would cause him to have a heart attack in no time, maybe thats not a bad thing, If we cause art to have a heart attack he will die and we will be rid of him once and for all.Looks like we win Arthor.

Frequent poster

Joined: 2003-06-21
Posts: 192
Posted: 2004-02-12 08:40:00    

wonder what happened to Charlie W,Mary S,Sue G,
Fred F,Tony N,Chris C
and any others that may be out there..........
Art WarshawskyThey are trying and doing a good job at avoiding your gay jew @ss Art.You have no friends art except a little gay jew boy half your age ffor which you blow.


Joined: 2003-06-21
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jordo call the phone comp
Posted: 2004-03-16 13:18:00    
I heard your cell phone is a popular number these days Jordon.
call the phone comp and jtell them whats happening.. My guess is our old friend nazi is gonna see a jail cell over it and the other info that the authorities have.
Nothing would make me happier
Gee Art I heard that you evaded the oven and obviously that is true.well old Jew Boy, I'm sure we can find an oven out there with your name on it.Art you are by far a dumb mother phucker.You have to be the most dumbest person trolling these boards.Anyway since your so hell bent on lawsuits, I hear from the grape vine that one is being drawn up against you, though the reasons I heard they were being brought up against you were outrageuos and would never stick in any court, I have recently found out another suit in the making that might just work.

Anyway it will be a great laugh once this suit goes into action.And old Artman will finally be able to experience in action his favorite word "LAWSUIT" except he will be the one in the middle of it.Hope you dont have alot to loose Arthur, becuase the person that is filing it against you is hell bent on seeing you pay the price.

Veteran Member

Posts: 90
Date: Apr 4, 2004
RE: Artman is back!!!!

Damn artman, you must feel real left out and jealous of all the attention Peter Moore is getting, don't worry I havent forgot about you hairy back dreadlock wearing need a shower badly sorry old @ss.The truth is artman, I've been dorment exposing you becuase something has been in the pot cooking by another one of your fans.I will continue to stay hush hush about it and wait until it boils, I can assure you it will be a good shocker for you and cost you.Don't worry, its all legal my fat @ss friend.LOL

Veteran Member

Posts: 90
Date: Apr 26, 2004

Joined: 2003-06-21
Posts: 255
Posted: 2004-04-26 12:23:00    
Dad told me i had permission to yell at ya..Quit bein a pinhead ...leave it be ... I know its hard to resist but you need too. and you know it
call me nd yell at me if you need to have all my numbers... sheesh kid.. i know where you live ! LOL

I'm sure you do know where Jordan lives Art, After all you must have been over to his place a dozen times already in the last 3 months for some Gay kinky Jewish anal sex.

Veteran Member

Posts: 90
Date: May 24, 2004

Art received a couple of dozen general meetings during his stay at elan for a repeated incident. Art Washawsky use to take the nops and break off the handles and use it as a dildo. One time he shoved it so far up his @ss they had to rush him to portland medical center to have his @sshole treated.

Rumor has it that he also used a toilet plunger as a dildo as well.

Those dirty lowlife smelly Jew kikes sure come up with some pretty sick stuff and make shift dildos to stick in their @sses.

Makes you want to wonder why Art walks with a limp these days?

Post Info   TOPIC: Jordan Eisman
Date: Dec 24, 2003
Jordan Eisman

Jordan Eisman is Artman's new boy toy.They constantly PM each other back n forth about how they want to stick matza balls up eack others butt and suck it out.Jordan recently became very bitter because his Daddy cut him off and now he will be forced out on the streets to fend for himself.Though the reality has happened yet but I'm sure it will very soon.
Jordan has to now explore the not so wonderful life of window washing car windsheilds at intersection for spare change.It will be a big step down from living off Daddy, but I'm sure with the help and support and anal sex from Artman, Skinny little Jordan will do just fine.Just what ever you do Jordan, when you sleep in a homeless shelter, make sure you hold on to your shoes real tight, you'll be needing those for walking.


Date: Jan 16, 2004

Frequent poster

Joined: 2003-12-22
Posts: 115
From: Illadelphia

Posted: 2003-12-30 13:41:00    

i remember her, jenn Cushman, i think, yeah she was dirty, givin like bjs to the kidz, but ur right i would have been right there waiting if they were offered at e7, we were sexually depraved, but still things like that apparently happened alot more later on, only with PETER ROWE<---**** him>But Jordan didn't you get enough blow jobs from Peter Rowe?See Jordan always was the one giving the blowjobs, he blew Marty and Peter on numerous occasions.He once got a blow job from Peter Rowe, but that was because he did such a good job of sucking Peter off , Peter decided to reward him.Jordan was known in Elan as the Gay Jew Boy.

Date: Jan 22, 2004


So the little Jew boy post's his phone number at Ginger's Jew Zog machine site.But the question is little Jew Boy, why is it that you cannot afford your own phone line and apartment?

Cuba, Esteban
838 League St
Philadelphia, PA 191474715 215-922-1847

Date: Jan 31, 2004

Jordan and Artman are making a gay film together.Artman is on film eating Jordans @ss, and Jordan is seen on film sucking off Artman and swallowing his load.2 nasty gay Jew boys.I wonder if Jordan's next film willl have Ginger trailer trash in it?I an see it now, Jordan and Art both eating Ginger's dirty @sshole and smearing her crap all over themselves.

Bitch xxx
Date: Feb 2, 2004

Jordan was a little fag in the dorms, he got a few gm's for trying to blow other men in the dorms at night.

Date: Feb 9, 2004

Hi my name is Jordan, and I want to make a documentary of elan.I want to make it out of experiences that I encountered there so I need to find someone to play the role of Marty Kruglik and anally invade me as what Marty did to me on numerous occassions at Elan.I did however find someone to play the role of Jeffery Gottlieb "Art Warshawsky", He agreed to let me suck his penis as like what I did to Jeffery Gottlieb, but who will be bold enough to play Marty for me?I'll tell you something, it aint such a easy life growing up a Gay Jew in Philly.

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Posts: 90
Date: Apr 1, 2004

Its either Peter Moore or Art Warshawsky prank caling you Jordon, get the malicious trace done and find out.


Posts: 11
Date: Apr 1, 2004
Prank phone calls

*57 three successful times and it leads to charges. After the third time the police get involved and file a complaint with the victom and it leads to harrassment charges.Funny thing is all it takes is one ring and the call can be traced, todays technology is so much more advanced then yesteryears was. I successfully traced a telemarketing company 6 months ago, they got charged with harrassment and fined an undisclosed amount. Everytime their number appeared on my caller I.D. I had it traced, end of story. Now these days Telemarketers get fined real heavy and basically receive the **** end of the stick on the matter.

Screw U

Posts: 11
Date: Apr 3, 2004
The plumber

Hello this is Kissel, when are you guys gonna come over and fix my sink ? Yeah you said you would be over here yesterday.


Posts: 13
Date: Apr 6, 2004
RE: Jordan Eisman

Are you sure hes jewish? He says he's a sheik.....****ing towel head

Veteran Member

Posts: 90
Date: Apr 8, 2004

Oh he's a Jew alright, that avatar he uses is some stupid fanatsy character from some stupid game he plays, who the phuck cares.

Veteran Member

Posts: 90
Date: Apr 13, 2004

Say Hello to Jordon everyone. ... allery%20I

Veteran Member

Posts: 90
Date: Apr 22, 2004

Sorry Jordan, but I cannot allow such vulgar racial content to be posted on my board, your post has been deleted. By the way, that hair that grows on top of your head, can you scrub pots and pans with it? It looks like a brillo pad.

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Date: May 29, 2004
Poor wittle Jordan

So Jordan's pathetic father has decided to cut off investing $$$ into this stupid film they want to make and use what ever funding he had to have Gay Jewish sex with Fart Warsh1tsky, better know as Art Warshawsky, but I thinkt Fart Warsh1tsky sounds better.

So poor wittle Jordan is crying out for $$$, whats wrong Jordan, aint smart enough to get a job and make your own cash? Time to grow up you little kike.Did you actually believe Daddy would pay for your sorry lazy @ss the rest of your life?

Hell son, Daddy wants to do the Gay humpty dumpty with Fart Warsh1tsky.

Just typical of a Jew, always wants to have some sort of role in the media, not you jew boy, you need $$$ to make that happen, and you don't have a pot to pee in boy.

Why don't you try peeing in Fart' Warsh1tsky's mouth? I hear he likes that kind of thing.

Just think once your better people won't say those things anymore :beat:  :beat:  :smashcomp:  :smashcomp:  :smashcomp:  :rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl:  :roflmao:  :roflmao:  :roflmao:  :roflmao:  :roflmao:  :roflmao:
Excuse me, Who is the looser,???. I am just reading along, and Art, you don't look like you have done very well for years, with people anywhere. :karma:  :karma:  :karma:  :karma:  :karma:

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« on: November 28, 2010, 09:55:37 AM »
Quote from: "SharonMcCarthy"
ARTY is trying to ruin Christmas for my kids, poor Mason who is 4, and Logan who is 9...what a big man you are for fucking with kids ARTY.

That his style,praying on the weak .He won't take on adults,they scare him. :waaaa:  :waaaa:  :waaaa:  :waaaa:  :waaaa:  :waaaa: What's a matter Arty the woman scare you, she is not like a little kid is she,??

Open Free for All / Re: Elan discussion from New Forum Policies
« on: November 28, 2010, 09:44:12 AM »
Quote from: "SharonMcCarthy"
Quote from: "liarsexposed"
Just think once your better people won't say those things anymore
Aweee Marky
Furiously looking for your handy work to harrass me further. Another big Saturday night huh Marky ? Out with ALL your friends I see.
again Marky... Dont lie,cheat,or steal,and you wont get caught.
Then your daily tantrum wont be so important. You might even get better
But I doubt it.
Marky.. Kharma is a bitch. Ask your partner
Awww Little ARTY never going to grow up are you, you speak of Karma so twisted like Karma is actually there for you. What will you be doing for Christmas...alone with your "so-called"friends??? The family where are they?? Has your own kids spoken to you much lately or is it a mere hi bye kinda thing? Let me tell you something you piece of Scrooge shit, nothing will detroy me, nothing. Ask Mark how well me and my children are doing, we are celebrating holidays with love and happiness....where is this karma you speak of?? Hell you got people twisted. Oh an by the way since you destroyed the first benefit, they are throwing two more in its place, but think you or your pieces of shit will know the dates and where hell no. I got smart am keeping that way private. However it would be fun watching you take on a Catholic Church to mess thier stuff up, heck you might just get railroaded if you tried that one. Do not worry they got your name and numbers in case you get a clue, I informed them all about your insane actions. Do not got to worry about cancelling bands ARTY since the kids themselves are playing. You think you hurt me, if anything you made people feel really bad about how you destroyed a benefit for kids...the kids have many backers, and so do I. The invitations already went out, and things all set up....oh poor ARTY cannot touch this one at all..The thing is ARTY pants, is I am good to my community and they know it, and they are here for me all the time. There is nothing I mean nothing you can further more articles for you to place trash on either...What pisses you off ARTY the fact Mark is my dearest friend?? Well buddy boy that will not ever change. So I got a good idea, why don't you just block fornits and stop your stupid spewing daily. You got to see how fucken crazy you are by now. Give everyone an early Christmas present leave people alone. I seriously got a vision of the and crazy jane sharing a room together at the nutty house. That is about the best you one day will have, you fricken fruitloop. So, as you are going insane on a forum, me I graduated oh yeah you stopped shit..lmao lmao lmao....Plus I am years younger than you so I got plenty time to imprint myself more on this life, your time is pretty much up, especially since your a nasty rasty fat piece of shit....All you did was get me to open my eyes wide open more as to who not to talk to in my family, thank you you did me a favor. I have my own family and that is perfectly fine with me. We are all having a kick ass holidays. All you that speak of Karma be real careful Karma may just bite you in the ass soon. Art you truly are sick saying a 4 year old got hurt over Karma???sick fucker. And oh my Karma got better the state stepped in and reopened my crash, I will get fuck your so called Karma buddy, mine got better...lmao lmao lmao.

More kind words from one of your dear friends Art,??? I told you she knew about you and your crimes, and what you did to Mason's benefit. You must feel good fucking over a little kid who almost died in the car accident. and calling it Karma. No wonder your so loved by many, ::unhappy:: Did you think that you would get away with your stunt.?? :rofl:  :rofl:  Your So Busted Again. :roflmao:  :roflmao:  :roflmao:  Bubby make Sharon stop :waaaa:  :waaaa:  :waaaa:  :waaaa: She's exposing me again, :rofl:  :rofl:  :heartbreak:  :heartbreak:  :heartbreak:  :heartbreak:  :heartbreak:  :waaaa:  :waaaa:  :waaaa:  :waaaa:

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Quote from: "SharonMcCarthy"
Hey Mark you guys still coming for Christmas?? I got a huge dinner planned...I am so excited to be seeing you dear friend. Hey guess who else is flying in?? ooops forgot no names on here, but we will all have a celebrational blast. Take care and Happy Holidays dear friend.

Yes we wouldn't miss it for anything, :cheers:  :cheers:  :rocker:  :rocker:  :peace:  :peace:

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Jordan Eisman is Artman's new boy toy.They constantly PM each other back n forth about how they want to stick matza balls up eack others butt and suck it out.Jordan recently became very bitter because his Daddy cut him off and now he will be forced out on the streets to fend for himself.Though the reality has happened yet but I'm sure it will very soon.
Jordan has to now explore the not so wonderful life of window washing car windsheilds at intersection for spare change.It will be a big step down from living off Daddy, but I'm sure with the help and support and anal sex from Artman, Skinny little Jordan will do just fine.Just what ever you do Jordan, when you sleep in a homeless shelter, make sure you hold on to your shoes real tight, you'll be needing those for walking

Is Jordan the reason you hate Gay people, ?? Did he break your heart,??? :waaaa:  :waaaa:  :waaaa:  :whip:  :whip:  :whip:  :heartbreak:  :heartbreak:  :heartbreak:  :heartbreak:  :heartbreak:  :heartbreak:  :heartbreak:  :heartbreak:  :heartbreak:  :heartbreak:  :heartbreak:  :heartbreak:  :heartbreak:  :heartbreak:  :heartbreak:  :heartbreak:  :heartbreak:  :heartbreak:  :heartbreak:  :heartbreak:  :heartbreak:  :heartbreak:  :heartbreak:  :heartbreak:

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