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Open Free for All / Re: Elan discussion from New Forum Policies
« on: April 12, 2011, 09:29:55 AM »
Quote from: "liarsexposed"
Oh Marky
So its just like Fornits.. You are excited to have your name in the paper ? LOL
You really ARE a dumb motherfucker Babitz. I have done a dozen interviews,picture in the Lewiston Journal,and Portland paper
Who fucking cares ya big baby
I havent stalked anyone,and I sincerely hope Petie isnt blowing smoke up my ass,as I would love to see him in a courtroom answering for his Bullshit of 10 years. But stalking .. that would be you Mr Babitz.. you are a sissy coward playing little girl games on the internet.. Same as Petie
So now that makes what ?.... 3-4 people participating in this... and thousands of ex-residents laughing at all of you
Elan didnt close because of anything you idiots did. You are simply 3 delusional fucks looking make yourselves feel better = for bragging rights
You couldnt care less about others or you wouldnt display these vile behaviors as you have,and do daily
Petie.. I would love to come to Ct to defend myself... Please make it so
HAs your family recieved the copies of your famous rants ?
They will as the Greenwich PD already has
Night Night

Hey Fartshitsky read the paper Stupid,,,,, ... wiwn07Gs8A ... g-jBxybnAA

Quote Sharon Terry;

Kernochan, McCarthy, Mark Babitz of Chicago and Matt Hoffman of Virginia are the core group behind the anti-Elan Internet campaign, and McCarthy runs the three-year-old Elan Survivors Group. She estimated that there are about 400 members of the support group, with membership growing since the closure was announced as memories surfaced. ... a_kI2vscZA ... 0Lcr9IezBA

Gee Fartshitsky, We are famous and your still an Ass, Couldn't find any Elan Closing articles with your name ,Farty,But I know they knew you were there in stalking spirit.

You looser,. You have almost as much neg publicity as Elan when I Google your name, You are Ex-Staff "Fartshitsky" and yes we got you fucks, Go practice your control crap with Ex-Saffer Danny, Aka Diablo.Yes Art,, Busted Again.News Papers don't lie just you Farty.Read it you Ass-Hole, I am noted in the closing of Elan and your name is now where, LOL. And thats because your an Abuser and Pedophile, as you have admitted and been busted for . Sorry Fartshitsky your still that lonesome Looser and Abuser at the junk yard,, That no one will ever know about, for any kind of good. just your Abuses and Stalking of people,That will be and is your legacy... :waaaa:  :waaaa:  :waaaa:  :waaaa:

The only way your name will make the paper is when The Elan Reporter takes you to court.LOL :rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl: The Elan Reporter is on Garbage Detail, this month, a voluntary position. and, your some of what he needs to throw out,Your Odor is getting to everyone.The Reporter has you so busted, all the Reporter and me could do is laugh at you, when I saw the Reporter in Ct. last month while filming Elan. :beat:  :beat:  :beat:  :cheers:  :cheers:

Open Free for All / Re: Elan discussion from New Forum Policies
« on: April 11, 2011, 04:45:50 PM »
Quote from: "liarsexposed"
I highly suggest you call your pal Marky
He is known all over Fox Lake as the Blowjob Queen
From what I hear .. He swallows too
I cant say for sure.. But I bet he would love to act out all of those nasty sex practices you write about so often
At the very least.. HE will suck you off to completion

Oh Fartshitsky:

Well at least this Dumb Fuck is starting  to relies I am not the" Elan Reporter"  That Art has been stalking all these years.Yes Art you have been Stalking the Elan Reporter and your Busted Again. Even when he has just handed you your Ass you still Stalk him and me, you sick fuck,LOL, Hey Elan is closed and my name made all the paper's,So did Sharon's and Matt"s. I didn't see your's anywhere,Sharon Terry even named us as one of the main causes, I didn't see you getting any honorable mention You Jack Ass.Oh that was my $45.000 F350 King Ranch,I was in the day my buddy and me got that Jeep regulator from you, Oh and it's mine," Matt", saw it and was in it last month in Va. .As you didn't know I was standing right in front of you that day, nor do you know anything about me Farty.But I know allot about you,, And thats because I am Smarter than you Farty. You are an Ass and always will be ,and you will never have the things I have in life, because your not that Smart. :waaaa:  :waaaa:  :waaaa:  :waaaa:  :waaaa:  :beat:  :beat:  :beat:  :beat:

Open Free for All / Re: Elan discussion from New Forum Policies
« on: April 08, 2011, 09:45:26 PM »
Quote from: "The Elan Reporter"
fArt that was you fella. Don't try to mix me up with the crude acts that you performed in real life. You raped an under age girl, and she posts at this forum. DUMBASS!!! :roflmao:

You did cop to that guilt Farty. ::poke::  ::poke::  ::poke::  ::poke::  ::poke::

Open Free for All / Re: Arthur Wartshitsky
« on: April 08, 2011, 09:44:08 PM »
Quote from: "The Elan Reporter"
I guess I handed fArt his ass and shut his drunk ass up.  :tup:  :tup:  :tup:  :cheers:  :rocker:  :rofl:  :rofl:

How come you never leave any Ass for me P,??
By the time I come along he is all beat down, How ever if you have never had the misfortune of meeting Farty," Reporter", Let me tell you, he is a Hideous man in his personal appearance as well as social. He works in a junk yard with some other big fat fuck, in a filthy dirty office," Fred G. Sanford" had a nicer yard in Watts. I was standing there and some guy came in looking for a tail gate for a ford and Farty treated him like an ass-hole. I caught humor in the fact I was standing in front of the Fartster and he didn't even know it. Thats why I tend not to shoot my mouth off too much to the wrong people, You never know who might be standing across from you some day.The window regulator worked great, Oh Farty your so clever, just like Sharon Terry,and your friend Danny. :cheers:  :cheers:  :cheers: Have another drink and give 8-Ball  shot in the cheeks for me.

Elan School / Re: Elan Class Action
« on: March 19, 2011, 12:13:06 AM »
Quote from: "liarsexposed"
That would be a good place to find your old friends
I wish you the best

Oh go Fuck Yourself  :twofinger:  Farty,The window regulator worked great thank's  :o  ;D  I would have enter duce myself but you were busy with that gentlemen and the ford tail gate you had in the box. nice office just what I expected to see  ::OMG::  ::OMG:: , thanks again great parts and service. :rocker:  :rocker:  :rocker:  :beat:  :smashcomp:  :smashcomp:  :smashcomp:  :smashcomp:  :smashcomp:

Elan School / Re: Ken Zaretzky
« on: February 12, 2011, 10:11:18 AM »
Quote from: "liarsexposed"
Leave it to Mark Babitz to talk shit about someone who just died.
Lets reflect Marky
1)Ursus posted Ken's pic to honor him.. You posted my picture to harrass me.. Along with my phone number address,and other private info about me
2) You and Ken were children 30 some years ago.. He went on to become educated and well liked,and respected by many.. You are still hated by most,havent grown up (obviously) and remain an uneducted internet troll.. Seeking attention here @ Fornits.
You are just jealous of people who have a life beyond your abilities.
Dont you have another site to play on and seek attention ? Maybe somewhere that you can actually use your 15-20 alias'
Your opinion is as unwanted,as you are unwelcome in any forum.
The only reason you havent been kicked out of here is they just dont do that
Oh and Marky... I wont be going to Hell.. this I am sure of
But you wont be lonely... Sharon and whomever else will be meeting you there
Seek help dude.. You are one whacked out little man

Oh pull your head out of Ursus's Ass "Art" your a fraud,if your relationship was so tight and well put together, you would have taken that 1 hr ride to Skokie and payed last respect, but you didn't. If a friend of mine die's, I will travel to say good by,I still go to Skokie once a month or so to visit old friends from when I was growing up there, and it's not that far.12-Lake Cook-53-Chicago,not hard to find or get to.I thought you grew up in Skokie Art,?? No friends you could have stop to see,and made maybe a more positive trip out of it instead of the grief of a funeral,?? I don't know Art sounds like Bull-Shit "Bandwagon" again.If he was my friend, and he was not, I would have definitely drove to Skokie, then stopped off and visited some friends to take my mind off of the funeral and went home feeling good. Don't you have any friends in Skokie,?? probably not. :cheers:  :cheers:  :cheers:  :waaaa:  :waaaa:  :cheers:  :cheers:

Elan School / Re: Ken Zaretzky
« on: February 11, 2011, 02:20:34 PM »
Quote from: "Paul St. John"
Leave it to Mark Babitz to talk shit about someone who just died.

But at least he's being honest.


Thanks for your response Paul, as you know let's keep it real here,I won't lie or feed into something to find my expertnesses, And some of these people do it all the time.Anyone who was there, doesn't remember a kind young man, sneaky and hiding around the corner was more like it.He would always come up and chum up to the new residents and see what they had to say so he could book them.I remember that young curly headed fuck very well, I would have thought him and me would have had some common ground coming from the North Shore's of Chicago,at least thats how things would have worked in Jail or Prison.not even close he would try and play everyone to win Pan Face's and Gottliebs approval.Let's keep it real here , How many ex- residents do you think went to Joe's Funeral and sent best wishes and condolences,?? Probably not allot,so why send blessing to one of his Disciples,?? I would never wish any of them death, but when they go I see no loss to the world, They had a chance to help,instead they hurt.

PS. Joe Ricci never had an open funeral nor obituary,no grave registration nothing, does anyone have to ask why,?? You can find out anything else about Joe, except were he is buried. :jawdrop:  A milliner show off, always the center of attention and controversy,never would shut up and go along with the programs of life,His own Kid's hated him and damed him openly,Ran for Gov of Maine etc, and he didn't a 5000 car parade around the State Maine,??

Sharon Terry didn't want anyone to dig him up and hang him from the roof of Parsonsfield, or shove him into the basement or attic of Poland Springs,The man was plain Evil. I bet snow doesn't cover his grave,it melt off from the heat of hell.

Of course Art will jump in and, Ursus posting Kens pic from FB ?? thats one of the things Art took this site to hearing on and got it shut down for awhile, a shot while I might add. The Elan Alum Site is for condolences,.Keep It Real. :cheers:  :cheers:

Elan School / Re: Ken Zaretzky
« on: February 11, 2011, 12:49:45 PM »
Quote from: "liarsexposed"
Thanks for sharing the negative Marky
Its not suprising, that you can take any words,or situation,and turn it into something its not  meant to be. You have Zero class,and positively no manners
Speaking ill of the dead..and you call yourself a Jew
Long after Ken is dead and burried.. You will burn in hell. While there are many who will attend this funeral,unfortunatelky I cannot.
The day you die Marky.. Dozens will dance on your grave,just before I and others will piss on it
You are scum babitz
Do the world a favor and kill yourself
                                                                                      Oh "Art" your just band wagoning again, He had zero class and played the world,And Yes I Am A Jew and proud of it ,And when I see him in Hell I will tell him my feelings :cheers:  while we wait for you,if they let you in.I hear the Gentile's took over. ::OMG::  ::OMG::  ::fullofshit::  ::fullofshit::

Elan School / Re: Ken Zaretzky
« on: February 11, 2011, 10:28:25 AM »
Quote from: "rjwiii"
As many of you may already know, Ken Zaretzky, the founder of, passed away Sunday, February 7, 2011. Ken was 54 years old. He leaves behind 3 daughters and a wife.

Ken was never about what was good or bad about Elan, Ken was always about keeping the Elan promise of always having a place to turn for help, find friends or just having someone to talk to that shared your experience.

I knew Ken for almost 15 years and I will miss him a lot. Please join me in keeping Ken and his family in our thoughts during this difficult time.

Elanalum,com was Ken's website and he and I have been collaborating on parts of it for the past few years. The recent rewrite is 95% mine and I will continue to develop it. I will have to move the site to a different server shortly since Ken was footing the bill for the server.

Good bye, Ken. You will be missed by many. I will keep the promise going.

Rich W.
Elan 6, 1978-1980
Elan Alum Webmaster

Ken was a Weasel and a Snake, he stabbed anyone in the back he could at Elan, he kissed up to all the staff and worshiped Joe, Marty and Jeff.The Elan site he started was a tribute to Joe and Dr Dave,in order to be his friend I believe on FB it said he would review you,What kind of stuff is that,?? what past was he hiding from, Oh the Ken I knew and was in Elan with was not nice at all just the opposite, I don't know what he did with the rest of his life, But he had plenty of guilt from his past, Maybe he can cop to it when he see's Mr J. Shipletts his old roommate at Elan after he graduated and stayed on there, ... lett&hl=en   There is a long story behind that and Ken got pulled back in right after, and was forbidden to talk about the incident. Do people hold grudges,?? you bet and some never forget. Like you will hate me forever for this post,. To the end Ken kept contact with the people he also claimed were wrong and abusive.???? I guess thats the question,?? He might have changed his ways,but not his mind.You can't straddle the fence in cases like Elan and abuse, your ether in or out.
Quote from: "liarsexposed"
Damn shame about Ken
We didnt always see eye to eye.. But Ken was a good man
At least the Ken I knew anyway
Will include his family in my prayers
                                                                 As Art said,, as he knew him, and I don't discount Art's sincerity  But lets not put him on a podium, Ursus is posting his FB pic,   isn't that what Art wanted to have everyone arrested for,??? Let Ken rest were ever that may be,probably and hopefully with Joe and Davidson and the rest.

Open Free for All / Re: Elan discussion from New Forum Policies
« on: January 21, 2011, 10:55:26 AM »
Quote from: "liarsexposed"
Well Marky
its been days since we were blessed with your juvenile drivel.
another site you have been run off
Its nice to see you have found some other place,perhaps where people dont know you to spew your hate and bile
its possible,that without you,fornits could be a place to gather and share our common bond
Personally,I just spent 5 days on vacation in Va with an old friend from Elan
Guess what Marky
We never even talked about Elan,or you and your antics
Wishing you all a nice day,free of hate and bile
and of course Marky

How you went to VA. to visit someone form Elan you say you were with, and for 5 days you never spoke of Elan???????? Sounds like bull-shit,,, but it's your story Art. If I went to see and old friend from High School or worse Elan, I can't see how the old days wouldn't come up in conversation, Heck thats one of the reason to get together and be reminiscent and talk about the fun simpler days or how we made it threw the bad times and are OK now.I think you can understand how odd you statement sounds Art. 5 Days and no Elan conversation good or bad,?????? May Peace be with you Art, :peace:  :peace:  :peace:  :peace:

Open Free for All / Re: Elan discussion from New Forum Policies
« on: January 07, 2011, 05:14:05 PM »
Quote from: "liarsexposed"
Poor Marky
You are the King of Vile/Bile.. and for 10 years
Look at all you have accomplished
You've made yourself look like a raving psychotic idiot
AND you've been run off how many websites now Marky ? I bet you've lost count!
I think your ratings have slipped. Same people come to read about nasty Marky (suck a cock) Babbletits
But only to laugh at you and feel sorry for a sick fuck,still under Elan's control
tell Sharon I am crushed.. It may take MOMENTS to get over her latest fuck you

You never let me down, you are one sick fuck Art .......And ' Sharon ' said you had a little dick too and it was funny shaped,?? what ever that meant.None the less go fuck yourself ,,you have been busted agian, :waaaa:  :waaaa:  :rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl:  :roflmao:  :roflmao:  :roflmao: Busted Again............ :waaaa:  :waaaa:  :clown:  :clown:  :clown:  :clown:  :beat:  :smashcomp:  :smashcomp:  :smashcomp:  :smashcomp:  :smashcomp:  :smashcomp:

Open Free for All / Re: Elan discussion from New Forum Policies
« on: January 06, 2011, 01:02:08 PM »
Quote from: "liarsexposed"
IF.. A pretty big IF
what you are saying is true
Tell me why "Someone" is calling you to tell you of my writings ? After all, Its "Somebody" who has been baiting and playing little trollboy. Your pal,with "Special investigative powers" like Superman.
Its all come full-circle but you are too stupid to see it.
This is what Marky does. Day in,Day out.. Marky wants trouble,debate,and someone to fall for his trolling. thats how he has been seeking attention for 10 years. If you have been gone,he has missed you. Because without you.. He is alone
Pretty sad day, when the best Marky can do for attention,amusement is troll a forum as multiple persona's
but then we've been here before
Happy New Year

e: Elan discussion from New Forum Policies
by marky mark » 03 Jan 2011, 05:55

Mark Babbletits is a fucking idiot. He gets his ejollies in by posting massive spam posts of articles attempting to out people for shit they've never done in places they've never even been to. Babbletit's googlefu is so fucking weak that he's consistently accusing others of crimes in places they've never been let alone even heard of.

Worst, it is understood in some circles, that Marky Mark Babbletits had a sick little sideline as a rentboy.

That's right folks.

Rumors have it that Babbletits made his way through Elan by pimping out his own virgin asshole to the likes of Sweet Danny "I'm a fucking program loving cocksucker" Bennison. I'm sure Babbletits and Danny "The Nasty Little Buttfucker" Bennison spent countless hours pleasuring each other somehow.

I don't even want to think how much cock Sharon sucked to get through Elan. Quite the accomplished little cum guzzler is my best guess. I mean what the fuck else can she do to pay the rent on her house for her 18 kids with 19 different daddies?

Art go fuck yourself and get a life,You have once again proven your a fool and a sick fuck, not that anyone doubted it. Tell 8 Ball my nuts itch again,  and " Sharon " say's Fuck Off. :fuckoff:  :fuckoff:  :karma:  :karma:, I await your vile and ignorant response. :waaaa:  :waaaa:  :cheers:  :cheers:

Open Free for All / Re: Elan discussion from New Forum Policies
« on: December 27, 2010, 09:45:32 AM »
Mark babbletits did you ever cum in your own mouth? lol[/quote]

No.But I did blow my load in 8 Ball Ass, sorry she shit all over the couch.
You have a new plasma to take your mind off of it, right??? :rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl: I will send you a "Blue- Ray " disc of me pounding your Mother and Able both in the Ass. We had your daughter's film the show,Thats why they felt compelled to get you a Cheap New TV to watch it on. 60"  Plasma :jawdrop: That should cover the whole wall in your living room. You have your own Plitt Theater.Did you know Plasma's are one of the worst kind of set's to buy,?? They have a very short life spand and burn images into the screen.


The Disadvantages of Plasma TV

Of course, not all technologies are perfect, and Plasma TVs do have some disadvantages compared to other TV technologies. Take a look below, but in the end, like us, you will probably agree that Plasma TV advantages outweigh these concerns:

-Potential Burn-In: Because of the phosphor technology in Plasma TVs (see How Plasma TVs Work), it is possible for traces of an image to be 'burned-in' to the display. This is generally only a concern in commercial uses, where images are displayed for long-periods of time. Those that watch stations that offer news tickers may also need to be careful. Burn-in can generally be avoided by making sure that you do not keep a constant image on the screen for extended periods (sometimes as little as 20 minutes), either by turning the television off, or changing the channel.

-Lower Brightness: Although still considerably brighter than rear-projection TVs, direct view and LCD TVs often are able to provide a brighter picture. This is generally only readily noticeable if watching in a very brightly lit room. Latest generation Plasma TVs have improved on the brightness issue considerably, and our only real warning would be to those that plan to do the majority of their viewing in a room exposed to afternoon sun.

-Not the Lightest or Slimmest: Although Plasma TVs are MUCH lighter and thinner compared to direct view and rear projection TVs, a lighter, slimmer technology does exist: LCD TVs. LCD TVs use the same technology as used in most laptop computers. However, it should be noted that LCD TVs are not generally available in the same sizes as Plasma TVs, and in those rare cases that they are, they generally cost considerably more.

-Price: Yes, this is a disadvantage and an advantage. Although Plasma TVs are considerably cheaper than comparably-sized LCD or LCoS TVs, they do cost more than direct view and rear-projection TVs. Of course, it must be mentioned that direct view HDTVs do not exist in the sizes that Plasma TV offers (namely 42-inch and 50-inch models).

-Shorter Life: Compared to other television technologies, Plasma TVs do generally have a shorter life span, and there is no option to repair a burnt out tube or backlight. Most Plasma TVs have a life span of 20,000-30,000 hours based on manufacturer's estimates. This life span is commonly referred to as the Plasma TV half-life, as it is the number of hours over which the Plasma TV will loose approximately half of it's brightness.

Of course, we should note that a Plasma TV with a 20,000 hour life would allow you to watch 4 hours of TV per day for approximately 13.7 years. Even at 8 hours per day, your Plasma TV should provide you with nearly 7 years of enjoyment. So, for most of us, this should not be an issue, and a Plasma TV is a worthy investment.

-Fragility: Plasma TVs are a very fragile technology, and the units are quite easy to damage. Extreme care must be used when moving them, as even laying the Plasma display on it's side can have adverse effects, possibly damaging the unit irreparably.

lasma TV Disadvantages

However, the disadvantages of Plasma vs LCD include: more susceptible to burn-in (although this is not as much of a factor now, due to technology improvements in the past few years), more heat generation (as well as more power consumption), does not perform as well at higher altitudes, screen glare in brightly lit rooms, heavier weight, and more delicate to ship.

LCD TV Advantages

LCD TV advantages include no burn-in susceptibility, cooler running, less screen glare, more functional at high altitudes, longer display life (although improvements are being made in Plasma screen life), looks better in brightly lit rooms, and less power consumption than Plasma.

Also, LCD TVs have made great strides in upping-the-ante in native pixel resolution, with a growing number of sets offering a full 1080p (1920x1080) display capability at affordable price levels in screen sizes ranging from 37-inches and up. On the other hand, the number of Plasma Televisions offering 1080p native pixel resolution are increasing, there are aren't as many affordable 1080p choices in the 42-inch screen size, as well as being more expensive in comparison to their LCD counterparts.

One factor to consider in favor of LCD over Plasma (at least for the near future) is that if you are planning to purchase a Blu-ray Disc, HD-DVD, or Upscaling DVD Player, LCD may be a more cost-effective option as you can get a 1080p LCD set from 37-to-42-inches at a lower price than and 42-inch size Plasma set that has 1080p resolution. Also, if you are looking for a smaller screen television, Plasma TVs have not been available in screen sizes below 42-inches for some time now.

One other factor to consider is that LCD TVs are typically lighter (when comparing same screen sizes) than their Plasma counterparts, making wall installation easier.

I have LCD's in all my rooms at home and up north at the vacation home too.

We know you want to buy a flat screen TV, but do not know if a plasma TV or LCD would be the best choice This article explains the differences between the plasma compared to LCD TVs, then shows you how to get the best price for a plasma or LCD TV

We know you want to buy a flat screen TV, but do not know if a plasma TV or LCD would be the best choice.

This article explains the differences between the plasma compared to LCD TVs, then shows you how to get the best price for a plasma or LCD TV.

Plasma TVs

Screen of a plasma television is made up of millions of colored gas filled cells. When electricity passes through the cells that light up and produce an image.

Plasma TVs have a much higher resolution than tube TV screens. In reality, the picture is so clear, it is almost like watching a scene through a window.

The dimensions of the widescreen 42 "to 65" wide and are 3 "to 4" thick.


LCD (light crystal display) TV screens are made of a thin layer of liquid crystals sandwiched between two sheets of glass. When electricity is sent through the crystals an array of tiny color pixels light up to create an image.

LCD TVs are thinner and lighter than plasma screens. Are most of your computer screen, and are rapidly gaining popularity as TV screens.

LCD TVs are 1 / 4 "to 4" thick and 2 "to 65" wide.

LCD or Plasma TV Features

Image Quality

When it comes to what kind of TV screen is more sensitive and shows more detail, plasma TVs have a slight edge over LCD TVs, LCD TVs are catching up.

Plasma TVs are also a bit ''better when it comes to viewing angle - how you can sit next to a television screen before the picture quality is concerned.

Screen Life

The life of the screen is the number of hours a television provides before the picture begins to fade. Plasma TVs have a screen life of about 30,000 to 60,00 hours, depending on the make and model, while LCD televisions have a screen life of 60,000 hours or more.

Plasma TVs are also subject to "burn" This happens when a TV displays an image still long enough for a ghost image to burn into the screen. LCD TVs do not have this problem.


Both plasma and LCD TVs display HD (high definition), the signs of a sharper, more three dimensional picture. LCD TV, however, have a slightly higher resolution (more pixels on the screen), then plasma TVs.

Video Games

Plasma and LCD are both great for video games, however, because of the tendency of a plasma TV screen burn in on an LCD TV is the best choice if you play many video games.


LCD TVs are thinner and lighter than plasma TVs, making it easier to move and easier to mount on a wall.

LCD TV or Plasma TV Prices

When it comes to what kind of TV gives you more for your money, depends on what you''re looking for.

If you''re looking for - big screen TV - 42 "or larger plasma TVs are currently cheaper than LCD TVs of similar size. When I recently compared prices of 42-inch plasma TV cheapest was $ 999, while the cheapest LCD TV was $ 1367.

When it comes to television, I could not find plasma TVs less than 42. "The cheapest 32" LCD TV I found was $ 619, while the cheapest 27 "LCD TV was $ 550.

Over all the Plasma is the weakest of the "TV Set's" out there now and the most trouble to maintain, they dont last long ether about 7-12 years maybe. The screen burn is the worst part of the set.Sports games really cause damage because of the score board's always being on the screen and the surface they play on.
You should have called I could have guided you,I learned about the new TV's some years ago when I started converting to new TV's. I too thought the Plasma was the shit,but once I saw the prices and how long they lasted,I reconsidered quick.I have considered LED,but will wait a couple of years to see how happy my friends are with theirs.

LED TV Reviews

The latest technology and buzz in the HDTV marked is surrounding LED TV’s.  LED HDTV’s are known for being super thin and displaying a great image.  They tend to have a much great contract than competing flat panels and combine the benefits of LCD TV’s and Plasma TV’s into one.  One of LCD HDTV’s downfalls is not being able to display true blacks.  Plasma HDTV’s tend to not be as bright as a comparable LCD.  LED TV’s show blacks similar to a plasma TV but are brighter than LCD TV’s – the best of both worlds.

One of the early leaders in LED TV’s so far has been Samsung with several LED models available.  LED HDTV prices are still a little steep but dropping quickly.  If you’re in the market for a new HDTV, you should definitely check out the latest LED TV reviews before dropping a few thousand dollars.


Samsung UN40B6000 4…

Samsung UN55B8000 5…

Samsung UN40B7000 4…

Samsung UN46B8000 4…

Samsung UN46B6000 4…

Samsung UN55B6000 5…

Sony Bravia XBR KDL-…

LG 47LG90 47-Inch LED…

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Open Free for All / Re: Elan discussion from New Forum Policies
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The Elan Dictionary

(terms with pages open in a new window for convenience)

Acquiring Guilt- knowingly breaking Elan rules

“Act as if”- “blindly follow our rules as if they were true, regardless of what you may actually believe”

Acting Out- not following the rules

The Annex- a place we sometimes went for gym, it was a building off campus; it was great to go there because we got to get into a bus, this was a big deal

Announcements (see Basics)- a sitting resident would raise their hand until COD called on them, they would ask to make an announcement and if answered with a yes, they would approach the front of the dining room and loudly exclaim “Can I have everyone’s attention please!”, at this point every resident in sight was expected to instantly stop whatever they were doing, including talking (mid-sentence) and look up to the resident making the announcement; a typical announcement was “Quiet down please, the house is too loud”, in the process of making one announcement 20 or 30 people would be booked by zones for not pausing quick enough

Bagel Day

Ban (5 foot) or (10 foot)- used against two or more residents, this LE meant that you had to be at least that many feet from one another at all times, 24 hours a day, under the punishment of being booked; this was an LE usually reserved for those accused of having a serious contract, this could also be effectively used to keep two or more new residents in check if they are all independently considered to be split-risks; other residents loved this because it gave them a chance to book you if you broke it by even 6 inches

Basics- book incidents, drop slips, relate, get your stuff accepted

Baseball- a sport the boys played once a week during the summer, house vs. house, one of the few times you realized their were other people on the complex, you would be booked for not wearing your ‘house shirt’ on that day

Basketball team-

Basketball Court

Bathroom, using the

Bathroom Stall doors

Bathroom Privs

“Be aware?”- asking a third party to “witness” an interaction

Bedbox- a 12 inch long/6 inch wide/4 inch deep plastic box which was housed every resident’s “personal stuff”, this included your soap dish, toothbrush, toothpaste, and anything else you “earned” the right to have, you were only allowed to have whatever you could fit into the box, and the lid had to fit

Big Brother/Sister

Big Kitchen- attached to the Elan 3 building, it was run by an adult chef who turned out the meals for the complex with the help of an EMBC resident

Blast- a punishment reserved for member of the X’s, a quick knocking session where the lower rank was yelled at very loudly, usually for a security flaw, and given an LE; many people could be blasted at once

The Book- an actual notebook carried around by a high strength know as SOD, students would approach SOD and “book” other students; a student could get booked for anything (even something positive, though this rarely, if ever, happened); you could book multiple students at once and more than one student could book a single student; since students had to book others on a daily basis, the book itself could consist of over 300 incidents daily; the book was handed over to a staff member who would judge each incident and write a consequence (see LE) depending on the nature of the incident; each incident required a dealing crew, and it would be taken out as either a VR, VRtt, or the rare tt; the book was supposed to be a tool for the children to be able to hold one another accountable, but was more often used as a weapon to torment and get back at one another; it was further proof that you were always under surveillance; you didn’t find out until the following day what you were booked for, and every day you were booked at least once, only once if you were lucky

Booked in school, getting- you could get booked by teachers for offenses like talking back, falling asleep, or getting on their bad side; it was very bad to get booked in school and would lead to very serious consequences

Booking Incidents (see Basics)

Bottom Bunk Privs

Bright L.E.- a learning experience usually reserved for split-risks and new residents with “images” or attitude problems; it involved a bright pair of short shorts (usually pink), and a bright short sleeve t-shirt (usually orange)

Bring-ups- a basic request written on a small piece of paper which had to be reviewed and then accepted by multiple people above you in the house structure, once you had the proper signatures, you had to raise your hand and hand the “slip” to COD, who would eventually take it back to the staff office to be answered with either a Y or a N; staff would hand it back to COD, eventually, and eventually it would make its way back to you; a very common bring-up was to use the bathroom or request a glass of water  


Business Office (location)

Business Office Crew (BO)- a group of students in charge of the business aspects of the house; like how many candy-packs and sodas needed to be ordered and who would received them  

Call- a loud exclamation made by a staff member or student which is then echoed across the house by the zones

Candy Packs- formerly cigarette packs, a candy pack was a pack of gum and a couple tootsie-pops; these were handed out to those who earned them that week

Cardinal Rules- no sex, no drugs, no violence; breaking a cardinal rule could set your time in Elan back to zero, lead to a 3-house GM, Ring, or long stint in The Corner

Challenge- not agreeing with another student’s pull-up, you had to do it anyway and then wait 20 minutes before you could “challenge” it; “Challenge it in 20!” was a common come-back for anyone who reacted to an order you gave them

Chief!- a “call” which was echoed loudly by the zones, meaning that a very serious and potentially dangerous and/or violent action was currently occurring or about to occur; the Chief was one of the only people in the house allowed to answer violence with violence at his or her discretion

Chief (rank)- Chief of police, chief of security, the house bad-ass, the guy or girl you did not want to mess with

Chief Key- opens the lock to the back closet, where the flashlights and zipties are housed

Class- highest ranking strength sits by the door

Clean & Deal- occurring 3 or 4 times a day, the period of time reserved for cleaning the house and taking out dealing crews to bring down the book

Cleaning Elan One and Switchboard- every day two people were chosen to sweep, dust, and mop the offices at Elan One and at the Switchboard, they were given a very strict time-limit  


Clothing- we were allowed only the bare minimum of clothing and it could not represent a brand or portray a personal image; all of our clothing fit into our one drawer with jackets and shoes in the closet

Clothing Chart- every day a resident was in charge of cataloguing what every resident of the house was wearing, this made it easy to see if anyone was wearing dark-on-dark and making sure they were dealt with and taken back into the dorms to change; the clothing chart had to be finished before  breakfast ended; if someone split, they were easier to find based on knowing their clothing in advance

COD- Coordinator on Duty; every day a Coordinator was chosen to run the house from morning to night, anything that went wrong that day was considered that students fault, especially security flaws or problems with the schedule; if there were only two Coordinators because the others were shutdown or demoted, then those two had to switch every other day  


Communications Office

Communications Office Crew (CM)

Concept Christmas- since the staff wanted to be home for Christmas, the students in the house had to celebrate “Christmas” up to a week earlier and then treat December 25 like any other normal day


Contract aka Contracting-Out- acting loose with a certain person, not treating another resident the way you are forced to treat all the others, being friendly with somebody else, having an inside joke with somebody else, not getting your feelings off for a certain person for too long

Coordinator (rank)- the first rank in the house where you are allowed to bring-up for Graduation Dates

Coordinator Meeting- at the end of everyday, COD goes back to the Staff Office with the other Coordinators to discuss Worker of the Day and

Coordinator 6-pack- formerly known as Coordinator carton (of cigarettes), being a Coordinator got you a 6-pack of soda every week, some used them as rewards to give to workers

“Cop to your guilt!” aka “Cop to it”- being handed a blank piece of paper and told to fill it up with your “Guilt” and the LE’s you feel like you deserve for having that particular Guilt

The Corner aka isolation- being forced into one of the offices which is then cleared out to become an isolation room, you are put into a wooden chair a few inches away from the corner of the room and watched by an SP who catalogs everything that you do or say

Corrupt, being- knowingly acquiring guilt and/or abusing your power, especially while in a position of Strength or High-Strength

Couch Privs-

Cross Country

Dark-on-Dark- wearing dark pants or shorts and a dark shirt at the same time, any clothing which would make you easily blend into the forest if you ran away

“Deal!”- an order to become a part of a 4-person dealing crew(s)

Dealing Crew- 4 people (both Strength and Non) forced to give out VR’s and/or tt’s to a resident(s) who was booked or who did something which would require a dealing crew; most dealing crews ended with an LE which was then told to the person on the zone whose job it was to keep a written record of the punishments

De-licing- a treatment you had to use when first entering Elan, or when coming back from a visit, you immediately went to a shower upon entering the house and were given a “treatment” to wash your hair with; this also gave staff the time to go through your pockets and otherwise search whatever you entered the house with

Demoted- losing your job and being forced into a lower position

Department Head (rank)- the leader of a crew, in charge of the Ramrods and Workers of your crew, you mainly answer to the Coordinator of your crew

Department Head of the week?

Dichotomy or In dichotomy- Elan-speak for “in rank” or according to your position on the house structure sheet; we would pass out the food in dichotomy, we also Knocked in dichotomy

Dining Room- the biggest room in my house, where most of the day was spent

Dining Room charts- a student-made chart which was later approved by staff, changed weekly, which recorded where everyone had to sit in the dining room; people were moved around a lot to prevent Contracts from forming

The Dorms- where we all slept, the place where we never were

Dorm accepted, getting your

Dorm changes- every week we all had to switch beds and/or dorms, we had to move all of our clothing and our bedbox to the new bed and/or dorm

Dorm charts- a student-made chart which was later approved by staff, changed weekly, which recorded where everyone had to sleep; people were moved around a lot to prevent contracts from forming

Drawer- we all had an assigned drawer in our dorm, it was about as big as a bedbug, all of our clothes had to be tightly rolled up to fit

Dropping Slips (see Basics)- we had to take a small slip of paper, write TO: (name of resident who gave us a feeling) FR: (name of resident dropping the slip) and a letter representing one of the 5 basic feelings with a circle around it (see Five Basic Feelings); these slips were recorded at the end of everyday and apparently used to form Encounter Group rosters

e4 meal (corner student)- the meal for the corner student, it was supposed to represent (e)ssential four, which was Elan-speak for just give them barely enough, we all starve, but make them really feel it  

Echos, zone- Zones were supposed to “echo”, or loudly scream, all calls so that a call made in one part of the house would reach the entire house within seconds; this added even more screaming to a house already filled with too much

Education Privs- if you are in The Corner, you have lost your right to an education, if you remain in The Corner for many, many months in a row, you may bring up for education privs

The Elan Philosophy- a bunch of psychobabble written on a piece of wood hanging from the front of the dining room, the Elan Philosophy was read by a student every single morning and night and by every new resident on their first day

E.M.B.C.- (e)arly (m)orning (b)reakfast (c)ook

Encapsulate it- absorb it, be it, believe it

Encounter Group-

“Everything Blows!”- in the dorms: lights out, no sudden movements, no sitting up in bed, no getting out of bed, no more talking, if someone sneezes, you better not say “God bless you”; go to sleep, or else

Exercise Privs- you are not allowed to so much as do a single sit-up in Elan without first earning the right

Expeditor (rank)- the first rank of Strength, your first taste of security detail

Eyes as in “Having Eyes for someone”- being sexually interested in someone

Facial Hair Privs- only Full Coordinator or above could earn facial hair

Falling asleep while pulling- shotdown


Fire Hazard-

Five basic feelings- A for anger, I for intimidation, J for jealousy, L for loneliness

Flashlights- kept locked in a closet only the chief has the key to, only

Floor, the- a term used for “the house”, the place where we performed for “the program”, not in the dorms

Front closet aka broom closet

Full Coordinator- a position in the house almost never reached by anyone, it meant that you did such a good job as a Coordinator that you were promoted, it meant that you did not have to be COD as often and that you were now in charge of the other Coordinators

Gamey aka “Playing Games”- being sexually suggestive

General Meeting- everyone in the house getting

“Get your feelings off!”- let the screaming begin, talking loudly isn’t correct, screaming is correct

G.I.- scrub with a sponge  

G.I. toilets/movie/mops/trashcans/1hr/2hr/



Graduation Dates


Guilt Letter

Guru (rank)

Gym- once a week

Haircut day- every few months someone came in and cut everyones hair, only the most basic cuts were allowed so as not to enhance anyone’s image

Haircut privs-

Head count, make a- performed multiple times throughout the day, Headcounts was called to the dining room to read the names of the house population, a verbal response was needed from each student before moving on to the next name; those not there required confirmation from a Coordinator or staff


High Strength- Shingle Expeditor rank and above

Hitting the pan- doing all the house dishes in rapid succession

Hogtie(d)- using tiptoes on the hands, then feet, then zipping those two sections together behind the back of the child, and laying them on their stomach

Holding a zone- temporarily guarding a zone, for example: to let the person assigned to the zone get their feelings off without leaving the zone unprotected

Holding Big Brother/Sister-

Holding the SP-

Hospital Corners-

“House in the Dining Room!”-

House Meeting

House trips

House Wake Up!- screamed loudly every morning at 7am sharp, this is how we all woke-up, every morning

House Wake Up! General Meeting!- waking up the house instantly to a General Meeting

Hygiene Time

Image aka Imaging Out- whatever made you you before Elan, this included your style, aka yo, prep, hippie, etc…

Jewelry Privs

Kitchen (location)

Kitchen Crew (KC)

Knock! aka Knocking (see Dealing Crew)

Knee pads- a small piece of material you could request to use while doing a long stint of GI’ing, it was meant to protect the bones in your knees from the hard tile floors you were going to spend many hours kneeling on

Laces, loosing- your shoelaces were taken away, making it next to impossible to attempt a split

The Lake

Laundry Day


Letter privs

Lights Blow!- no more lights in the dorms, you can still talk or sit up in bed, but you cannot leave your bed without being considered a split-risk


“Little Red Schoolhouse”

Long sleeve shirt privs


Maine Visit

The meal aka meal kicks/blows

the Meal, taking out-

MMR- news, weather, poem; title page and content page

Morning Meeting

Music Privs- music must be earned

New Resident- anyone who has been in Elan for under 4 months

Night Guard- in the woods

Nightman- in the house


On campus visit

One on One- a male and female left alone, this was never allowed

Out of Dining Room Privs

“Out there”- the normal world, the one you kind of remember before spending so long at Elan that it seems like THAT world is the made up fantasy

Outside Time

Parent Group

Personal Food- anything that comes to you in a package from home and is accepted and allowed by staff

Personal Food Closet (PFC)- the closet which housed everyone’s personal food, this closet was always locked, the coordinator of kitchen had the key?

Personal Pillow- those in very high positions were allowed to have their own pillow, instead of the horrible one provided by Elan


Phone Call (weekly)- 20 minutes, once a week, with an SP listening

Phone Call Privs

Phone Conference (1st)

Pizza & Soda


Positive talking to- the black swan of Elan, a truly odd occurrence where you were booked by someone for doing something positive

Production (time)

Production (noun)

Production of the Week

Program, the

Pull-Up- a direct order, not to be confused with a suggestion

Pulling (night owl) or (corner student) or (big-brother/sister)

Pulling sleep

Pulling tray

Ramrod (rank)

Ramrod of Service Crew

Razor cards

Razor Rabbit


Reading Privs- reading a book outside of school

Rec trips

Re-entry (rank)

Re-entry (dorms/building)

Relate aka Relating- talking about “the program” and other areas of interest Elan finds beneficial for your progress

Resident of the Week

Restraints aka zipties- plastic zipties used to handcuff a child’s hand and/or feet; multiple zipties usually have to be used, 2 or 3 on the wrist’s alone  

The Ring

Road Race

Roaming Expeditor

Scarborough Downs



Seconds in dichotomy

Senior Shingle Expeditor(rank)

Service Crew (SC)



Shaving Cream

Shingle Expeditor(rank)


Showers, 4 minute- the highest strength are allowed to shower in the morning, and the remainder are forced to shower at night

Shower, pulling- after a person pulled, they could take a shower, and since the rest of the house had a

Sideways- alluding to something in an in-direct way

Signing Out- technically you are allowed to “sign yourself out” the day that you turn 18 and are legally an adult, technically

Slipbox- a box in the front of the dining room where you put your slips, you must ask COD before you can get out of your seat to approach it

Snack- a bag of chips/ a piece of fruit at nighttime after school


SOD- Shingle on Duty

SOF- Shingle on the Floor

Split aka Split-Risk aka Splitting- running away, trying to leave the dining room or dorms at night/house/complex/county/state/SP

Split Risk- new residents and/or students who have not fully comformed to the will of “the program”

Staff- a motley crew of untrained and overpaid adults

Staff Office (SO)- the office where staff resided

Static Group- a group meant for talking, instead of screaming

Strength- Expeditor rank and above

Strength Soda- a soda that you got every week for being a strength

Student of the Week- the best student for that week, as chosen by the teachers and accepted by the Coordinators and staff

Study Hall- every Friday from 7pm-11pm, this was our only time outside of class to do ‘homework’

Stuff accepted, getting your- bedbox, drawer, bed

Support Person (SP)- a student chosen to be in charge of another

“Switch!”- yelled by the school-zones to indicate change of class

Switchboard (separate building)

Theme of the Day- a “theme” chosen everyday by COD; ex: What Goes Around Comes Around

“Tighten Up!”- stop being loose; stop being funny; why aren’t you being serious all the time? this is Elan, focus on “the program” and nothing else, period

Tours- meticulously scheduled and then given by a chosen “poster-child”; they are told how to answer questions, where to go, when to go, where not to go, when not to go, what not to say, what not to do, what not to expose

Track Team

Trackers, student- a group of very trusted, strong, and fast high-strength who are given flashlights and sent out of the house to search through the woods for a runaway; bring them back or else

Vegetarian Substitute- a veggie burger, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich if you bring-up


VR talking to

Weekend Movie(s)

Weekend packet

Weekend trips

Window Privs

Writing Privs

Worker (rank)

Worker of the Day- chosen at the end of the day by COD and accepted by a staff member, given a soda

X’s (crew)

X’s Office


Zones, school

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