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Thought it might be nice to have a place to make one another aware of recently opened/ revamped and/or upcoming programs/ facilities. For example, I found out that abundant life academy recently moved to Virginia. I'm trying to find out if it's still the same abusive program (my guess is yes; the website seems to be a near carbon copy to what it was when the program was housed in Utah). Also, a House of Hope (associated with the confirmedly abusive one in FL) is opening a residential program in my hometown.

Anyone else aware of anything like this where you are (or anywhere else)?


A young friend of mine has some defiance issues, but has never done anything illegal and is a sweet, sweet kid at heart. She has attachment issues because her dad is a manipulative bastard and her mom is only a mom some of the time. She's basically been raised by two families at the dance studio I train at for the last two years. And she's been dragged through custody battles for the last 7 years. Anyone in her situation would have some anger.

So, her mom has been talking to the courts and the crappy public school my friend attends and the school is pushing hard for FFS. I think someone there may have a connection. It looks like it's too late to stop this unless I can somehow convince her mom that this place is NOT what she needs.

So, I'm calling on you Fornitsers! I need testimony, I need lawsuits, I need facts, I REALLY need a student rulebook or handbook, and anything else you all can think of.

Thanks in advance! If you're a praying kind of person, pray for my friend.

Much appreciated :-)

I'm having quite a bit of trouble finding this facebook page.

Anyone heard of Fire Mountain. It's either in Boulder or [the town formerly known as] Lyons, CO.

CO people can appreciate what I mean. (yay flood...)

I'm a new CO resident looking to do some research, especially on Centennial Peaks as it is owned by the evil UHS, and on Fire Mountain because someone in my grad program knows the founder, and the website wreaks of abusive tactics. At least emotionally abusive and downright weird. Any info is appreciated!

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