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Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Newton was schooled in my home town?
« on: October 30, 2004, 09:18:00 PM »
Still obsessing, just found out that the scum bag degenerate got his degree from princeton theological seminary!  :wink: Too bad. No use complaining about missed chances for severe beatings and disembowelment with a cooking spoon.  :em:

well I stumbled upon isaccorp and Its a breath of relief from all things depressing.

am I to understand that these facilites are mainly located in idaho, ohio, florida and california? (and outside the us)?

Reading isaccorp it seems that alot of these places are being shut down but there is still a high re-opening rate correct?

Im just glad to see the effort to stop these nazis, after seeing the avalanch of human misery for 2 days.
Edit- does anyone live in NJ or the surrounding area and knows of any abusive facilities that are still open? I know of "kids helping kids" or maybe it was "kids of nj" that was shut down a while ago. Thanks

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I dont really know what happened. Im trying to curb myself from obsessing about this. Im a walking zombie from reading the material on and off and over again all day. I think im having some kind of mild anxiety something?  :wink:

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / WTF is with everything in florida
« on: October 29, 2004, 03:04:00 PM »
eh, Im so depressed that I just cant take re-reading stuff. You can bet my shrink will hear about this (just started last tuesday :wink:)

I dont think its healthy for me to dwell on this any longer for maybe a week. My eyes are extremely bloodshot, ive had 3 hours of shitty sleep and alot of anxiety actually. Bad anxiety, heart pumping. I think I read too much and went too deep into the rabbit hole too fast. If anyone wants to talk they can hit up my aim handle from the link. I don't know why this affected me so strong and fast but whats done is done I guess?  :wink:

I feel so shitty right now...


Like I said ill look into hosting a site.

Has anyone complained of threats or harasment from running an anti-rape our childrens minds site? Ill do it anyway but Id like a heads up :smile:

Just cautious because it seems like most of these places are run by fundies (fundimentalists :sad:) and I know how they get...

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / WTF is with everything in florida
« on: October 29, 2004, 11:26:00 AM »
ok for some reason when I tried to reply to a topic it posted a whole new topic. Whatever just ignore it. Its taken out of context.

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / WTF is with everything in florida
« on: October 29, 2004, 11:18:00 AM »
Why is 90 % of this in florida? Is there some off shore evil portal giveing off emmisions from hell near there?

Between the huricanes and straight, its a wonder anyone is living there?!

Thanks for the replies. I see the sites under construction. Im thinking about hosting a site as well. Ive got alot of buddies who make their living as code junkies so perhaps Ill get a nifty flash site with intro and all. :wink: Spread the word

                            -H. Lector

still a bit non linear :sad: oh well

The only date I see on there thats not set is the original straight location, its still "active" but I guess its referenced to the left that its now drug free america?

So am I to understand that the bullshit anti drug commercials I used to see were made by these fucks? Now I understand where the illogical jibberish propaganded comes from...

Open Free for All / They Silenced the Lambs
« on: October 29, 2004, 09:23:00 AM »
:skull: I hope the lambs scream, scream so hard that the blood in the very veins of all who did this curdles and the sound pierces their soul. Scream until there is nothing left but dust and ash and the victory over your opressors.  :skull:

Give Em Hell

                                -H. Lector

Sorry if this has already been adressed, but Does anyone have a comprehensive list of all the contemporary Straight-like programs. Id like to organize something or make pamphlets and flyers to put up at school etc... to get awareness on the issue. I live in the princeton area (N.J.) and I know I could raise support if I had the resources. The only one I really know of is the "safe" program thats got a link on the front page. Im having a bit of trouble finding just a list of programs that are still in operation or are starting up. The front page is kind of chock full of links and its alot to sift through :wink:.

Like I said I would like to get some pamphlets out as I can get a decent amount off bulk printing because my mom does it alot. Is there anyone that has experiance with this or would like to help colaborate on it?

                            -H. Lector

Im glad at least that I finished the online book. I don't think I could take anymore.

In all honesty, If I had a glimmer of an incling of what they were trying to do, and I was closer to the age I am now in a contemporary "Seed" program like "safe". I would resist for a while to be seem legit, then bullshit. And if they bullshitted me back to make me redo a step. Any chance I got I would honestly, bite the flesh off their F*cking faces. I would not hessitate to attempt to give into a bloodlust and if anyone tackeled me I would break through or bite into them like a jackel. Im 6' 5" and 220 something pounds and lift alot so I think I could give em hell for a while. It would be satisfying just to do it to get arrested and get out...Yet from what Ive read they probably would keep trying until I was either dead or no one wanted to go near me. A full adult male can bite at 200 psi :smile:

What I want to hear is the stories of those who were enough to be intimidating to the point that these worthless f^cks just gave up and couldnt deal with them. It would make me feel a bit better knowing that some resisted all the way and really gave them hell.

I dont want to trivialize anything, I am just curious. Does anyone have a story of someone who was big enough and crazy enough to go berzerk and just go into kill mode? It would make me feel a bit better.

If I wasnt addressing the group of people Im adressing, I would say that you have no idea how depressed I am about something that has never to this day affected me. (until 12 hours ago)

I like to rant alot BTW. My mom was a social worker and she cant even see why Im so worked up. She says she doesnt want to hear about it either...

I have the unfortunate (in this case) gift of a vivid imagination and a above average knowledge of really fsking bad things you can do to people via chemicals and household items and I am thinking about what I would do to these people if they had done it to me.

The worst by far was the endless sexual stuff on the preteens and the suicides. I read every single suicide story and Im starting to get a migrane but I just am so worked up. Its just never been fed to me in this lump sum.  

Hopefully Ill still get some sleep.

The conundrum is that I would easily give wreckless carnage and bloodlust to the people who canwould do this but I can be so emotionally touched by the issue down to the core. Im someone who upon hearing about this type of complete lack of Humanity that these people perpitrated on everyone, starts imagining things that I wish I could do (in a very very negative way). Like taking lye and burning their faces off, or shoving shoots of bamboo up Dr. Newtons fingers etc...

But I realise that is just wishfull thinking, and it doesnt honor the real casualties of this problem. The fact that this really IS a holocost in our back yard and that there should be something that I can do to help really makes me want to. I mean its something you would think happens in the 3rd world, yet its  right under my nose like its invisible right here!

I feel bad for the suicides, but I feel worse when I read the of peole who cant even take a tylonol without having a panic attack because of what was done. The radio interview with the woman that was 13 and was raped really just cut me in two like a the jaws of life Vs. a stick of butter. I think Ive become numb to it for now, which may or may not be a good thing.

I hope that I can get to share feelings and just mingle with people on a person to persob level about this cause I sure feel for everyone here. I mean that in the most sincere way and I don't want to appear as some rube that is just posting for a day and then forgets. Im gunna go michal moore on this biotch :wink: (thats about as much humor as Ive gotten today :sad:) Im a drepressed wreck now...

and I realise that even this little tiny glimpse into what you have gone through is enough to make a 20 YO macho dude sick to his stomach. God I cant imagine what its like and what I can imagine makes me shiver.

Goodnight to everyone and Sweet dreams

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Thats what it is. I read another post and someone discussed just letting this all sink in because its overwealming. So yea, I need to do that after reading non stop for like 9 hours. Suffice to say that Ive raised the issue on 3 different message forums and half my buddies on aim and msn...
oh and ventrilo too,

I forgot to log in, the annon post is me

Im getting to the point where Im (physically) sick just from reading. But ive never been like this ever before, not seing war footage not horror films not the worst documentaries on awful subjects.  

I guess it just strikes a cord because its something that could so easily happen to any teenager in this country fueled by fanatics and media fear tactics. I mean I genuinely feel awful. Sorry, I know Im being redundant and spamming "the horror the horror" but, ya know thats what it is.

I just came upon this site by complete randomness but I would be glad to stay here.

I live in NJ and read that there was and possibly still is a clinic like this here. If I found out there was Id get off my ass now and make pamphlets, get demonstrators.

I guess its just one thing to hear a story of something awful like this happen to one family once in a while. But to hear that its been happening to tens or hundreds of thousands of people under my (our) very nose(s) is just way too much for me. I have a one track mind. Id like to maybe host a site or cooperate with something to spread the word. [ This Message was edited by: Hannibal Lector on 2004-10-28 18:42 ]

well all of this stuff got this hard ass 20 year old dude to shed a tear.

You don't want to know what I can imagine doing to theses people. There isnt much that I could do that would be worse than what they did to everyone; but where theres a will, theres a way :wink:

Im also interested in the documentary. But its website is really vague and doesnt have a release date or anything. Being a prospective film student myself.....

Ive been reading this since 3:30 (and for 1 1/2 hours before lunch) Its 7:00 here. I don't think I can stop. But its taking a bit of a toll :sad:

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