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Hyde Schools / Hyde
« on: June 05, 2012, 01:43:19 PM »
hyde sucks

Hyde Schools / Re: Don't send your child to Hyde!!!
« on: April 30, 2012, 03:16:26 PM »
Quote from: "Wayne Kernochan"
The question I have, and will ask when I'm interviewed for my book, is if Hyde is using behavior modification. It sounds like it. The yelling and humiliation, and forced labor. Do they call it therapy? Do the people who work there have degrees? Before I go off about it, I need to know.

Elan dumped some of their victims on Hyde, and Peter Rowe is now working there. The new owner of Elan's Poland Springs campus has ties to Hyde.

What I can't find, is anything by Hyde calling what they're doing therapy. If someone can point me to it, I'd appreciate it. Then I can ask how they're allowed to practice psychology without training

The editor of the newspaper considering me has asked for specifics. All I can find is terms like "Character building" and stuff like that. A link would be nice

Hyde is 100% using behavior modification. They love to yell in your face, and humiliate you, publicly and privately. Forced labor is part of the school, and used in a more extreme way to punish students. They call nothing therapy, that is because no one who works there has a degree. You should go off about it, because they cannot do any of this. All these are therapeutic techniques, yet no one on campus, either campus, has a degree, about 75% don't even have teaching degrees.
Hyde is smart about hiding there behavior modification and humiliation, in your face yelling techniques, and so on. They purposely do not call it therapy, because there is no one properly trained on campus.
Character building is just accountability. A perfect example of this is 2-4. 2-4 is explained pretty well on here, but to sum it all up, its a mix of solitary confinement, a physically impossible workout, brutal humiliation, and repenting time.
If you were writing about Hyde, be sure to include all of these things, and also be sure to include how often they lie, abuse kids, and skew statistics to raise the school's popularity.

Hyde Schools / Re: Don't send your child to Hyde!!!
« on: April 29, 2012, 01:11:16 AM »
Reading posts of anyone who commends Hyde, or applauds anything to do with the place is disgusting.
I got away from Hyde, and cannot being to preach how thankful I am for the opportunity to leave that hellhole.
The fact that anyone can read all these negative comments, and still consider even touring at the school is concerning.
Kevin Folan, the dean of students was an alcoholic, and had serious problems with substances like cocaine. I had many personal talks with him where he confessed to abusing cocaine even in the past 5 years! Josh Welch, a dean as well, was a serious heroin addict, was mentally unstable, and was busted numerous times by police on accounts of drug trafficking.
Regardless of the dean's problems, the Head of School at Woodstock, Laura Gauld, is nothing short of a nutcase. In a conversation I had with her, she told me she contemplated suicide upon finding out her son Harrison was "not normal". The fact that those words ever left her head is revolting, however the bigger issue is that this shows Laura Gauld is mentally unstable, if she cannot handle what life has dealt her, but expects everyone around her to deal with it.
The accountability requirement (2-4) is possibly one of the most hindering things your child can go through. It consists of waking up for a 5:30 workout. Waking up is not the problem, it is the fact that the workouts are lead by faculty who are instructed to torture you, and make you physically suffer for whatever you did. The day continues with you being isolated from the community, while being there somehow. This paradoxical idea of making a student isolate him/her self from people who surround them, is beyond me. Whether a "college" intern, or senior proctors your day should not be a factor as you will be verbally abused and broken down either way. The 2-4 study hall is more or less a 4 hour solitary confinement. It is only called a study hall to please the parents and give them the idea that a punished student is keeping on top of their academics.
The students at Hyde consist of disgruntled children who have broken homes, substance abuse problems, and personality disorders. If you think your child is on "lockdown" from drugs at Hyde, you are mistaking. Being a student there for quiet some time I saw more drugs than I ever had in my years before the place. Sleeping pills are abused and smuggled in like candy. The amount of people having sex on campus is not even acknowledged. I say this because most of the faculty suffer from "cabin fever" and are having relationships with each other, whether it mean cheating on your spouse or not.
The faculty at Hyde are a team of Hyde graduates, confused 20 year old kids who have nice degrees, and drug addicts who are there mostly because they are insecure about their pasts and are power hungry.
Manipulation is one of the most used tactics of Hyde faculty. John Rigney is notorious for randomly mentioning to parents he went to Harvard. In a conference call with my parents, and I, he must have blurted out how great his time at Harvard was, and how it shaped him. Jason Warnick, the "master manipulator" on campus, informally known as the "admissions guy" is a despicable human. He numerous times has confiscated drugs or tobacco products from students and has used them! This is very under wraps, but is known amongst students this has happened to. If that isn't enough, the fact that his job is to lie to families and glorify his place of work should get to you.
Looking at the bookshelf of an office at Hyde is interesting, it is riddled with books on Nazi's, Hitler's regime, and brainwashing tactics.
The number of kids who leave Hyde school after the year is over is very high. It should actually be higher because some parents are so "brainwashed" they keep there kids there.
Humility might be a word of Hyde, but it should be humiliation, the faculty love humiliating students privately and publicly. At school meetings, "jokingly" nominating ugliest students, and most un-athletic students is unnecessary and vile.
Students and parents are also humiliated for not sharing enough, and saying that they are hiding something.
FLC's are nothing short of a joke. It can be described as a bunch of parents, of former Hyde kids, who have incredibly messed up lives, i.e. divorce, abuse, and substance abuse. They provide these strict by the book rules, which they break, but reprimand others for breaking. Hearing stories of how a father raped his daughter's best friend, or how a mother was cheating on a husband for years, is traumatizing, personal, and 100% unnecessary to hear, ever.
The issues of students truly are disregarded, a simple connotation of what happens is they are called lazy, and are told to be lacking discipline. There are no licensed doctors on campus by the way!
The tuition of about $50,000 is not refundable, and outrageous considering it will only go towards inhibiting your child's "unique potential"
The immoral behavior at Hyde is everywhere. A teacher smoking weed, and having sex with a student is nicely hidden from the law. A child stealing his father's oxycodone and selling it to half of the school is completely acceptable to hide from authorities. Underage drinking at a faculty's home is fine, and students smuggling in large amounts of liquor to dorms with the intent to sell it is A-OK.
All in all, Hyde is to be avoided at all costs. The place should be shut down before it takes over into something bigger. There is no reason to send anyone to Hyde. You can make any case you want, but even justifying Hyde's acts is not acceptable. For everyone else who survived this place, or had loved ones survive this place, I salute you.

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