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Let's talk about the weather... / any programs caught in the hurricane ?
« on: September 12, 2005, 06:41:00 PM »
Does anyone know if there were any programs such as we discuss on this forum  caught in the hurricane?  

If so , what did they do? In a disaster such as Katrina has created , what would ( In my case Straight)have done w/ us to protect our lives?

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Restraining ..
« on: September 09, 2005, 04:22:00 PM »
What are your memories of how you were or saw kids being restrained by other kids..

 I thought long about this last night. It would go something like this :

 Sitting on my hands looking down in group for 6 long months.  They always sat me between 2 of the biggest girls in group, who would physically force my arms to motivate and hold my face forward. Almost everday I would eventually lash out at the girls next to me ( who were assulting me ) and the girl behind me w/ her hand shoved down my back. Suddenly chairs slamming , people yelling, Noise , lots of noise... Blood .. Scrambling to get me to the floor. Alli*on Would get behind me while others slammed my arms and legs to the floor.. She would force my head into her lap ( Chest up normally , but sometimes face down ) She would straddle my head ( while sitting on the floor )  and cross her legs tightly across my chest and her arms forcing my head down hard into her lap w/ her hands over my mouth. I sturggled to breathe, gasping for air.. The other 4 or more girls would sit on my arms and legs and occasionly sitting my chest /stomach also. I'd be there like that several hours to the entire day.

If I started yelling stuff out , They would carry me to an intake room, where we stayed the rest of the day and often resume this the next day. I hate wood paneling to this very day. If I refused that next day to be restrained in an intake room, Someone would get behind me and knock my legs out from under me, and it would all began again.  I was often taken to an intake room and physically restrained including covering my mouth for open meeting nights. All the time I knew my parents were in the next room.

 I was battered and bruised the whole time I was in Straight, while staff and  Straightlings would tell me , just conform, it will be easier..At the end , Jason Har*is was a god send, he was the clsest thing to someone who cared I could find. ( sorry if he abused others, he was ok to me and said he hated to see me getting restrained everyday) He would take me to the back and tell me I would get out someday. This was but a tick on the watch of Time..

Sometimes People would pick fights w/ me just so they could be on restraining duty. I hated these people at the time, Often thinking of ways to kill them and run away. I'd think about how I could take all the misbehaviors w/ me,and I wouldn't run unless I could save them also.

WHO TRAINED THESE KIDS ON THE PROPER USE OF RESTRAINT ??? What gave anyone the right to force my head forward or motivate my arms ?? This was ASSULT, period. I layed there day in and day out gasping for air, afraid I was going to die in Straight and never see the outside again.

Anyways, I'd like to hear what others endured or what you saw happening.[ This Message was edited by: Withdraw on 2005-09-22 22:42 ]

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Guided Imagery ?
« on: September 09, 2005, 06:36:00 AM »
After reading on the troubled teen indutry forum's thread called .. Looking for suvivors ..

I remembered Staff telling us to close our eyes and then they would put us in a trance like state ( simalar to group hypnosis ) Taking us thru a guided medataion of sorts. Does anyone remeber what kind of imagery they set up  for us ? Or what direction the " rap " took after these? I can not recall what direction they were sending us, I must have blocked it out or something. But I clearly remember Staff doing this.

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Common Ground
« on: October 16, 2004, 03:10:00 PM »
I stumbled to this site during a monent of " What the heck is wrong with my brain" as many have done before me. I have back -read alot of posts, I see several topics that I can relate to. I think this is a emotional phenomenon (sp?)

  There seems to be alot of controversy about "oldcomers", "misbehaviors" etc. I have never had the courage to discuss Straight w/ anyone. Yep I touched on it w/ friends before, but never really was able to tell how it damaged my life.

  I was a "non-conformist" true blue, I sat on my hands, I hit anyone who tried my "will". I tried to not disrespect anyone, I didn't ~act out~ to just anyone. If you respected me, I in turn gave that back.
  I must admit after reading all  the posts ,Memories have flooded in. There were some decent conformist in Straight, (They always told me to conform,it will get me out faster than rebelling)So I assume they too were not conforming in their own way. I respected that as their coping defense. On the other hand those who restrained me, spit in my face,knuckled my back , attempted to motivate my arms, took me into tiny rooms w/ several "oldcomers" to blast me , wouldn't let me out of the Host bedroom to use the bathroom in the middle of the night,refused me medical treatment, made me lie to appear honest,ridiculed me for trying to tell my truth, I will never forget.
 So many memories have returned that I can't even type here, for they are to horrible to discuss publically at this time.
 However I can move forward knowing they too were dealing with this horrific experience in the way they could handle emotionally. In each secenerio (sp?) We have come away from Straight with our own personal emotional issues, most of which we have in common. Being in Straight set us apart from the rest of the natrual world. We are a product of "peer induced brain -altering thought patterns" That makes us all diffrent and unable to function ~normal~. Some are angry , some are lost in their own past, some are ~em-powered~ by the sheer abuse they did to others, some are/have been suicidal. Facts are we are all affected.
  I am grateful to see their are people out there trying to Stop this from continueing. There is a common ground we can meet on. Let those who are angry have a place to let that out. Let those who ~were in control~ have a place to take responsibility/or feel they did some good. We all have a diffrent sort of response to Straight, but the over all factor is many of us were degraded, humiliated,abused, and ultimately damaged. There must be a place for us all to "share" our story and what has become of us as individuals.
  As a teen in Straight, this was almost impossilbe to come away from there as a better person for being there...
  I went back at 16,it was first on my list when I got my drivers liscense. I sat in the waiting area and asked to speak with ( wow wish I could remember her name Exec staff woman short brown hair, tall thin, she was terribly emotionally abusive to me in Springfield Va. 86') I asked for my records, I was escorted off the property and told the police would be called.I knew I had been wronged , its a real tragidy (sp?) that my parents didnt believe me. I was forever mentaly and physically damaged.

  Has anyone ever brought up the Pervert Dr. (someguy)who always wanted you naked. I wonder often what happened to all those people I knew there.As I am sure many have the same concerns as I. There are many people I would love to hear from and know they are ok. (Springfield Va. 4-86 to Halloween 86.)I left Straight as a clown , ( I semi-conformed on halloween to wear Make-up! Who knew I'd be Withdrawn that day.)  :wink:

  We are all "broken" in our own ways by being in Straight. How can we all share that here w/o being condesended by or to  others here? I ask that you all embrace each persons experience as someones reality and not Mock them for describing it.

Yes Straight is in the past, but for many it still haunts us. And to my shock and despair there are still programs out there  the same as Straight. What a tragic and horrific reality those New phenonenal teens must be going through, There must be a way to stop it from happening. I hope the message is getting out  to un-suspecting parents that they are forever harming the well being of ther children.

Sorry this is so long, This is 18 years of hell. All opened up by this site. Thanks for listening and making a place for me to come to get some valadation and hopefully some closure. Peace2all

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