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Quote from: "guest"
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Quote from: "TheWho"
Anyway, Who, do you think the 'sodomized with a tree limb' girl is better off or worse off due to her stay at HLA?  You didn't answer.  Sounds like you think she is better off for being raped and having the 'tools' to overcome it.

Care to answer this one, Who?  Was the girl better off for being forcibly raped?  Your reasoning surrounding the heroin addiction issue seems to say "Yes, she's better off for being raped in a program so she knew how to cope with it."  I just want to know your views.

Interesting question.  Let me take a stab:

I think if the girl was raped after graduation and was able to overcome this obstacle and move on with her life because of strengths she had developed  during her stay at HLA then she would be much better off then if she were raped and never had the advantage of HLA.

Hi.  What program tools do they give at HLA to help rape victims?  What advantage does a raped child have from going to HLA?  How does HLA prepare children for being raped?  What does HLA do with children who get raped while they are at HLA?  I know some girls who were raped and they probably should be sent to HLA to learn how to overcome it, shouldn't they?  Do they have a rape recovery program there?

Being a victim of rape and also a former HLA student I feel compelled to answer this. I was raped when I was 13, and sent to HLA when I was 15. I have PTSD, and horrific flashbacks. HLA was completely unprepared to handle a terrified, confused teenage girl suffering with these kinds of issues. Being forced to recount my ordeal time and time again to strangers in the first few months of my program was extremely humiliating and detrimental. Then to be surounded by inappropriate staff the entirety of my stay only solidified the fact that this was NOT a "safe" environment to first address the issues and be honest about what happend, and eventually try to work through those problems. There was no "strengths" that I developed while at HLA that had anything to do with dealing with my rape. Its easy to make frivolous comments in an attempt to support your argument  like the one made above. However, the fact of the matter is had I never had the "advantage" (as you so ridiculously put it) of HLA, the healthy progress I made dealing with this event would not have been delayed 2 1/2 years. I would not have been further traumatized by their actions and their outlook on what the appropriate way to deal with the sexual abuse of a young teenager was.

So, sorry. Try to use a different argument to prove your incredibly flawed point of view, because there are certainly those of us that are absolute proof that HLA did nothing but further hinder our progress in this matter.

The Ridge Creek School / Hidden Lake Academy / Re: What Happened?
« on: April 23, 2009, 07:43:38 PM »
Quote from: "Dysfunction Junction"
@ Lacey...

I think, and others may agree or disagree, that we (meaning people intimately familiar with HLA) did all we could to provoke the collapse of this horrid institution.  Personally, I told my story, told the stories of many others, recruited insiders to post here, cultivated contacts inside HLA (and succeeded in having reems of documents smuggled out by personnel which became much of the legal basis for the class action lawsuit), and, generally, dropped the f*cking hammer on HLA politically.  

Personally, I don't post much anymore because what I have already posted is exhaustive of my knowledge.  Whatever happens now is beyond the locus of my control.

That being said, I am incredibly proud of everyone's efforts here.  Even if there isn't much left to contribute, the work has been done and the results are archived for the present and future.  If just one parent decided not to send just one kid to that abusive shit-pit, then I feel one hundred percent gratified and satisfied with my own effort.  I am comfortable in estimating that many children were spared this depravity due to the hard work of people here at Fornits.

As far as The Who is concerned, he is just a giant phony.  If, by some weird properties of the universe, he actually was some sort of venture capitalist, he's likely lost his shirt and been knocked down a few pegs more.  This man is truly a bottom feeder, whatever his lot in life.


Nice to see you again, DJ. I was unaware of much of what has changed/happened in the last year, and your posts have cleared some of this up. I have always appreciated all the hard work people like you and Deb did. I only wish I could have been more involved in HLA's subsequent downfall. Maybe everything that happened would have made me feel a bit more vindicated : ).

But as you pointed out, if less children are being submitted to the hellish environment that is HLA, then that's good enough for me. I think we all would have loved to see it burn to the groud (oh wait, part of it did...) and shut for good, but I think you all did a wonderful job. You brought so many important things to light and risked much at personal expense. So I'm sorry I sounded a bit ingrateful, I just really wasn't aware of some of the things that had transpired.

And if HLA starts to step out of line again, I'm sure it will come out, and I'll get to see all of you in action again. It truely was a sight :).

Thanks to all of you.


And on a side note, I didn't know Yosef was involved in all this... I graduated at the same time as PG 56. Id be interested to hear some of what happened. Anyone have a way of contacting him? He'd remember me.

The Ridge Creek School / Hidden Lake Academy / What Happened?
« on: April 22, 2009, 03:19:52 PM »
I had some down time at work today, and was looking back through some old info posted on here. Things like the Clarke Poole emails, the fire, the things that led up to the lawsuit... How could this have just died? I understand they settled. That is dissapointing to me. I'm probably just naive, and unknowing about how these things work... But how did this just go away? What changed? Who was held accountable? As a former student, has anything been done that would give me the least bit of satisfaction? Where did everyone go? Deb, DJ, RB, and all the other regulars that I used to get on an read and FEEL their outrage... Again, as a former student, it used to be so validating to follow their arguments, and their research and know someone was out there fighting for us. I can't help but feel a little abandoned. Maybe there were things that took place that I just don't know about. My parents chose not to be part of the lawsuit (yet again, them just wanting evidence of their terrible decision-making to go away) so I was for the most part left out of the loop. Please someone explain this to me...

The mindset is still there... Manipulate.. lie.. Run, run, run... Now I just have things to lose. I can't afford to indulge in the behavior anymore. I'm much better at keeping up appearences, but everything suffered. Kicked out of college, working a shitty bank job, married and a mother to a wonderful 2 year old. But its not what I wanted for myself. Expectations were so high, even my own. I don't write anymore, paint, or any of the creative things I used to thrive off of. I should be grateful... At least I survived it. But its always there. HLA taught me nothing, and changed nothing. All I know is to never let anyone know. Its so much easier that way.

The Ridge Creek School / Hidden Lake Academy / Re: Revised HLA Web Site
« on: January 14, 2009, 02:32:56 PM »
Haha, Imagine that, my EdCONs name emblazoned right there on the site. I wonder why she even bothered recommending the other two treatment places before HLA. Should have just cut to the good part.

Quote from: ""Ursus""
Does this guy look a tad familiar?  :o
I am guessing this is Sam Tanner...

Mountain Brook Academy, Academics page

Yes, that is Sam Tanner. That picture was taken probably between 2002-2004, because the girl in that picture, if I'm not mistaken was in my peer group.

The Ridge Creek School / Hidden Lake Academy / Ed Consultant-Martha Kolbe
« on: September 01, 2007, 10:30:53 AM »
I believe Dr. Hunter was liscenced but she was a quack. She prescribed me a well known overdose of a medication called Lexapro. My father was the one who discovered it and she quickly lowered my doasage because I was "making progress".

So even if there have been liscenced people at HLA, it doesn't mean their worth anything.

hyperbole. And all of that information is all over the threads in this website. Do a little reading.

Quote from: ""Johnny Ringo""
Now I truly understand the old saying about a little bit of knowledge being dangerous.  You people know just enough to raise you above sludge.  

HLA is not, has not been, will not be a drug treatment facility.  Running and AA meeting and teaching the dangers of drugs does not constitute a drug treatment facility or certifcation as a substance abuse counselor.  Next, post the state requirement that indicates all substance abuse counselors must be certified.  All not just State employed.

Bullshit. I was in their addictions program for 2 years! After a wonderful one size fits all WRITTEN TEST they administer to determine if someone is an addict. Never talking to the kids until AFTER they are in the program about their history with drugs/alcohol. They seem to feel that a multiple choice examination is just well and good to determine a treatment program for someone.

Yes, we went to off campus AA meetings, and the people who scored a sub-addict score on the test were required to still take once a week classes on the dangers of drugs, but the "addicts" were in a program there, lead by Jen Rager and Clay Erickson.

This is that stupid spin you try and do on the school to make it something different than what it is. A SCAM.

The Ridge Creek School / Hidden Lake Academy / Johnny Ringo
« on: July 14, 2007, 03:23:21 PM »
Johnny, since you seem to pretend to know me and my fellows here so well on a personal level, what is my "political agenda"? I'm so curious to see what you think.

The Ridge Creek School / Hidden Lake Academy / Johnny Ringo
« on: July 13, 2007, 12:32:42 PM »
Why is anyone wasting time even acknowledging this mans presence? He is the personification of the HLA program and all of its staff. Twisting our words and experiences, telling us ex-students that what we went through there never happened. The subtle but persistant mind-fuck that dominated nearly 2 years or more of our lives.

He has successfully derailed every topic that has been presented in the last few weeks to become a mudslinging match of he said she said bullshit until finally it just becomes overlooked. Possibly by future HLA parents who we could have helped spare their children from people like him.

Lets do ourselves a favor and eliminate this parasite. Do not respond or give one moments thought to his lies and superflous "additions" to this site.

I welcome disagreement and the view of the other side, but not blatant lies and HLA propaganda designed to hoodwink and distract. And that is all that he is full of.

To play devil's advocate here, Deb, there are times during the day when it is very much possible to slip away. Think of all the times you've heard accounts on this site of students doing anything "out of agreement". Having sex, smoking, doing drugs, hooking up, whatever. All of those were times that students we not properly supervised... Now I wouldn't call a lack in supervision a "degree of freedom", because just because they have unattentive, untrained staff doesn't mean they are being given freedom.

And guest. It would be a death sentance for HLA to only admit "appropriate" students, by your definition of the word. There is only a small group of students whose parents would be ok with that relaxed of security for their children. Most parents send their kids there to get away from negative influences, drugs, whatever, or so they can just ship them off and avoid the "problem". None of these cases would the parents think it appropriate for the students to have unlimited access to a telephone, uncensored mail, and so on. And especially for the parents just shipping them away, I don't think the rights that are going to have to be given to the students by the ORS ruling would fly with them. Therefore, this cuts HLA's admission down to almost zero.

Most parents in search of a TBS are going to look for a place that is going to "protect" their children, and because they are scared, they think its a place like HLA was, with strict rules and restrictions on the students behavior. Parents dont usually want to do the harder thing of actually WORKING with their children through their issues, and feel that locking them up in an HLA-esque place is "for the best".

And your saying about the parents being "supportive" of working with their children's placement at HLA. Supportive of exactly what? What are the parents really contributing or participating in? One ten minute phone call a week from their child, one weekly update from the counselor, a "workshop" 4 or 5 times over the course of almost 2 years?? I don't really call that support. If these parents are really as devoted to their kid as they wail about on here and doing the "harder thing" in sacrifice for their child, why is there so little involved? Do they really think its that easy of a fix?? So effortless? With these children going through the hardest experience they ever will endure (and I assure you, other than becoming a parent yourself, it is), why is there so little expected from the parent?

Are these changes being implimented now?? If so there will be a VERY big change on the HLA campus. Restrictions will have to completely change over night.

How can that be an acceptable answer to the legal authorities though? If I have a bill, I can't just call them up and say "Sorry, don't have the money, better luck next time." They would find a way to get the money, whether through garnishments or liquidation or seizing of my assets. Why is this not the same with Hidden Lake?

Yup. Wow. He works at Cottage now? We used to play them all the time in Volleyball and Softball.

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