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Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / WOOF!!!
« on: October 28, 2010, 01:00:13 PM »
Check your Yahoo!!

Getting more flashbacks than Tom Wingo in ¨The Prince of Tides¨.Remembering how inept the Straight execs were,always being told to trust these goofballs.John Buick voluntarily signed himself into Str8 as an adult.After knowing his history,did they think that they needed an engraved invitation to read this freakshow.I remember that after his problem became obvious,my inner voice kept screaming for Hartz to terminate this fucker.It seems that the more warped a newbie was,the more Helen Petermann took to them.He wanted in and they let him in!CREEPY!!!!!!!!

Over the age of 12 might become offended and kick this troll's ass!

Another success story for the founders to boast about!!!!!!

To Whom It May Concern,
John Buick has been transferred again

(This information was current as of 8/11/2010)

Offender Picture
DC Number:    242460
Name:    BUICK, JOHN
Race:    WHITE
Sex:    MALE
Hair Color:    BROWN
Eye Color:    BROWN
Height:    5'11''
Weight:    161 lbs.
Birth Date:    06/17/1960
Initial Receipt Date:    08/10/2004
Current Facility:    JACKSON C.I.
Current Custody:    CLOSE
Current Release Date:    04/14/2012
    (Release Date subject to change pending gain time award, gain time forfeiture, or review. A 'TO BE SET' Release Date is to be established pending review.)


Current Prison Sentence History:
Offense Date   Offense   Sentence Date   County   Case No.   Prison Sentence Length
10/14/2003   L/L MOLEST V<12 OFF 18+   07/27/2004   PINELLAS   0318292   10Y 0M 0D

Note: The offense descriptions are truncated and do not necessarily reflect the crime of conviction. Please refer to the court documents or the Florida Statutes for further information or definition.
Incarceration History:
Date In-Custody   Date Out-of-Custody
08/10/2004   Currently Incarcerated

Send John a postcard!

All of this discussion of John Buick is causing me all sorts of flashbacks.I remember his going quicker than average through the phases and being somewhat of a favorite of Helen Petermann.Quick to yell at somebody during a comedown spitting out a bunch of off-the-wall straight-talk as fast as anyone,like so many,not having a clue to what he was saying.Finally,on 4th Phase,one of his newcomers stands him up just before an open meeting,denouncing him for checking him out in the shower.A few days later,probably all in a days work,Aimee Wright(or wrong)depending on your preference,more or less pulls it out that he has desires for guys in the program.While I'm getting ready to vomit all over the place,Aimee puts him on a refresher.I think Hartz and Ross decided discretion being the better part of valor,I didn't remember John or David Buick getting any more newcomers after that.Soon after that,John was pushed on,graduated.He was still a favorite of Helen Petermann.In the Seven Step Society,this asshole was still trying to play the group Nazi when Don Harman,one of the nicer people there,just ripped into John,telling him he thought he was better than everybody else.He started accusing me of stuff in front of my family during a seven step joint rap,one where Beehive Helen used the opportunity to ambush me and the the most motivated to tear into me was John B.I just told my parents to ignore him as he was just a closet queen trying to hide his true self.I agree with Woof totally that comparing Dave Searcy(RIP)to John Buick was unfair just because thay had the same sexual orientation.Dave Searcy,even though he was on staff,was someone you could communicate with on a one-to-one basis.If you tried the same conversation with the convict at hand,he'd try to snow me with a bunch of BS straight talk and run out the door,not that I'd care very much.I guess the "No Guy/Girl Relationships" rule didn't bother him very much.Maybe they can parole him to Ocala to Helen Petermann.

Obviously,no two individuals have the same inner demons.Not every veteran from Afghanistan afflicted with PTSD looks to end it all in a final shootout with police.Had they not been subjected to such traumas,who knows?Straight was about a more than a year of being force fed a false reality using some very bizarre methods.To overlook the possibility of its contribution to these nefarious ends is as naive as placing the entire blame on them.Once again look at a normal HS in the late 70s and see how many ended up on sex offender roles.Then look at those two.In other words,how many do you know from that time period on that list who wasn't in the program.Do the math!Coincidence maybe,then again,maybe not.We were all wired a little differently(in the case of John Buick,a lot),we all reacted differently.Straight didn't put the demon there,put don't ever discount the possibility of helping unleashed it.

Not blaming.Woof,kpickle,and myself were all contemporaries of these two jokers and we're not wearing the same colors.We were all recipients of same sadistic quackery and misguided ignorance as these two went through.John Buick was convinced that his gayness was just a part of his druggie illness.A year of that kind of brainwashing could not have been beneficial.Scott Patterson was in junior high school when he entered.What a great place to begin puberty!Not placing blame,but rest assured,very well could have contributed.The astronomical suicide rate definitely goes back to the program.Let me spell it out ,we endure the program believing that everything we're learning will prepare us for the outside and BOOM!,we realize that not only were we not prepared,if anything we were put in reverse.That's when despondence and despair sets in.Many people believe their life has ended there,rather than a chance to really start over.

First,one has to ask,was an actual drug addiction being treated?
Straight knew that most of their clients were not drug addicts.So,why were we being treated like drug addicts if we weren't(ethical question)?How was this going to benefit my future well-being in any capacity?It's like trying to treat athlete's foot or menstrual cramps with chemotherapy.No good can come of it and only bad that would not have normally been there will arise.The only positive message I got from Straight was I didn't need substances to enjoy myself.For that tidbit of info,I got a 16 1/2 month mindfuck which I'm still dealing with.If a real drug addiction is in play,serious intervention by qualified,serious professionals in needed.Straight and their loony squad was not that place.Drug addictions are serious matters,not to be taken lightly,but leaving your child in the care of a Helen Petermann or a Miller Newton is not even an option.

That's him!On top of the astronomical suicide rate,do you think that this deviance might have something to do with his,would you say,programming.

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Re: Found!!
« on: August 08, 2010, 07:26:18 PM »
John Buick's location.Give him a call! ... =905054266

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Re: Son of former client arrested
« on: August 08, 2010, 03:43:52 AM »
Quote from: "Woof-a-Doof"
Quote from: "Sam Kinison"

Nephew of early Str8 grad Cindy Waller.Son of Ed Waller(withdrew at 18).Nephew of the late Lenny Waller(another former client deceased before 50)

Yo Sam, is this Waller clan any relation to Brian Waller? Just asking cause the names dont ring a bell. When I heard/saw the name Waller...Brian Waller was the first person to come to mind. Now I cant get his image outta my head! Good person and all, no doubt...but dont need the image tween my ears.

Very cool being able to read the arrest report, I looked up John Buick (cuz he was mentioned recently) on the State of Florida Dept of Correction Offender Data Base, although it showed his image, his present location and the nature of his offence. The page offered no more information than that. It's a perverse curiosity that makes me just wanna know the circumstances of his arrest.

Much Peace
Continued Healing
Here it is about the flaming John B ... =690899294
Forgive me for sounding like a bigot but I did not like this guy being in group at all.I,like many of us,never was all that comfortable with all the guy-to-guy contact that went on there.When I was on front row,an early graduate(had to be,graduated before MY intake)named Kip Almendrue ASSURED that Str8 didn't any gays in the group,something that was screened I supposed.Then this guy makes it to later phases confessing having a weakness with guys.He didn't even have an issue with drugs.
Talking about feeling scammed.I kept waiting for Hartz to terminate this queen since his presence could present a serious conflict with others in the group.namely me.Anybody still talking to Chris Tyler should ask him about his run-in with this person.Definitely was one guy a lot of us didn't have anything in common with.

As far as the Wallers are concerned,No,Mr.D,these Wallers finished their relationship with Str8 in the Rahall Building.Nobody reading these boards but myself at this time would know them.

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Son of former client arrested
« on: August 06, 2010, 07:38:27 PM » ... r=10116195

Nephew of early Str8 grad Cindy Waller.Son of Ed Waller(withdrew at 18).Nephew of the late Lenny Waller(another former client deceased before 50)

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