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Well I just wanted to raise a question here...

How does Fornits feel about a WWASP survivor, who currently lives and works, and has a husband that works full time at a previously WWASP affiliated program (Midwest Academy) starting her own "business" to start accrediting other programs as "better" programs, and referring kids into those "accredited" programs...

Hey all,

Sorry I havent been around lately, miss you guys! But I've been trying to focus on other ventures. Just wanted to let you know I've created a website WWASPSurvivors and we just set up some forums... You're welcome to join us, although we are just starting out and we don't have a ton of threads, feel free to recommend any that may have some significance to you.

WWASPSurvivors isn't just for survivors of WWASP, all are welcome and all are encouraged to share their stories. Our intention is to reach out to parents and give them the information they need in order to make an informed decision when looking for a program (hopefully not to send them at all!) I'm constantly updating the site and the forums are really just a way for everyone to suggest things to be added to the main content. As well we are planning on building a new program database and the forums could be a good place to collect info on each program, particularly survivor testimony. In any event there are general forums and healing and dealing forums so feel free just to drop by and chat.

I'm not HUGE on moderation, I do support free speech but we think it's important to require registration to post in most of the forums and we will moderate any threats, attacks or severe trolling.

Please lend us your support and wealth of knowledge so that we might be able to work together to reach the parents and save these kids!

Thank You :)


Open Free for All / Time to call in the /b/ troops
« on: June 10, 2011, 05:03:52 PM »
Posted this on /b/ today...

Greetings fellow /b/tards... Once again it is time to take on a new rival, a multi-billion dollar industry that illegally incarcerates teenagers, denies them even the most basic of human rights and physically and mentally abuses (brainwashes) both these kids and their families. The Troubled Teen Industry has been escaping accountability for their crimes against humanity for over  4 decades. Originating from a cult called The Church of Synanon (also linked with Scientology) it has spawned into a multi-billion dollar child raping industry. I myself was a child prisoner of these money hungry shit for brains religious nuts and I can honestly say they ruined my life and the life of countless others. We've been working for years trying to shut these places down but they keep popping back up with the same staff, same cult doctrine and the same abusive techniques. How can we continue to let this happen when there are children being abused as we speak? It's time we took them down for good! /b/ I desperately need your help! We need to take over their websites, hack their emails, bank accounts, records, get every piece of dirt we can find and go after every last one of these sick and demented pieces of shit and DESTROY THEIR LIVES like they have done to thousands of families! If we can’t take them down now, and Mitt Romney gets the Repub. candidacy WERE FUCKED! Robert Litchfield is the head of one of one of the most notorious troubled teen organizations, WWASP (no defunct) or Teen Revitalization (they had to change their name to escape the reputation we have given them) and was Romney's campaign financial co-chair before Mitt had to publicly distance himself from Litchfield due to the massive class action lawsuit against WWASP. I believe they still have financial ties and if Mitt Romney gains any power in our government, our efforts to change government policy to protect the rights of children in residential treatment programs will be a loss. There is so much more to this than I can write on one message board and there are so many different programs and organizations, this would have to be a full scale strategic take over. If you give a shit about human rights… please help us.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Blog?
« on: May 20, 2011, 06:32:51 PM »
I'd like to start a anti-TTI blog... anyone want to contribute?

I could really use people willing to write articles, personal stories and help collect content to add to the TTI database.

so if you give a shit, holla. (pm if you would like to keep your involvement anonymous)

Open Free for All / Need Links
« on: May 20, 2011, 05:41:23 PM »
Putting links on my blog for all things Troubled Teen Industry.... any suggestions?

Now that ISAC is gone our cause is lacking in a comprehensive research database.

We've been twiddling our thumbs long enough its time to get back on the database project.

Lets start here, I have already made a folder system that will help us organize the files we all already have... I've got a ways to go before I will be able to build this site from the ground up so lets just do what we can do for now.

We need to get some volunteers, build a few teams and each team tackle a different subject (ie: Original programs like Synanon, CEDU and other clones, Modern day programs like WWASP, ASPEN and clones, Related Articles and scientific research on techniques used by the TTI... and the list goes on, you pick whatever you have experience in) and just collect as much information as you can find on google.

My main goal is to SEO the SHIT out of so that we can rank over the programs... especially in the "behavior modification" and "Help my teen" key words... this will be very possible if we can bulk up our content.

I am currently studying web design, including php and mySQL... a database is definitely something I will be able to build down the road, and we already have some plans in the works to build our own private server. So its really important that I get everyones help here, I just don't have the time to do it all myself.

Anyway, sorry for my recent absence, I've been really busy but I will always make time to bring an end to institutionalized child abuse...Thanks Everyone!

PS... is there anyway to recover the content from our fallen Can someone contact Shelby and see if she has hard copies she can give to us?

Danny B quotes for epic lolz... anyone?

Can anyone help me weigh in on the history of WWASP's seminars (Resource Realizations) and where these techniques were derived from.

To plainly explain that they use mind control techniques to demand loyalty parallel to that of a religious cult sounds a bit "over the top"... so how else could one approach this subject tactfully?

Open Free for All / Living Dead Girl
« on: June 27, 2009, 06:33:55 PM »
I was thinking I would blog my progress on this project, and what better place than fornits right?... we love zombies... duh.

So this is one piece in a series, and I have plans to create a line of clothing and accessories including hats, jewelry and hand bags.

Let me know what you guys think! I can always use suggestions.


Sorry... Removed.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Sorenson Ranch School
« on: June 20, 2009, 05:58:25 PM »

anyone heard anything? any experiences? just tried to visit (i know i must have entered that wrong, i think i put .com instead) and it came up with this.... can you guys help me do some research in case we need to put this place on our radar?

Open Free for All / TV shows and the Troubled Teen Industry
« on: June 06, 2009, 07:37:26 AM »
I've noticed in a few shows that I watch that there have been significant references to characters being sent off to "wilderness programs"

the first i noticed was WEEDS, it was in season 1, Celia sent her daughter to a program in Mexico called "Casa Reforma", and the daughter made a comeback in the last season, apparently she's pissed off and holding her mother for ransom. I'm interested to see what they mention about this "Casa Reforma" and what kind of light they shed on it. I can guess it wont be great, but I'll be impressed if they mention anything about abuse.

the second was in season 2 of Gossip Girl, where a character, classic bad girl Georgina was sent to a program. The next time you saw her she was a born again christian, and was sickeningly "goodie two shoes". The bad Georgina made a comeback in the season finale and well be seeing a lot more of her next season but its just weird that they made that stretch and explained nothing about the program that temporarily turned her into a cult member.

Most recently was the finale of 90210 where a character Liam was showing less interest in school activities and was sent by his asshole of a step father to a "wilderness therapy camp" ???? kidnapped in the middle of the night by 2 burly men and all. The school counselor, recycled character, Kelly even pulled out a stack of brochures when she told the kid that his step father was pulling his records and considering military school. All this makes me question how much research into this subject these producers have done, and how much they are willing to reveal about the program next season.

all in all i think that this exposure can either greatly help or hurt our progress trying to reach the general public. I think there is great possibility to send a really strong message to both teens and parents of teens that these so called "solutions" have serious consequences. I would personally like to get a hold of the producers of the show and share some of my experience in a "wilderness program", in hopes that they will at least try to tackle this issue.

What do ya'll think? worth a try?

We need to jump back onto this website/ database project.

I think we left off on the individual websites per school project, and research for compiling a TTI data base.

Where are we at with this? Are we ready to send our information in so that we can start designing the website that will house the database? I have a web programmer willing to write the php once we have compiled our resources.

Please feel free to contact me via PM if you are wary about this sub-forum being open to the public.

CAN ~ Collective Action Network / Anti-Program Marketing Materials
« on: April 21, 2009, 08:02:24 PM »
So we have all seen how the marketing materials of the programs have a way of convincing desperate parents that these facilities offer some sort of "treatment" to teens in order to cure them of their adolescent behavior.

So what if we made our own marketing materials ie: pamphlets and testimony videos, (even if only passed on through email) to directly mimic the way the programs market themselves in order to counter these things with the truth. these pamphlets could be passed out at different events, but also be sent to parents who are considering sending their child to the programs.

Psy had the idea to create websites that parents would stumble upon when researching the schools, parents can submit their email or PO boxes to these sites and we can send them our TTI pamphlet (or email) and any other information (testimony, articles, known associates, research) that is known about the particular school they are looking into. I assume most of this information will be available on the website, but sometimes having the information in hand to compare to the marketing materials they received for the school helps them to consider both sides before making the decision.

I would be willing to design this pamphlet, if others here would be willing to donate some research, writing and quotes from your personal testimony. I know that it is difficult to devote yourself to projects like this, we are all very busy with work and family and the rest of our lives but I think this is a project small enough for us to handle if we can all donate some free time to it.

Any and all suggestions welcome of course.

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