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News Items / With respect and sadness
« on: January 15, 2005, 03:44:00 PM »
Canada keeps a closer eye on drinking and driving than the states do which could be a reason for a "routine traffic stop". However usually we set up road blocks and the article didn't mention that the car was passing through one.

I did a search and didn't find anything on this person (including the obituary) so who knows what the truth is. [ This Message was edited by: velvet2000 on 2005-01-15 18:44 ]

News Items / A Stunning Example
« on: January 08, 2005, 03:01:00 PM »
Oh I know I rarely bite but who could resist this one?! Ah good times. Yes clearly someone who says this:
 "3.) Any and ALL proof you ever come up with is horseshit anyways. Good luck in your ventures.  
You will try ANYTHING to get me off of your forum.. but Im sorry, I refuse to allow you to contaminate peoples thinking without providing them an option of the truth. You are a filthy disease ridden person.. but I am here if you need to talk... Always."

Wouldn't also say something with such "rage".


News Items / Question About Hazelden
« on: January 08, 2005, 02:54:00 PM »
Thanks for the response. I didn't speak with the client, I spoke with her mother. I don't think her daughter had a bad experience there, she just wasn't ready yet to go back out to normal life and she needed more treatment. The aftercare program that I was concerned about may have been one that was recommended by Hazeldon but not affiliated. It was that "aftercare" center that worried me. But it is odd that males get to stay and not females. Any idea what it's set up that way? I would have thought that Hazeldon has plenty of money to branch out as large as they please.

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Response to a request for information.
« on: January 05, 2005, 02:15:00 PM »
I like how Rachael informs us about how AARC tried to make her believe that she was lying all the time, and promptly an AARC person responds to tell her she's in denial and needs to get honest! If we wanted to we could start telling "incidents" here and just let outside people see how a RAP goes.

Welcome to the board Rachael. Thank you for sharing your experience. I'll PM you also. If you have any feedback regarding the board please PM me about it.

News Items / A Stunning Example
« on: January 05, 2005, 01:28:00 PM »
I shouldn't bother responding to this, but it's sad and I have to!

I'm glad you took a few days off to think about what you've done, but please don't try to tell the forum host how the Log In and Log Off function works! Did you think that if you sent me rediculous messages via private message that I would feel the need to keep it confidential? (Which by the way you did while logged in. They can't be done anonymously). An anonymous post isn't anonymous to any host on fornits. Sorry you'll just have to go to normal singles chat rooms to find your victom.

News Items / A Stunning Example
« on: December 31, 2004, 12:39:00 AM »
I'm sure a lot of your co-workers like to visit synanon recovery forums to pick up chicks and PM me to ask if I'm single.

News Items / A Stunning Example
« on: December 30, 2004, 12:33:00 PM »
Yes it is an anonymous post from the same IP address, just like your IP address is ( ).

News Items / A Stunning Example
« on: December 30, 2004, 01:14:00 AM »
This is a lovely example of how "serene" a male AARC grad can "recover" to be. Here's the link to a thread started and kept going with "rage" from your Big Joshua: ... 2&start=10

So what exactly are you encouraging in those boys raps? Clearly it's been shown on our boards verbal hostility and threat, but I guess rape too. Wow what mother wouldn't want a son like this?

News Items / Question About Hazelden
« on: December 24, 2004, 04:50:00 PM »
Someone here went there so I thought this would be a good place to ask!

I met someone today who's daughter went through Hazelden for 24 and under in Minnesota as well (Plymouth?). She said that Hazelden was good but after a month the girls have to go to "Hazelden extended" if they want more recovery and so her daughter was going to some other state to stay in rehab. She also made a comment of something along the lines that boys get to stay longer and have full treatment but girls don't. When she described "Hazelden extended" she said they can't have any music or books and that they can't be left alone without being escorted by someone on a higher level. She didn't know too much else about it. There was a real name for the "extended" but I can't remember what it was. Does anyone know anything about this? She also told me that since her daughter got out of Hazelden she's been having anxiety attacks in crowds and she'd never had that before, and some other things which sounded strange. However this girl's been in a long strong of rehabs in a row so she may just be acting antisocial because she's been isolated. books and that they can't be left alone without being escorted by someone on a higher level. She didn't know too much else about it. There was a real name for the "extended" but I can't remember what it was. Does anyone know anything about this? She also told me that since her daughter got out of Hazelden she's been having anxiety attacks in crowds and she'd never had that before, and some other things which sounded strange. However this girl's been in a long strong of rehabs in a row so she may just be acting antisocial because she's been isolated.

News Items / Getting honest about statistics
« on: December 18, 2004, 01:56:00 AM »
"I understand your feelings and commend you for wanting to create a safe haven for them, but in the end I think it does more harm than good. It gives the pro-program people the excuse to say "See?? They're deleting posts that they don't agree with"."

Thanks, and I also understand your points, but continue to feel strongly about the way I've been choosing to host the board recently. AARC members may very well say "see", but they do know the truth. Quite a while back there were flyers posted around Calgary and an add in a paper with an 800 number for anyone who's suffered programming or brainwashing in a treatment facility. The same AARC people who post here went around tearing the flyers down and some called the number saying that it wasn't fair. This add said nothing about AARC. These guys know the truth, they'll only SAY "see" for the sake of argument.

 "That's what THEY do."

Precisely! It's only fair!

"TELL the recent grads that they don't have to listen to them anymore. Let them SEE for themselves that the program has no power over them unless the allow it to continue. One of the best ways to END that control is to take it back through open communication."

This is true. Unfortunately most grads don't want to hear one more word of it. They've just been through 1 or 2 years of being surrounded by it. I have a sibling who feels that way. They hated it so much that they chose to move on by not talking about it, not thinking about it, and when they are exposed to it again they just go off the handle.

"The more they're allowed to see what the pro people are posting, the more truth is revealed."

If this were a support forum for victims of incest or sexual abuse, members would most likely not choose to post on the same board as their particular abuser. We know the truth. We know who those people are, and we don't need to hear another word from them.

You and I - or anyone else who disagrees with deleting posts may never come head to head but I hope it doesn't deter you from contributing.

News Items / Getting honest about statistics
« on: December 16, 2004, 12:46:00 PM »
I don't remember the post. It's possible that I deleted it accidentally if it was a reply to one of Josh's because he posts so frequently and I don't have the time to read them all. Or if your response quoted the entire context of Josh's post I may have thought I was still deleting the same one. I don't have any intention to censor you, so if I deleted a normal response from you I'm sorry, and you are welcome to post it again.

News Items / Getting honest about statistics
« on: December 16, 2004, 01:23:00 AM »
On 2004-12-15 11:30:00, Anonymous wrote:

"yeah, but it just creates an atmosphere of doubt, IMO.  Don't get me wrong, I fully understand and support the need for a safe place to talk about this kind of shit but I've seen on other Fornits forums how if you let them spout off it's there for everyone to see.  They reveal the truth in their own posts and on a few occasions some have really seen what a destructive hold and effect it had on them.  

No one who is out has anything to fear from them anymore and the more rope you give these people the better, IMO.  Remember, the truth is on YOUR side. :tup: "

Thanks anonymous. I think the difference between our forum and Kids/Straights forums is that AARC is still up and running and there are many new graduates. Those new graduates are still living near AARC, living with family who may still be a part of it etc. Those grads are all lurking these sites and contacting us privately but they don't want to post because they don't want to partake in the AARC atmosphere. They start posting when the AARC staff are quiet, and then the AARC staff start posting out of fear once those grads make their posts. You are right that it shows their true colors, and it's educational for outsiders to read such posts, and many posts are left on for that very reason. But all in all I'd really just like these new grads to know that they don't have to listen to that stuff anymore, and that they can come here to anonymously say how they feel without having a derogatory response. It's important right now that these grads have a place to do this. I'm sorry if it's offensive to some people, but the only posts which are deleted are the hostile ones or any post coming from the same IP as a person who has made a hostile post.

News Items / Getting honest about statistics
« on: December 15, 2004, 02:18:00 PM »
The purpose of this forum is to serve as a safe anonymous support network for survivors of AARC. AARC staff post replies, topics etc, which are typically hostile towards survivors, and  untruthful about "aarc recovery". Because they are not using the forum for its purpose and are creating a "rap" or "blast rap" forum instead, those staff members are not given a voice here. The description of this forum clearly states its purpose and the rules for posting. Any topic that does not add to the feeling of safety and support for AARC grads has no place here and should be posted somewhere else on the enormous world wide web where there is always room for discussion of any flavor.

News Items / Posted months ago & still true
« on: December 13, 2004, 02:01:00 PM »
You have internet harassment laws in Alberta don't you? I have Joshua's information if you should need it.

News Items / Story about AARC
« on: December 04, 2004, 02:16:00 PM »
1) News programs and a documentary have interviewed survivors of AARC and uncovered the "plot".
2) Lawsuits have been launched. One former Kids of Bergen County client did succeed in court however she accepted a gag order in settlement.
3) Much of law enforcement is ignoring the problem, however some are trying to investigate. Social services has been investigating on its own and has tried to reason with AARC by laying down new guidelines.
4)Parents and clients from "Kids" who associated with AARC while still programmed later left and now denounce it.
5)AARC is still being watched while officials decide what to do. I've spoken with everyone from ombudsman to child and youth care and everyone has agreed that AARC's process is wrong and something needs to be done, but the youth need to press criminal charges before movement can be made.

6) The solution is simply youth need to be informed of their rights and provided security (safe housing away from family who may still be involved with AARC) and connected with those who are able to properly guide them and/or represent them.

However the anonymous poster I am replying to is using a shining example of how AARC works. Keep saying the same thing over and over again despite the fact that it's not true, and maybe people will start repeating the mantra.

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