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Looks like the Bethel Girls Academy, Petal, MS. (owned and operated by the Fountains also) is in more trouble.
Sheriff says girls moved from Bethel Home in Petal

The Associated Press

PETAL ? About 40 teenage girls have been removed from a privately run, at-risk home in Petal and the case was turned over to the Forrest County Youth Court.

The girls were transferred Wednesday night from the Bethel Home to an undisclosed location for their safety, said Sheriff Billy McGee.
State Department of Human Services spokesman Rick Whitlow said Thursday the agency would have no comment.

?We?re referring all inquiries to the youth court in the county,? Whitlow said.

Under Mississippi law, Youth Court proceedings are confidential.

Sheriff Billy McGee said several state agencies ? including DHS, the attorney general? office and the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality ? were at the privately owned facility for teenage girls for most of the day Wednesday.

?Apparently, the state received some complaints regarding some sort of mistreatment of the girls,? McGee said. ?I really don?t know what those complaints are, we were just called in to provide security and to transport the girls to a different location.?

The sheriff said that the parents of the girls were being notified to come and pick up their children.

?Until they are picked up from that location, they are under the custody of DHS,? he said. ?Overall, there are about 30-40 kids involved.?

McGee said the Bethel Home is located in Petal, near the Jones County line. He said the facility was operated by a church but he was not sure which one.

I believe most of the newspapers down in MS. have been paid off also.  It seems that for a while Bethel was so concerned with websites using newspaper articles (MS. newspapers that had run articles on Bethel's abuse, removal of children, etc.) were threatened by the newspapers to remove them as permission hadn't been granted to use the articles.  I don't believe for one minute that those newspapers suddenly felt they needed to surf the web looking for any and all reprints of their articles on Bethel.  Make sense?

The Troubled Teen Industry / Bethel Boys Academy Torture Chamber
« on: May 15, 2004, 12:27:00 AM »
Until the lawsuit is filed by talking, talking and posting on every message board I can is the way to reach more victims of Bethel's abuse.  Employees have now been contacting me.  They are abused almost as badly as the kids there.  POWER IN NUMBERS is the motto of this lawsuit.  It will make national news and I can't wait.  I want to save all those children that are suffering there right now.  I was conned and lied to by the Teen Help agency (who is being named in the lawsuit also) and also by Herman Fountain and John Fountain.  Places like this shouldn't even be allowed to operate.  Then we have parents who truly don't care what is happening to their child.  They just give up.  Places like Bethel need to be closed so they aren't even an option for parents like this.  Either way CLOSE Bethel and send the Felony Child Abusers to prison.

The Troubled Teen Industry / A suggestion
« on: May 14, 2004, 11:53:00 PM »
After rescuing my son from Bethel Boys Academy, Lucedale, MS. (he also smuggled out three phone numbers of other victims there) we all went to the Attorney General's office.  In the end nothing happened.  The Attorney General made another deal with Bethel Boys Academy and the Fountains.  They now have it in writing that they are NOT to use electrical torture on the kids.  That they must give the kids water to drink.  They must allow the kids bathroom privaleges.  C'mon.  Are we to believe that Herman and John Fountain thought this was okay prior to having that piece of paper stating that?  Child abuse was fine and dandy with them but now that they have a piece of paper from the courts saying "Things NOT to do to the children entrusted in your care".....  The Attorney General of Mississippi did absolutely NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!

Let it be heard that Bethel will finally have it's fair day in court.  Victims lined up a mile long (to include former employees and even innocent bystanders) are waiting and ready to testify.  Bottom line, all the medical documentation does not lie.  Bethel will be shut down and off to prison the Felony Child Abusers will go.  I truly thank GOD for the internet.  Many years ago victims would come out of Bethel and try to sue.  Nothing against Bethel's money and political corruption in Miss.  This lawsuit is going to make national news.  POWER IN NUMBERS is the motto of this lawsuit.  The internet has allowed victims to find me week after week.  Even former employees (sick of the abuse towards the children and employees) have come forward.  We will prevail.  GOD IS GOOD.

I went and voted.  It's time for these torture homes for children to STOP!!!!!

The Troubled Teen Industry / Bethel Boys Academy
« on: May 12, 2004, 03:43:00 PM »
I e-mailed with this person.  She wants so much to believe the Fountains.  Well, I did to.  I did believe it.  You also need to realize that before this backdoor deal with the State of MS. they were abusing the children.  They have been abusing the children from day one.  It never dawned on me to think that these people didn't know torturing kids was against the law.  Felony Child Abuse comes to mind.  It is also against the law (with or without a backdoor deal with the State) to starve a child, deprive them of sleep, break their bones, force them to urinate on themselves.  AGAINST THE LAW.  They were doing these things since the day they opened many, many years ago.  Now that they have this little piece of paper in hand that says "No longer torture children, no longer use electrical shock on the kids, no longer starve them or deprive them of water (after exercising in the MS. sun for 12 hours straight) causing severe dehydration, etc.  Well, I guess they won't do any of that.  Afterall, they have a piece of paper now saying "Things NOT to do to the children entrusted into your care".  Oh My.  The Big Eye Roll comes here. @@

New Info / Bethel Boys Academy, Lucedale, MS.
« on: March 26, 2004, 08:18:00 PM »
Just wanted to mention that none of the victims were ever consulted about that backdoor deal the State of MS. made with Bethel.  As a matter of fact all the victims (17 of them, YES 17 brutalized children) were to be back down in MS. on Aug. 26th to testify.  The Attorney General's office assured us that Bethel would be closed down.  After Bethel was shut down they would then file criminal charges.  We were told that.  Two days before court we get a call from the Head of the Integrity Div.  He informed all the victims and their families to not come and that the State had worked out yet another deal.  That isn't okay, nor is the fact that some corrupt judge decided Bethel shouldn't be held accountable to the same laws the rest of the citizens are.
  We victims have our own lawsuit now.  We will be heard.  Just because a corrupt judge made a piece of paper full of lies doesn't mean we victims should take all of our medical, physical and emotional evidence and throw it out the window.  We will prevail.

New Info / Bethel Boys Academy, Lucedale, MS.
« on: February 28, 2004, 05:15:00 PM »
How about massive pay-offs?  People in high places are paid to look the other way.  This has been proven with the last investigation.  Obviously I can't go into specifics as the lawsuit is building momentum.  When I rescued my son, we sat in on a meeting at the Attorney General's office.  Every department was there, Social Services, Family Services, Health Dept., etc.  Each dept. also had their own lawyer.  Yet, when it was all said and done, nothing happened.  Even when the State raided the place, it was botched to the hilt.  Only 13 boys were removed.  Yet we have victims that were there when the State came in.  Those boys were still stuck there.  Miss. has some huge problems and I am sure they thought we victims would just go away - like they have all those other years.  Well I am here to tell you - Bethel FUCKED with the wrong MOM this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Troubled Teen Industry / Gooooo Media!!! Whooooo Hooooo!
« on: February 25, 2004, 12:27:00 AM »
Amazingly enough, but this is the same kind of abuse and torture that Bethel Boys Academy and Bethel Girls Academy inflicts on the children daily.  Herman Fountain and John Fountain believe that is the only way to run the place.  Therapy?  Yeah, a slug in the face?  Behavior modification?  Yep, that is provided through electrical shock.  The State of MS. continues to let Herman run his little torture chamber out in the woods of Lucedale, MS.  But with all this hype going on with the State funded schools, it's easy to see why Herman Fountain has gotten away with it.

New Info / Bethel Boys Academy, Lucedale, MS.
« on: February 20, 2004, 08:55:00 PM »
Thanks, I appreciate it.  But I knew all along I wasn't barking up the wrong tree concerning Bethel.  Too many victims have come forward - complete with medical documentation.  The victims go back to the day the place started up many years ago.  I now even have former employees who have plenty to say about what goes on behind closed doors.  This is even after their new backdoor deal with the State of MS.  Nothing has changed and Herman is still running the place. Bethel WILL be shut down forever.  Mark my words.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Bethel Boys Academy Torture Chamber
« on: February 16, 2004, 12:40:00 AM »
Tommy Fortenberry was named numerous times in that he beat and abused those boys.  When the 13 testified in court the third week in May, 2004, Tommy's name came up plenty of times.  My son tells that many times Tommy would just walk up stating he felt like slugging someone.  Tommy would then ask one of the older students if he should punch so and so.  Of course the older student would reply "yes Sir".  Tommy would then slug the kid as hard as he could in the stomach (knocking the wind out of him).  Nope, when you are an employee at Bethel you begin to be an abuser yourself.  You see it day in and day out.  You become numb to it.  Herman needs to go live behind bars.  Of course he is still running it.  He always has and he always will - UNTIL IT IS SHUT DOWN FOR GOOD!!!!  coming soon to a courthouse near you.  :smile:

New Info / Bethel Boys Academy, Lucedale, MS.
« on: January 15, 2004, 12:32:00 AM »
Here are some more sites I have been popping up on.  Bethel's webmaster is doing everything in his power to stop me.  He has threatened websites to remove my posts.  I am not doing anything wrong by posting the facts as they happened to my son.

New Info / Bethel Boys Academy, Lucedale, MS.
« on: November 28, 2003, 10:11:00 PM »
Thanks, I appreciate the added publicity.  It's the only way I can continue to find more victims of Bethel Boys Academy and Bethel Girls Academy.  Our lawsuit is "power in numbers".  One child lying.  Maybe two, three, four or five.  But 50?????  They weren't even there at the same times.  Nope.  Blows Bethel's defense right out the window.  Again, thanks for the free publicity and assistance in helping more victims sue Bethel.

New Info / Bethel Boys Academy, Lucedale, MS.
« on: November 03, 2003, 10:56:00 PM »
I tried to e-mail you and the e-mail addy isn't any good.  If you would like to contact me directly, please do.  I would love to talk with you.
[email protected]


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