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Smoking marijuana linked to lower diabetes risk in study

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These States Are Most Likely To Legalize Pot Next

Yeah, I am of the opinion that OCD (or CDO...alphabetical order and all) has some some correlations with PTSD. It may not be in the DSM-V....but still.

I tend to pigeonhole, categorize, section, segment things in my mind. If things exceed the scope of those boundaries....ewwwww, can be ugly (if only tween my own two ears)

I also have ADHD (minus the hyperactivity) and I think a touch of OCD. Yes, things must be absolutely perfect, but only for a moment or two. Look, a skwerl....I like toast

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Marijuana: DEA Bans Armored Cars From Picking up Pot Shop Cash

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Wife-Beating Potheads Sought for Government Study

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Here's What It's Like To Buy Drugs On Three Anonymous Online Black Markets

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Marijuana Research
Current restrictions on marijuana research are absurd

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Active Component Of Marijuana Has Anti-Cancer Effects, Study Suggests

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Compassionate Sciences Building Advanced Medical Marijuana Treatment Facility in Bellmawr
First New Jersey Alternative Treatment Center to Be Headed by a Pharmacist


Can medical herbs stimulate regeneration or neuroprotection and treat neuropathic pain in chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy?

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Federal government won't block Colorado marijuana legalization

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Study: Marijuana World’s Most Popular, Least Dangerous Drug
Countries with harsh drug laws have higher addict death rates

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