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In the past couple months we had a huge "disclosure" group where we pretty much had to disclose any secrets we hadn't told about ourselves from our whole life to John, Therapists, and the group. We also had to do the normal I know this peson did this... and the I did this at this time. It got down to people saying I stole a cracker packet or I wore my shoes inside. Then we had to write all of these papers about remorse and being grateful for the school etc. We didn't do "the intervention" persay but we were forced to spend a week down in the group house(we even ate there) spilling our guts. We got yelled at and screamed at and blamed. Everything was just weird. When I left we weren't doing much work crew although back in december we had to redo all the cabins. because they were "disgusting" and we didn't take care of them. That didn't quite get finished. All the grunge work got done but none of the "fun" stuff. Its all been crazy. As I said in my last post I know they all went on a trip this week so I'm not quite sure currently how things are...

kim, is dissent still not allowed?  I'm really curious about the over all climate- when I was there I would describe it as generally terror filled.  I wonder just how oppresssive things are now...

thank- kat

Is Dr. Drag still there? If so, what was he like? Did any of you feel his "therapy" was helpful?

Dr. Drag is leaving at the end of march. He is cool. He helped me. I really liked him. I can't speak for anyone else though

Why is he (Dr. Drag) leaving? Anyone hear anything about Zoe, Doug or Russell?


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