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Ok so doug and gary left? holy cow. Who the hell is there anymore... jesus... I figured doug would never leave. He bugged me out a bit at the end, kinda power trippy, emulated John a bit too much. Talked therapy where he had no place to. I remember when WMI came there and we took the WAFA course, doug had always scolded me about performance and comparing grades. We took the final cert. exam and I got a 100... he came right over to look at my score and compare it.. (he had gotten a 97) It really pissed me off... lol plus with my 5 month off talk assignment he was the worst about it..


28 months of hell I can't seem to really remember.

a final note about staff.

When I was told to leave cmapus after 28 months of being there becuase I was 18 and wanted to go to college and not give u the full scholarship I had earned instead of staying an other 4 months like they wanted, Don the maintainence guy was the only one who cam up to me to really say good bye and told my mother that he would miss me and that he was proud of me. It was amazing after $168,000 of tuition, he was the only one who gave me any closure. I was denied of a goodbye group and just quietly ( but forcefully) escorted off campus.

yeah, i was there... i left june 05 and NONE of the same staff are there when even i was there.

I just left MMS in the past couple months. I was there for about 18 months. Since I was there ther was almost a complete staff turnover. All within the past couple months..doesn't make sense that it would happen so quickly for no reason. Its easier for me to say who is there. Jen bosley, Jen Finn, Erin K, Colleen, John. It has been crazy. I talk to some staff still there often. They all went on a big camping trip this week.

If you just got out, could you tell us about the conditions there now and if they are still doing interventions, kids doing work details, if girls are forced to tell their deepest secrets, etc.


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