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Interesting and sad
« on: May 04, 2005, 11:22:00 AM »
What I think is interesting is that most of the posts here agree on what actually happened at MMS, and how the treatment was.  What differs is weather we think it was helpful or harmful.  

Someone wrote in response to another of my posts that they "didn't agree" whats funny was that there was nothing to agree or not agree with.  It was my story and personal experience.  We will never be able to credit or discredit each others experiences, what would be nice is if we could agree to disagree on wheather it was helpful or not, but still let people give thier veiws without attacking.  

We all shared a tremendous life changing event at MMS good or bad, what a shame that we can't come here together and give other people a fair chance to say what they think without trying to discredit each other.
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