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Now learn prostitution in school
« on: April 02, 2005, 01:57:00 PM »
Now learn prostitution in school

Sidhi Chadha
New Delhi, March 31, 2005

A Diploma in Sex Trade? That will be among the
several qualifications on offer when a
government-sponsored school for prostitutes opens
in the capital on Friday.

The move to encourage sex workers who are fully
trained in their craft comes just days after the
US threatened to impose sanctions unless the
administration did something to regulate the
flesh trade in the country.

Giving details of the scheme, Kamal Kishore,
spokesperson for the Ministry of Human Resource &
Development says only those who received training
at the Institute for Carnal Studies (ICS) would
be granted a license to operate legally. The
government, he claims, would be providing the
best infrastructure possible at the Institute.

"We have decided to hire sex workers with at
least 10-12 years of experience as teachers. They
will give students a first-hand account of how
they made their way in the trade. Besides
modern-day porn, the Institute will also have
lessons from the Kamasutra so that lovemaking is
pleasurable rather than being just about money,"
he says.

The girls will learn everything from seduction to
handling finances. "It will be an honour to
teach. Besides giving the girls useful tips about
sex, we will also tell them how to seduce clients
and extract maximum money. I am glad that the
government is finally thinking about our needs,"
says Kamala, one of those on the ICS faculty.

While the Institute will offer a basic two-year
degree programme for just Rs 2000, there will be
advanced courses for those wishing to specialise
as high-society call girls. With a growing demand
for same-sex partners, ICS also has an option
six-month crash course in 'Lesbian Relationships
and Practices.' Special classes for gigolos could
begin as early as next year.

"The students will get a lot of practical
exposure. They will do a month-long internship in
various red light areas of the country where they
will practice what they have learnt. We also
expect them to produce feedback from clients. The
student who scores the highest in terms of client
satisfaction will get a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh
and also a chance to represent India at an
international meet in Phuket, Thailand," says

According to a senior official in the HRD
Ministry, there could be a number of spin-offs
from a bold initiative like this. "Look, we have
failed to clamp down on prostitution despite our
best efforts in the past. Doesn't it make better
sense to open a school and bring the flesh trade
out in the open? It will help us in many ways -
first, prostitution will become a legitimate
profession; the girls in the trade will no longer
be looked down upon and ostracized from society.
Second, ICS will produce highly trained
individuals who will know all about safe sex,
hygiene and the use of condoms. Our biggest hope
is that the school will play a pivotal role in
the fight against AIDS. Lastly, it is also our
intention to eliminate pimps and others who
exploit sex workers. Those found operating
outside the purview of the ICS will be
prosecuted," he says.

Application forms will be available from April 10
at select government offices. The forms can be
also be downloaded from the ICS website
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Now learn prostitution in school
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2005, 02:45:00 PM »
They could learn all these things at almost any American high school...  ::cheers::
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