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Talked to Exec staff who thinks you all need to get over it

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Bill, I get your point. I'm not the moderator of this forum and I never saw the inside of the Morgan Yacht building. However, I know a little bit about discussion forums, how they work and how they sometimes fail to work.

Yeah, it's a good idea to try to limit discussion to the topic. But the last thing you want to do is exclude others from the discussion. At least, that's the last thing I want to see you do, anyway. I want the word to get out on these places and the people who made themselves rich and powerful through them.

Mel Sembler gave money to Straight??? My Ass, he did! How much in ARs when you combine fees paid by parents, dontaions, grants?

Compare with APs, including a warehouse, florescent lights, staff on slave wages housed in group apartments, liability insurance.... what else? No housing, clothing or food expenses, parents covered all of that. What else.... let's see... there was no medical treatment, what little medical attention anyone got was paid for by their parents. There were no outings, no books, no teachers, no professional shrinks.... that leaves MO money for the few top execs who had control of roughly $100,000,000 in declared income (over and above expenses, I believe) over the course of a decade and a half of Program operation.

Dave Crock should have spent more time in math class and les time with his nose up certain crevices. Oh, and how much cash did Smell Sembler give to that flunky directly? And for what service?

I have to agree with Antigen on this one the point was not to exclude anyone.But merely a place for those of us that were at morgan yacht to share stories, however I also think you have a point about a central planning place and will get with Antigen on that. I personally welcome others here to read what we went through and comment on it or just to read it to see what it was like for us.

Sorry for doing that, however, since everything in Straight seemed to be related back to Mel Sembler, no matter what Straight you were in. I think I had a valid reason to post.

Tampa survivor:
Hey guys, I am the last one to exclude anyone, but if you were not in St Pete, if you don't know the basic history of the program, and who was doing what, why don't ya read up on it.  I have been online for a LONG time, and remember when a clueless post to a thread would get you blasted, flamed, then banned if it was a regular habit. Call me old school.  I take it from the responding posts that I am a dinosaur...
 I never set foot in Morgan Yacht either.  I started right after the move to Gandy.  I guess I thought this was a new board for a new purpose, not more of the hash it out theraputic stuff.  Being that I was never actually at Morgan, but the people who were moved to Gandy, I can see the "openess" point quite clearly. It would be nice to trade some stories and stuff.
Does anyone know what became of Wayne Bylaska after he 7 stepped?  What about the Atkins girls, Danny Roach,Mark Gilley, or the Kuhn brothers?

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Tampa survivor:
One evening after group, my nukes, foster brother and a guy who lived nearby and shared rides to NW Hillsborough with us were talking at my house, waiting for his mom to pick him up.  Danny Roach was his name and as a 4th phase lifer, he KNEW it all, as I was only 3rd and coming up for the first time.  Well, I had gotten my finger crunched pretty good between those nice new blue chairs because the rap that night was one of those who can out motivate who deals where the rows got all screwed up.  All of a sudden Danny starts getting all agitated when my mom asked "what were you doing in that place to the chairs?"  I said motivating wildly.  Danny accuses me of talking behind the groups back.  OKAY FINE, so mom looks at him a bit weirdly, and asks how my finger got squished, and I told her about the hooks broke loose, then I started trying too hook it back to the next chair, and it got smashed.  Danny stands up and starts RANTING about "you can't talk behind the chairs back"  My mom laughed, then this guy starts yelling that I will be reported, and probably started over for it.  He was HYSTERICAL that the chairs confidentiality had been broken and the integrity of group had just been hugely violated.
  What a freaking nutty mindset.  He did turn me in, I got stood up, but I was just given an ass chewing and sat down without penalty.  I split for the first time soon after, as I KNEW these people were cracked.


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