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i'm on
« on: February 27, 2005, 12:08:00 PM »
Hi Syn thanks for putting me on here. Matt I got an email from you and have been slow responding because i've been going through your old posts so I don't ask you something you've already said before. I was wondering about the skunk thing you alluded to on the other board? I also got an email from Arthur Warshawsky saying he'd be willing to talk to me but I don't know who he is, and he asked about legal issues so i thought i'd consult a lawyer before emailing him so i'd have some answers besides the obvious, that it is my intent to respect your privacy and not decontextualize or manipulate things into an agenda. This is kinda bassackwards way of starting things off but basically I think it would do some good to have some of these stories recorded before they are forgotten. I originally wanted to travel and get people on tape, but it might be easier (and put more people at ease to remain anonymous unless otherwise wanted) to record interviews with people (could be done over the phone or in person...I live in Illinois, have a car). I've got skills and a forum to do this in (i'm in a program called "narrative media", I could actually do a project like this for credit), and honestly its the only project i'm interested in doing now that would have any consequence. Does anyone have any further ideas on how to shape a project like this? I'll tell you i'm more interested in things concerning character, how characters (us) were shaped there, changed there, where they went from there on, than doing something thats pro/anti elan. The truth is sometimes I vascillate between what I think about it, and then I wonder if im doing that because i'm brainwashed, because something was missing in me before I ever went there that disallowed me to think straight, or if its only in peoples frame of mind that an experience takes on connotations of being good or bad [a good example of where I think of this happening would be the book "the sea and poison" by a japanese writer name starts with s... last name endo? I think? About the moral rationalizations of doctors who performed vivisections on american pows during wwII]. Then I really start talking myself around in circles and then I realize i'm talking to myself, and that it will never go anywhere without other people's opinions. I'd love it it people wrote on here so that other people knew what you were thinking too. I also have an email [email protected] that you can write me that way.I hope there are some people out there who are interested in this. For the future the website is mine, currently it has a stupid php test on it but i'm working to put a site up, i'll let you know when it's posted.
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