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Beware of referrals by Sue Scheff

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oooooooooo SNAP!

Lookie what we have here

What have the PURE-ists to say of this? Hmm?  ::boohoo:: heres the worlds smallest violin playing just for you.
"The Program" and two years will get you a vastly improved kid in *EXACTLY* the same way that "The Program" and four bucks will get you a cup of espresso at Starbucks.

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bump - sue you are a cunt

It does not appear that Sue Scheff cares about the kids just the $,
Watch out for Wolves in Sheeps clothing.
Let the madness stop please help  :rofl:

Whats really funny is she might very well think shes doing the right thing for the kids, except that shes bought into some program or some program personality (leader/owner/whatever) and is blind to evidence to the contrary now.

Hey, it happens, buit the best intentions in the world mean diddly squat if its still a bad thing youre doing.
Totalitarianism is like a specter which drinks the blood of the living and so achieves reality, while the victims go on existing as a mass of living corpses.

Karl Jaspers, The Fight Against Totalitarianism (1963)
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--- Quote ---On 2005-02-14 15:49:00, Anonymous wrote:

" According to a lawyer who has reviewed Thayer Learning Center Contract - They attempt to excuse, explain, and exonerate themselves against public policy.  They are inadequate as a matter of law, and in hindsight, evidence of an almost clairvoyant ability to foretell the negligent, reckless, intentioanl and outrageous behavior.  Basically their contract will not hold up in court. "

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wow!  that is cool!  In reading the contract, I didn't see how it could hold up in court either.  Basically, case law says you can't sign away rights for an incident that has not yet occurred.  Can you email me in private?  I am very interested in speaking with you further because my son was only there a week, yet they have $50,000 of my money!!


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