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Sold!!! Your Child Placed To The Highest Bidder
Ms. Scheff referred our daughter to Whitmore Academy in Utah. Ms. Scheff LIED and said she did not receive any fees for this referral. We withdrew our daughter in Dec 2004, after 2 months, since the owner is under investigation for child abuse. Our family was gravely damaged by this referral by Ms. Scheff.

Name other referral  people and where and how they operate.  often times they prey on private placements because they can shake down the parents easier than state placements.  they will try to make themselves look like victims when they are caught lying to parents and they will coerce kids into saying that the place has helped them.  a line often used by these kids who promote the place is that "if i had known what it was like i would not have come here and i am glad i came here".  it is all cult crap  designed to keep the kids believing the lie that these places are all about friends.  the truth is that the staff have been sued so many times they cannot get hired at any honest place so they will say or do anything to keep the kids from leaving and that includes tying them up and they justify lying to the parents and kids behind their backs by saying that most kids who leave want to come back.  they have puppets , which are kids who have left and come back, spit out lines like graduating is the best thing for all.  the truth is that your kid is being coerced and threatened with their life if they do not do whatever the place demands.  if your kid is rescued they will then accuse him of not being serious about being there and try to pretend they do not need him and then turn around and have you pay someone to kidnap them legally to bring them back by having you sign over parental rights to them. when caught in this scam  ,  the leaders of the place say "at least we're not murderers".  the truth is many kids who follow them end up commiting suicide from all the abuse .  they will try to blame the kid by saying that the kid was "crazy and violent " before they got there and therefore it is not their fault they abused him.  sociopaths they are .

Sue Scheff also referred our daughter to Whitmore Academy.  We withdrew our daughter in November 2004 when we became aware that the owners Mark and Cheryl Sudweeks were under investigation for child abuse.  We contacted Sue Scheff about these allegations, and she said she continues to support the Sudweeks. Sue Scheff continues to place children at the Whitmore even as the investigation continues. How terrible. Our daughter and family were gravely damaged by this placement also.

Guess referral fees have more priority than children's possible welfare.

same goes for parent help.  stay away from them.  they tell you lies, then don't want to back them up.  they specifically told me if i pulled my son earlier i would not be liable for the clause that says you have to pay an additional month...should have known better, now they dont "recall" the conversation.

According to a lawyer who has reviewed Thayer Learning Center Contract - They attempt to excuse, explain, and exonerate themselves against public policy.  They are inadequate as a matter of law, and in hindsight, evidence of an almost clairvoyant ability to foretell the negligent, reckless, intentioanl and outrageous behavior.  Basically their contract will not hold up in court.


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