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Beware of referrals by Sue Scheff

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i have seen these documents and since then larry bauer and john baisden have split apart and larry bauer now owns the school known as glacier mountain academy, (which was glacier mountain inc.) i could only find one thing on him from the idaho state attorney generals office and he has owned up to it. ( he was advertising services and facilities that he did not provide and refused to refund tuition when children were removed from the school,he has since paid them back plus a fine from the state and has changed his advertising policy.) anyway, what i am looking for is anybody that went there or had some kind of contact with him in a cedu school, see what he and his school are really all about, I DO NOT TRUST SUE!!! she lied to me and told me that her daughter went there and she did great also it was only for a few months, after she rescued her daughter from carolina springs academy.she tried everything to try to get me to send my kid to glacier mountain , but i dont like being pushed and after the second phone call with her, i started to really look deep. by the way, glacier mtn academy is for boys only and she told me her daughter went there and that larry took 10 boys and 10 girls.HELLO???SUE!ARE YOU IN THERE?? YOU OUGHT TO KEEP YOUR STORY STRAIGHT!!people might get suspicious. anyway, i am looking for info on that particular school, because i havent seen anything on it like the other schools. thanks!!

If you're looking for a program or behavior mod program that doesn't have negative press, it's probably too new or too small potatoes.

Whitmore Academy is still under investigation for child abuse, but Sue Scheff continues to place children there. Can anyone tell me why?

What programs in Utah does Sue Scheff refer to?

If parents have been damaged by such placements, send a private messages to Antigen.


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