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Beware of referrals by Sue Scheff

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Does PURE refer to Thayer, or is this getting off topic?

Parents can not feel bad about being misrepresented by Sue Scheff and believing Whitmore was as good as she said when referred there.

Go back on this fornits site, and read  an Excerpt from Sue Scheff's own Deposition:

She lies about having a Degree, tries to pass off work experience in a hospital in "telecommunications and cafeteria/kitchen" work as EXPERIENCE IN THE MEDICAL FIELD.


Guess if I volunteer at a museum---I'm Picasso!
Or if one of these Whitmore kids volunteers as a "Candy-Striper" then he/she is a NURSE!

She appears to have a whole lot in common with the Sudweeks, or so it seems....a little problem with misrepresentations???????????

Posting 12-27-2003  19:44:00

Or just sear WWF by keying in Sue Scheff

sue also recomends glacier mountain academy, has anyone had anything to say about this school or the owner, larry bauer? i understand he used to work at a cedu school and left to start his own.

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Is PURE still doing their scare tactics to get parents to trust them?


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