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I know the program.  I worked there for a number of years.  Not while Michael was there, but probably within a couple years.  If the people running the program had suddenly abandoned all they believe and started allowing any form of abuse, I'm certain I would have heard about it from friends of mine who remained there after I left.  But last I hear, things are pretty much as they were when I left.
It's a fairly small program, and the directors are aware of what is going on with each student and staff member on a daily basis. There is a fairly formalized approach for working with the students, which staff members must adhere to. (And no, the formalized approach does not include beating, hitting, nudity, tying up, or any of the other things Michael describes.)
The students who go there, for the most part, have not had easy lives. Learning problems combined with behavior problems have caused enormous frustration on the part of the students and the educators. As behavior problems develop, they naturally escalate. By the time students get to a program like Cedars, they have usually built up a complex set of negative behaviors and avoidance techniques that they come to rely on in stressful social or academic situations, and which are preventing social and academic growth.
From the start, Cedars makes students responsible for their own behavior. The complex negative behaviors are no longer a means of escaping a stessful situation. Instead the behavior is addressed on the spot, and the student is called upon to come up with a more appropriate alternative behavior before moving on to whatever the present activity was meant to be. They cannot play one adult against another, because all adults are following the same program. To most students, this comes as a shock.  The negative coping techniques they've come to rely on over the years are not being allowed, and they no longer serve as a means of avoidance.  The student may respond with fear, anger, and often redoubled efforts at avoidance through escalating negative behaviors.
Those who make the leap, and begin to own their own behavior, can show a great deal of progress. Most soon move far beyond the negative behavior cycle and are able to concentrate on learning. Those who don't may end up playing the "abuse" card, since this is the one thing guaranteed to draw immediate attention and sympathy, as well as a sense of urgency, and succeed in manipulating an already rueful parent into removing them from the school.
Cedars is not an easy program for children. It's very structured, and it calls on them to do things that are personally very difficult for them. But it does so in a humane, caring, and fully accountable way.  To characterize this as abuse is a terrible disservice to the many kids who have benefited and continue to benefit from this program.

Yes, Michael is in fact lying about the Cedars Academy. It is a great program - always has been.

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Did you ask any of these questions?
Forget the website. It looks like summer camp. All of these places have websites that make them look like summer camp.

Here is what I want you to ask:
-what is the average turnover of staff?
-what qualifications and certifications do staff have?
-what is the minimum qualficiaion & certification you must have to get a job there?
-what is their treatment plan? do the work on a basis of positive reinforcement and cooperation or another system of demerits and penalities?
I am concerned that your son has not progressed enough to move up a level.
-what is their SYSTEM of reward?  Is it written down?   What is their SYSTEM for when things are not going well?  Get both in writing NOW.  Give them a fax number, tell them you're waiting.
-is a parent welcome to visit at any time, even without prior notice?
-what is the average length of stay for a student?

If there is ANY doubt, then I want you to get your kid right now.  The next call you make will be to a SPECIAL EDUCATION ATTORNEY, who will review the documents on your son (all the assessments etc). make recommendations if he or she feels more assessments are needed, and will help you work with your school district.

Do NOT leave your child if you are not comfortable, or if they are not able to give you any answers to any of the above questions.  

Good luck.  My heart goes out to you.  I know you have tried very hard, but sometimes you do need extra help.   :wave:

Troll Control:

--- Quote ---On 2005-10-18 10:22:00, Anonymous wrote:

"Michael is actually lying about the Cedars Academy.  Sad but true."

--- End quote ---

Upon further research and questioning of former "students," it seems that you are the liar here.  Sad, but true.  Program supporters are, by nature, some of the biggest liars adn cheats out there (except for the wide-eyed newbie staff that get roped in then leave when they see which way the wind blows).

It surely seems that, as an employee, you'd have much stronger motivation to lie than a grown man who is obviously well-adjusted despite the horrifying experience of your shitty treatment center.


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