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In reply to all of you

I was a victim of Cedars Academy in 2007/2008

there was no neil wats his face or mary whats her face

there was how ever a Tom, and a Fran that I remember who where very strict and the pe guy name I don't remember but he was a ex marine and would torture us by doing marine pe training

we where never tortured by being forced naked in the woods but I was jumped by other students while staff did nothing but watch

My parents did the right thing and dropped me out of the program

(see my post on cedars academy closes)

I am 20 now and Bi polar I will never forgot the hell I went through back there

reading the ex cedars academy student, she like Seth Lopato to Indian D, are child abuse deiniers. Seth was a victim until he sold out to Neal Swartz. Go as ex cedars student why the Cedars Academy board was taken off on Facebook? The reason why? It was a phoney surivior group, Lead by Indian D, they are nothing but brian wash zombies and sellouts to Swartz. Theodore Macris a outspoken victim of Swartz was always ridiculed when he speaks the turth although he can get carry away or go a Bridge Too Far on it. When Indian D kick him out, he was willing to move on but the tormenetors (or Neal hired on-line gun mem) bully Theodore to the point that he form a petition to kick Cedars Academy off Facebook due to their pro-child abuse views, even one of his firends helpout. It was up for three weeks until Neal's goon squad shut his group down but launching hack attacks on him. Now He lives in fear that it would go beyond hack attacks but gang land style assassination. As for Neal Swartz, he is the most dangerous man in the world he has turn Delware a Domestic Rouge State inwhich he rules it with a Iron Hand. I heard rummors that Swartz ploted to have Ted (Theodore) assassinated. Also why Neal Swartz has not be brought to justice? He is so dangerous he is ploting a 9/11 or Waco domsday attack.

reason why there is no Cedars Academy Group on Facebook? three reasons

1) It became a pro-child abuse site and it was overrun by pro-child abusers to the point that it was shut down

2) Also false advertising saying it's a survivors group in-which is not

3) When Neal Swartz finds out about it he'll would use the Delaware State police to high price lawyers to political connections  (including the Obama administration) to shut it down.

Ex Cedars Academy student explain why there is no more Cedars Academy on FB? Also how many pieces of silver did your slave master give you?


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