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Scott Travis
« on: September 21, 2004, 12:19:00 PM »
remember the name, but never saw him after he left straight.
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Scott Travis
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2004, 11:00:00 PM »
I knew Scott from the program, and also from going to Dixie Hollins.  I saw him and his son while working in a Exxon station in around September of 1995.  He was living in Washington State near Seattle and was still in the Navy I think.  I was able to recognize him instantly.  His dad died and he was here visiting his mom.

I saw your artwork and it was amazing.  We went through the program at the same time.  I was just 6 months behind you, so we definatly know each other.  It even seems as if you may have gone to Dixie Hollins as well.  Please send me a Private Message if you want.  My name is Bob and I had two stepbrothers, one older, one younger whom were adopted by my natural father when he married their mother.  We looked nothing alike, and it caused alot of confusion among the clients and staff when I went to live with them after my mother dropped out of the program and turned custody over to my dad.  Welcome aboard!! :nworthy:
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Scott Travis
« Reply #2 on: September 22, 2004, 11:52:00 AM »
kpickle39--->Thanks for the responce. If you knew Scott, you knew me and chances are I know you.

85 Day Jerk---> I know exactly who you are. I saw your name on the yahoo site and quickly put it all together. I have scoured this particular site for your posts and I am astounded by your sense of memory. I espiecally enjoyed ( I use that word loosely) your posts on the "Tampa Screw-Up". I have a sense of memory regarding that time period, but unfortunately the meories are fragmented at best.

One of my favorite (again the words are used loosely) memories of you specifically is you recieting the song by Queen, Bohemiean Rhapsody. I don't recall the particualr circumstances, but I do recall thinking to myself, "Damn, this guy can remember the entire song, word for word and I can't even remember my phone number"---I was on 1st phase for almost a year, most of which was spent at (last name witheld) home with L&L--I remember them treating me as one of there own children...(sigh)

I think I may have spent a brief time in your home off of 49th street, I can't remember if I lived there or not, perhaps I was a "drop-off", who knows. I also remember thinking that you were a classic, sure there were JERK's before and after you (as you know), but you were the best!!! You had such a phenominal sense of comedic timing. I recall you went thru a phase were during some rap and the emotions were particualry thick you would holler out "Guy's Medications" and like automatons a quarter of the group would stand and begin to file towards the rear of the building. I am litelally laughing my ass off as I type this.

I didn't go to Dixie Hollins, I was thrown in a school down the street from there, Thom Howard Academy (now defunct), alledgedly a college prep school, but actually it was a school that accepted those of us that were no longer premitted in the Pinellas County School system. As if Straight wasn't bad enough being in a that school sucked big time, I was an instant out-cast....Damn, I remember my mother saying "This should be the happiest time of your life, my highschool days were" WTF??? I rember thinking to myself, "God, just kill me now"

She had no clue...seriously, no clue. I spent my days in school doing my best not to get my ass kicked because I was a "Straightling/Narc" and the rest of the waking hours in the confines of the Morgan Yacht's no wonder I am still waiting on my first childhood.

Oh BTW, you may remember who I am this way: When my parents addressed me in the open meeting they always finished by saying, "We love you Mr.D" and the entire room would chant in return "WE LOVE YOU MR.DEEEEEEEEEE" Sickening, what was once a term of endearment by my family, will forever make me cringe. (and now I cry while writting this.....whats up with that)

Obviously ya saw my website and my work, I am glad ya enjoyed it. I have great difficulty creating "pleasant/pretty" work....happens from time to time, but not often....the rage always has a way of shinning thru despite my best efforts, contaminating most everything.
I will give ya a holler via Private Message.
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