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Debbie, you are 43? That makes us the same age, and I think I may know you.
Do you remember a blonde guy from the Seed that went to Lakewood named Greg? Do you remember coming to a track meet at Lakewood and running into me?
I think I got the same person. We got off our program at the same time, went to a couple oldcomer meetings, talked in the parking lot of the Seed. Is this you?

I so want to remember you! Yes we are the same age. It is just that my mind has quietly blanked out so much of my youthful life.

I was about 5 ft, light brown shoulder length hair (now blonde and short, courtesy of Loreal LOL), I wore wire rimmed gold glasses, and went to Tyrone Middle School during my time in the Seed, and then to Gibbs, not Lakewood.We lived on 23rd Ave N & 50th St.
I did not go to too many Oldtimers Raps, I vaguely recall being at a person's home attempting to have some type of group there. It that a real memory?
When I received permission to work I worked at Aunt Hatties Restaurant downtown, then acroos the street at Uncle Ed's. I started when I was 14 going on 15 they thought I was 16, so when I turned 17 they thought i was 18--started serving beer & wine.
 Of course that was fine until i left home, then my dad went and told them my age and got me fired. No I did not go home, I just got another job!(after starving for awhile!! LOL)
I hardly recall people by name.The Stephenson's were my foster family, I think the girl's name was Lisa. I remember she had a brother and sister(who golfed)as well, but not the names. I remember Linda & Bob Boudette, Mark Sibilia, Mrs Peterman; but that is about it.
 I remember some faces, I hung out on the South Side Lakewood area following my stint in the Seed, but mainly with older people (in their 20's) from work, because they were less likely to be placed in the Seed and put me at risk of reentering the program.
Those people were Michelle, Ron, Mike, Franklin, Tom Byrd (tbird), Steve Sharpe(DixHollins)....

I don't recall having gone to a track meet, but that is not to say I didn't...Just honestly do not remember much from that time period. I left home in the 11th grade and had small apt downtown and went to work/school via city buses.So I did not do any extracurricular school activites.
I had left my mother's house in Tampa right before my 13th BD to live w/Dad, went to 8th & 9th grades at Tyrone Middle.

It is so strange, to have so few memories. I do not even have a year book or any memorabilia from those years of my life. My husband has lived such a different childhood, He is always so surprised when I bring up another instance of my life following the Seed.
When my son started High School I had to go to the football games, as he was in the Marching Band,I had never even gone to one when I was in High School. So very strange...

Perhaps you can help me to remember some things. I know that I entered the Seed almost as soon as they arrived in St Pete. In fact, it was the first or second Sunday. We were in the warehouse behind Tyrone Sq. Mall. Was that '72 or '73, I can't even remember if I was in the 8th or 9th grade! I had thought it was 8th , but upon reflection it might have been the you know?

Thanks for everything.This site has helped me to see that it was not just me that was so damaged in my youth. I had always thought there was just something wrong with me and my family, and while that it true, it is some kind of comfort to know that I am not alone in my feelings.

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The Seed came to St Pete in Early 73, probably April or May. I was place in there on July 7, 1973, a few months after it opened. Already, there were probably 400 to 500 kids there. I was between 8th and 9th grade. I entered High School for the first time with a Seed T Shirt on.
The girl I described in my last post I had a minor crush on. Sorry it wasn't you. :smile:

Me too! LOL

Thanks for the info, it has helped clear up so issues for me.

I must have gone in April '73 because I do know it had just moved there. So I was 14, Spring means I would have still been in 8th grade, NO wonder I kept vacilating between "was i in 8th or 9th grade", because i was in both!!

I had gone to live w/dad right before 8th grade started. I do know I was no longer in the program when High School started (10th then)! Even though many people at Gibbs gave me such a hard time for neing a "seedling". I do think there was not as many of us at Gibbs as there were at Lakewood. Which makes sense because of the demographics of the area and the program!
 I remember feeling really alone and out of place for such a very long time!

Did you go to Tyrone Elementary? I did. Did you know Steve Jordan? Tobey Shay?
I moved away, but we lived behind the pool (elks club) in that neighborhood until I was out of 4th grade, then we moved.


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