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Renewed Hope Ranch testimonies
« on: October 28, 2023, 03:40:45 AM »
Harvested from Yelp

Quote from: Jake A
Management is truly awful. If nepotism is not on your side you are treated like complete trash. You now get in trouble if you clock in early, and you get in trouble if you stay longer to help someone out. They will continue to increase your work load without increasing compensation and unless you kiss the bosses butt you will never be treated with a shred of respect. Meetings and all trainings are required, unless you have the benefits of nepotism or you're part of management, then you get a free pass on all requirements with no consequences. Pay raises and promotions don't go out to the hardest workers, they go out to who ever has a parent in management. I cannot tell you how many times I was passed over for promotions only to find out it went to a bosses kid who is always late for work, never follows protocol and puts the kids in danger.

I feel so bad for the girls that are sent to this place by their parents. They are neglected. And it has become increasingly clear that the owners don't care about them. All the kids are to them is fat paycheck every month. This place is a sad excuse for a treatment center. Please never work here. You'll be treated like garbage, you'll be neglected and given no real chance to advance. This place is a pure scam. Every week it looks more and more run down and I have seen no signs of them planning on improving anything. The compound I stayed at in Tanzania was nicer than the girls rooms. They say they have plans to upgrade and expand, but it's all talk, they never do anything. When you get a new girl management with holds all information about them except their name. They do not try to prepare you at all on the best way to handle them. You're forced to completely wing it because management is completely useless when it comes to anything. I guarantee that every single good review this place has gotten is because management wrote it, or someone who benefits from nepotism wrote it.

Quote from: annie r.
This is from a girl who whole heartedly put their heart and soul into the program that is established at renewed hope ranch. Giving this one star is honestly even way to much. I was sent to the ranch at the end of may last year I had problems with drug use and can look back at that time and still understand that I was in a need of help. However, what is done at this facility is not right and you are grouped together almost randomly. I had drug use and huge defiant problems and those were the biggest reasons I had gotten sent to the ranch. When arrive you can be grouped with a girl who screams their head off all night and slams their head against the wall even though you personally do not have those issues. This exposes a lot of the girls at the facility and I was 16 when I was there and really couldn't imagine if I was any younger experiencing those things I was in a very vulnerable place when I had arrived and it became very easy for me to cling to any hope that I was shown. Knowing that I put my heart into this program and to come out utterly destroyed from the inside out shakes that all this place truly does is damage. If your a parent reading this I know your probably really scared and terrified to make the wrong decision about your child's life. With anything and everything you do do not send your child here you will find the right place, this place is not it trust me you do not want your child here. I only say this because looking back in my experience I can see that when I'm forced to ask to go in and out of every room, forced to wear the same color shirt, forced to only talk with a staff, forced to have a staff listen to me pee, forced to be quite for 30 second before meals, forced to give the caps to my art pens away, forced to give a book away that might just be a little inappropriate if someone else comes across it that these rules did not and do not teach me anything that I need in my real life. The justification behind the majority of these rules is they are trying to keep us safe. Which yes that is there true job to keep us safe however, these rules do not need to applied to everyone and the girls need to be separated depending on their risk level. When we are all thrown together girls are exposed to various things like: knowing what cocaine is, watching a girl kick,bite,punch each other or another staff, being exposed to eating disorders or watching on of there fellow peers try and kill themselves. I only say all these things because it's true and I can truly say that I put everything I had into this program and came out not knowing how to act in a correct manner or how to be comfortable alone. I know that I needed and I know the child that you probably love so dearly needs help. But this is not it there are other options I recommend going to a short term program or doing intensive out patient therapy I think that you will get a much better outcome and probably a really happy little girl by the end of it. I also recommend reading these articles it goes over a lot of options and programs that will probably benefit your child a lot more I hope you make the right decision always tell your kid that you love them.

Quote from: David W.
My daughter was there for eight months from December 2017 -August 2018. Her mother made that unilateral decision aided by getting it ram-rodded through the court over my objections. I was very skeptical of this as I felt she should be treated with science based treatments and ththerapy not fringe treatment. The founder /director is a licsensed clinical therapist, married LDS church going man with children and seemed to be a decent man. H e was not . He came on to her and shut off security cameras and microphones to prey on my daughter with sexual physical advances, kissing etc. , After her release he kept in contact wit her and continued to mhis advances on he now r including sending pornographic photos to her.