Author Topic: Arrest of employee from Lava Heights Academy  (Read 3315 times)

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Arrest of employee from Lava Heights Academy
« on: July 12, 2023, 08:01:29 AM »
An employee from  Lava Heights Academy in Toquerville , Utah was arrested, charged with harged with various sexual offenses against teenage girls residents at the facility at the time of the alleged crime.

Staff member at southern Utah youth treatment center charged with rape, sexual abuse of students (FOX 13 news)

This are feedbacks from teenagers who were forced to stay there and also from some of their relatives. They were found on Google Reviews.

Quote from: Mazz Brassi
So, I was admitted to lava in August of 2018.
I was 13, depressed, and quite frankly minutes away from suicide at any given time. To say lava made my mental illness more aggravated is an understatement! The only redeeming quality was my last therapist, Heather. My autism went undiagnosed and ignored the entire time, I was witness to several violations of human rights. I urge that you don't send your child here, or any "troubled teen" facility. It is a money motivated trap and will only leave your child with more issues than they came in with

Quote from: Kalean Erickson
When my niece was in the care of this facility they would not let her call home to speak to her mother un supervised. Also on an outing my niece was assaulted by another student while not being watched with a boulder. It broke her nose, caused 3 brain bleeds, and she need stitches on her face. The staff failed my niece . When the incident happened the staff did not allow her to advocate for her medical rights. They didn?t provide photos of her injuries for her mother or the hospital. They slid the info under the rug. The student who threw the boulder was not held accountable for her actions. 2 days after the assault my niece wanted to go to the hospital because she was in pain, the staff chased her down and put her in a illegal physical hold and in the midst of it her head was injured more. I DO NOT SUPPORT THIS GROUP. This facility is a horrendous place to send a child.

Quote from: Clara Kahn
their thinking of sending me here saying its an all girls school but theres a review saying that this program helped a families son. Obviously fake reviews😂.. ALSO no hate to trans people but u shouldnt advertise on your website that they treat ?boys?.. this is a girls school and the reviews say otherwise which is sketch.

Quote from: Levi Hansen
At times there were good things happening at this school even though it was rare, that's why I'll add a star. However, this place seemed to be a more toxic environment for kids than a helpful one. It was an unorganized, mismanaged MESS. This is a huge money grab for the owners. The families pay a large amount of money for minimal outcome - most of the fun activities that were planned ended up being cancelled due to staffing shortage. My manager was lazy as hell and condescending to the kids, there was constantly short staff which was UNSAFE almost every day, the staff who are basically babysitting these kids all day are getting bottom dollar while owners cash it in. Overall just a terrible excuse for a business, especially when it's meant to help kids.

Quote from: Mekeda Maloney
I was here for about a week.their were nice staff but they were very low on staff and people were quiting left and right there was only one nurse and she was only there on the weekends. What really botherd was if one kid was acting up it would mess up the whole schdule it seemed the staff had very little over the giris. One thing i did notice were that there was a lot of good people working like the staff and teachers the facility its self looks very nice and the therapist did seem to care a lot but in my opinion it should b shut bc of how short they are on staff