Author Topic: Maybe too easy coroner ruling in the tragic death case from Mesa, AZ  (Read 3231 times)

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Two girls were found death after they ran from a group home operated by Powerhouse Youth Facility Inc. The facility they were living in was a fairly new department so maybe the routines were not in place so the minors could be monitored properly. Neighbors have reported increased activities by police at the address which used to house a assisted living facility.

So the ruling was alcohol consumption. I have to question that living in a country where alcohol consumption and purchase for minors aged above 16 is allowed when the alcohol percentage is below the safe level of 16.5.

The deaths might have something with them intaking something else. It looks also too easy to rule the deaths like this. Is it because they want to move on to other crimes where the victims rank higher on the social scale?

The victims are:
15-year-old Kamryn Meyers
17-year-old Sitlalli Avelar

2 runaway teens from group home died from alcohol poisoning, medical examiner says (WTOC news)
2 teen girls found dead after running away from Mesa group home, police say (Arizona Family's)